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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

11.18 – 25.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

November 18, 2013 – November 25, 2013 


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

“Abuse of Overtime at DHS: Padding Paychecks and Pensions at Taxpayer Expense” – DHS (11.20.2013)

“Implementation of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012…” – DHS (11.19.2013)

“What Does a Secure Maritime Border Look Like?” – DHS (11.19.2013)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Chairman McCaul Statement on DHS Inspector General Nomination – U.S. House of Representatives (11.22.2013)

Washington Times, Reporter Sue DHS over Home Search – Fox News (11.22.2013)

DHS Employee Calling for Mass Killing of White People Still on DHS Payroll – HS News Wire (11.21.2013)

Senate Panel OK’s Johnson to Lead DHS – Gov Info Security (11.20.2013)

DHS Monitors Private Sector Demonstration of Cross-Border Cargo Shipment Sec. Pilot – HS Today (11.19.2013)


Border Protection / Immigration

U.S. Defense Industry Pushes for Immigration Reform – HS News Wire (11.21.2013)

TCOM’s Aerostat Systems Help U.S. Border Patrol – HS News Wire (11.20.2013)

Illegal Immigrants from India Stream into U.S. from Mexico – Newsmax (11.19.2013)



NSA Reportedly Compromised More Than 50,000 Networks Worldwide – CIO (11.25.2013)

NSA Surveillance Leads to San Diego Conviction of Al-Shabaab Supporters – HS News Wire (11.21.2013)

A Civilian May be Appointed to Head the NSA – HS News Wire (11.19.2013)



Cyberattack at a Major Port Could Cost $1 Billion per Day – Government Security News (11.24.2013)

Hacktivists Have Been Stealing Information from U.S. Computers for a Year – HS News Wire (11.22.2013)

Improving Federal Cybersecurity Need Not Depend on Congress – GCN (11.22.2013)

Government, Private Sector Prioritize Cybersecurity Education – HS News Wire (11.22.2013)

Report Lays Groundwork for Cyber-Physical Systems Research – GCN (11.22.2013)

Using Keyboard, Mouse, and Mobile Device ‘Fingerprints’ to Protect Data – HS News Wire (11.21.2013)

Where do Cyberweapons Come From? Try a Cyber Arms Dealer – Next Gov (11.20.2013)

FBI: Cyberattacks More Serious Domestic Threat to U.S. than Terrorism – HS News Wire (11.20.2013)

Stuxnet Used an Old Movie Trick to Fool Iran’s Nuclear Program – Next Gov (11.20.2013)

Hundreds of Cyber Specialists to Compete at NetWars Tournament of Champions – HS News Wire (11.20.2013)

Is it Time for a Secretary of Technology? – Next Gov (11.20.2013)

Why Network Security is the Foundation for Cyber Strategy – CIO (11.19.2013)

U.S. Financial Industry Pushes Congress to Pass Cybersecurity Bill – HS News Wire (11.19.2013)

Cyberdeviance, Cybercrime Start and Peak in the Teen Years – HS News Wire (11.19.2013)

Government Adjusts to Pace of Cyber Attacks – Fierce Homeland Security (11.18.2013)

U.S. Charges 5 More in $45M Global Cybercrime Scheme – CNET (11.18.2013)


Infrastructure Protection

Developing: Yale Students Told to ‘Shelter in Place’ as School Investigates Possible Gunman – Fox (11.25.2013)

List of Most-at-Risk L.A. Buildings to Be Released – HS News Wire (11.25.2013)

Experts: Sea-Level Rise Could Exceed One Meter in This Century – HS News Wire (11.25.2013)

Understanding Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Helps Sea-Level Forecasts – HS News Wire (11.25.2013)

Winners Announced in NY, NJ Coastal Protection Ideas Competition – HS News Wire (11.22.2013)

School Safety Drills: Are Emergency Crews Prepared? – ABC13 WVEC (11.21.2013)

San Francisco Airport Staff Notification System Failed after Asiana Crash – Emergency Management (11.21.2013)

Threat of Massive Grid Shutdown Increasing in Face of Disasters – Emergency Management (11.20.2013)

Richmond Fixes Bad Connection with Local Alarm Companies – GCN (11.20.2013)

Security Agencies Concerned about Plastic Guns – HS News Wire (11.19.2013)



Exclusive: FBI Video Shows Al Qaeda in Kentucky Handling Heavy Weapons – ABC News (11.20.2013)


Emergency Preparedness

December 1st through 7th is Winter Preparedness Week in Virginia – VDEM (11.21.2013)

Opinion: Never Say You’re Ready – Emergency Management (11.21.2013)

Army, DHS Join Forces for Virtual Training Tech for First Responders – Fox News (11.21.2013)

Pummeled by Sandy, NJ County Delivers Emergency App to Residents – Emergency Management (11.21.2013)

Study Finds More Spending on Fire Suppression May Lead to Bigger Fires – HS News Wire (11.21.2013)

Mobile App Tracks Emergency Volunteers – Emergency Management (11.20.2013)

Evacuation Modeling: Finding the Best Time (and Way) to Get Going – HS News Wire (11.20.2013)

Deadly Storms Spawned More than 80 Tornadoes in Midwest – Emergency Management (11.18.2013)

Disaster Simulation Keeps Campus Safe – The Daily Cougar (11.18.2013)

How does Virginia Prepare for a Tornado? – ABC8 WRIC (11.18.2013)


Public Health

Rapid Detection of Superbugs – HS News Wire (11.25.2013)

Stopping Malaria Transmission – HS News Wire (11.21.2013)

How Federal Cybersecurity Measures Can Apply to Healthcare – Government Health IT (11.18.2013)


Communications & Interoperability

App Takes on Emergency Alert Duties in Mississippi – Emergency Management (11.19.2013)

Wireless Emergency Alerts Credited with Saving Lives – Emergency Management (11.19.2013)

DHS S&T Upgrades its ‘FiRST’ App for First Responders with Info-Sharing Features – GSN (11.18.2013)

Communication Tools Make Monterey’s CERT Self-Sufficient – Emergency Management (11.18.2013)

Twitter Launches ‘Life-Saving’ Alerts Systems for Emergencies and Natural Disasters – The Mirror (11.18.2013)



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