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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

11.25 – 12.02.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media
November 25, 2013 – December 2, 2013


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Obama Chooses John Roth for DHS IG – HS News Wire (11.27.2013)


Border Protection / Immigration

U.S. Border Agents Hit with Rocks during Confrontation with Crowd near Sand Diego – Fox News (11.26.2013)



Exploring ‘Culture of Surveillance’ in the United States – HS News Wire (11.26.2013)



How to Stay One Step Ahead of Phishing Attacks – CIO (12.02.2013)

Guard Seeking Bigger Role in Cyber Defense – Defense Tech (11.29.2013)

Developing Cyber Resilience to Meet Increasing Cyberthreats – HS News Wire (11.27.2013)

FBI: Beware Online Shopping Scams – CIO (11.27.2013)

Cybersecurity Framework: Tests Needed? – Gov Info Security (11.26.2013)

Cybersecurity Paradigm Shift: From Reaction to Prediction and Prevention – HS News Wire (11.26.2013)

Top Signs That You’ve Been Breached – CIO (11.26.2013)

NSA, DHS Partner with Academia to Train Next Generation Cyber Specialists – HS News Wire (11.26.2013)

Companies Are Not as Secure as They Think – CIO (11.26.2013)

Vermont Discloses Data Breach on Healthcare Exchange Website – CIO (11.25.2013)


Infrastructure Protection

Can Electricity Grids Withstand the Next Superstorm? – Clean Technica (12.01.2013)

NIST: Joplin Tornado Highlights Need for Building Design, Construction Standards – HS News Wire (11.26.2013)

Hurricane Sandy Exposes Flaws in Rutgers’ Emergency Response, Report Says – NJ.com (11.26.2013)

Bottle Scanning Tech to Enhance Airport Security, Benefit Passengers – HS News Wire (11.26.2013)

VSU to Hire Consultant to Review Campus Safety – NBC12.com (11.25.2013)

Climate Change an Issue of National Security – HS Today (11.25.2013)



Hill Leaders: Terror Threat Growing in U.S.; Intel Community Not the ‘Bad Guys’ – Fox News (12.01.2013)

Exclusive: U.S. May Have Let ‘Dozens’ of Terrorists into Country as Refugees – ABC News (11.20.2013)


Emergency Preparedness

Smart Software Fighting Fire with ‘#fire’ – HS News Wire (12.02.2013)

Dealing with Disaster: How Social Media Is Helping Save the World – Tech Radar (11.30.2013)

Project Aims to Improve Storm Predictions – Delmarvanow.com (11.30.2013)

Emergency Services Group Gets Creative for Winter Preparedness – WDBJ7 (11.29.2013)

Sandy Task Force Issues Recommendations for Long-Term Recovery – Emergency Management (11.27.2013)

Modeling Earthquakes and Explosives Reactions – HS News Wire (11.27.2013)

Emergency Management Market worth $93.39 Billion by 2018 – Newsday (11.26.2013)

Philippines Typhoon: U.S. Aid Efforts Begin Focusing on Recovery – Emergency Management (11.26.2013)

Tracking System Prepares New York to Evacuate Patients in Emergencies – Government Technology (11.25.2013)

Fire Safety App: Just in Time for the Holidays – Virginia Service (11.25.2013)

How Google is Transforming Disaster Relief – Aljazeera America (11.25.2013)

Ethics and Emergency Preparedness Discussion to Gauge Public Opinion, Priorities – DowntownDevil (11.25.2013)

D.C. Fire Dept Needs a Plan for Preventive Fleet Maintenance, Consultant Says – Washington Post (11.25.2013)


Public Health

New Malaria Vaccine Offers a New Mode of Protection – HS News Wire (12.02.2013)

Death Toll of 2009 Swine Flu Outbreak is 10 Times Higher than Once Thought – Next Gov (11.27.2013)


Communications & Interoperability

Defense Department Tackles Mobile Authentication – Miami Herald (12.01.2013)

West Virginia Might Have to Return Broadband Funds to Feds – Miami Herald (12.01.2013)

Pole-Climbing Robot has Potential for Disaster-Response Communications – Urgent Communications (11.26.2013)

Time Ticking for States to Opt In or Out of FirstNet – Emergency Management (11.25.2013)

Marines Test Mobiles for Data Sharing – Federal Times (11.25.2013)



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