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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

12.02 – 09.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

 Virginia Homeland Security Media
December 2, 2013 – December 9, 2013


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead for the House HS Committee December 9-December 13, 2013 – U.S. House of Reps (12.09.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

House HS Committee: Baggage Screening Machines May be Vulnerable to Sabotage – HS Today (12.09.2013)

Congress Grills TSA on Chinese-Made Luggage Scanner Parts – Next Gov (12.08.2013)

DHS Drafts Network Protection Plan, but Congress Dithers – GCN (12.06.2013)

Are Some DHS Components Abusing Overtime Payments to Some of their Employees? – GSN (12.05.2013)

First No-Fly List Case Goes to Trial – HS News Wire (12.05.2013)

TSA Reform Legislation Passed by House – HS Today (12.04.2013)

The Impact of DHS’s FISMA Audit – Gov Info Security (12.04.2013)

Report: Homeland Security’s Own Computers Vulnerable to Cyber Attack – Fox News (12.03.2013)

DHS Information Security Program Needs More Work, IG Says – HS Today (12.02.2013)

DHS to Demonstrate Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies – HS Today (12.02.2013)

Border Protection / Immigration

Hola: Boehner Prepares to Push Amnesty Bill through House – Washington Times (12.03.2013)

Surveillance and Intelligence

Tech Companies Call for New Curbs on Surveillance – Fox News (12.09.2013)

NSA Also Spies on Trolls, Orcs, and Elves – Next Gov (12.09.2013)

U.S., U.K. Intelligence Worried about Snowden’s ‘Insurance Policy’ Cache – HS News Wire (12.06.2013)

NSA: Tracking Cellphones Overseas is Legal, Defending Spying Revealed in New Leak – Fox News (12.06.2013)

Surveillance Programs Prompt Start-Up Entry into Privacy Protection Market – HS News Wire (12.06.2013)

U.S. Intelligence Adviser Resigns after Work with Chinese Firm Revealed – Fox News (12.06.2013)

NSA Reportedly Collects 5 Billion Cell Phone Location Records a Day – Fox News (12.05.2013)

Wisconsin Legislature Considering Restriction on LPRs (License Plate Readers) – HS News Wire (12.04.2013)

Anti-Surveillance Groups Seek to Use State Laws to Block NSA – UPI (12.04.2013)

New Search Tool Finds You, Even in Untagged Photos – HS News Wire (12.03.2013)


A Clear-Eyed Guide to Android’s Actual Security Risks – CIO (12.09.2013)

Alert: Your Password Is Probably Compromised…Again – CIO (12.06.2013)

New Website Lets Users Check if Their Online Credentials Were Exposed in Large Data Leaks – CIO (12.06.2013)

Collaboration Aids in Botnet Takedown – Gov Info Security (12.06.2013)

DARPA Makes Finding Software Vulnerabilities Fun – CIO (12.06.2013)

Study Finds Most Mobile Apps Put Your Security and Privacy at Risk – CIO (12.05.2013)

2 Million Stolen Login Credentials Discovered for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Other Sites – CIO (12.05.2013)

JPMorgan to Notify 500,000 Due to Data Breach, but Will Not Offer Replacement Cards – CIO (12.05.2013)

Cyber Arms Dealers Peddle 85 Worms a Day – Next Gov (12.05.2013)

Microsoft Launches Cybercrime Center – Information Week (12.04.2013)

NSA Connection Creates Credibility Problems for NIST Encryption Standards – Next Gov (12.04.2013)

Experimental Malware Uses Inaudible Sound to Defeat Network Air Gaps – CIO (12.03.2013)

How to Build U.S.-China Cyber Trust – Gov Info Security (12.03.2013)

Korea Expert: Cyberconflict Likely to Escalate – CIO (12.03.2013)

Pentagon Disconnects iPhone, Android Security Service, Forcing a Return to Blackberry – Next Gov (12.03.2013)

Digital Privacy Services Enjoying a Surge in Demand – HS News Wire (12.03.2013)

Oklahoma Boasts Top Cybersecurity Center – Tulsa World (12.01.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Airport Screeners Miss Unusual, and Possibly Dangerous, Items – HS News Wire (12.09.2013)

Report: Newtown Police Responded Rapidly to Sandy Hook Shootings – Emergency Management (12.06.2013)

Exiting Airports through Futuristic Glass Pods – HS News Wire (12.05.2013)

Stolen Nuclear Material Found Intact in Mexico – HS News Wire (12.05.2013)

Student who Triggered Lockdown at Conn. University had 2,700 Rounds of Ammo – Fox News (12.05.2013)

Early Warning System to Detect Abrupt Climate Change Impacts – HS News Wire (12.05.2013)

Plastic Guns Make Detection Tough – Portland Press Herald (12.04.2013)

Deadly N.Y. Crash Boosts Pressure for Rail Safety System – Emergency Management (12.04.2013)

Defending Against Electromagnetic-Pulse (EMP) Attacks – HS News Wire (12.04.2013)

New York City’s Energy Infrastructure Transformed Last Month and Nobody Noticed – The Atlantic (12.04.2013)

NIST Tornado Reports Urge New Standards for Saving Lives, Property – NIST (12.03.2013)

NIAC Draft Report and Recommendations: Strengthening Regional Resilience – DHS (11.21.2013)


Game Theory Helps Corporate Risk Management Analyze Terrorism Risks – HS News Wire (12.09.2013)

Concerns about Potential Nexus between Terrorism, TCOs, and RN Weapons – HS Today (12.09.2013)

Hezbollah No. 3 Commander Gunned Down in Beirut – HS News Wire (12.05.2013)

Security Experts Are Trying to Stay a Step Ahead of Yemen’s Bomb-Makers – PRI (12.04.2013)

Questions over Texas Police Linking Chewable African Plant to Terrorism – HS News Wire (12.04.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Myth vs. Fact: The Truth about Registering for Federal Disaster Assistance – FEMA (12.07.2013)

Better Earthquake Early-Warning System – HS News Wire (12.06.2013)

Standardized Performance Tests for Emergency Response Robots – HS News Wire (12.06.2013)

Virginians Should Prepare Now for Winter Weather – VDEM (12.05.2013)

Surry Power Station Will Test Emergency Alert Sirens December 11th – VDEM (12.05.2013)

Planning for Evacuations – Security Management (12.04.2013)

Indian Ocean Phenomenon Helps in Predicting Extreme Weather – HS News Wire (12.03.2013)

Abrupt Climate Disaster Threat Raises Call for Early Warning System – National Geographic (12.03.2013)

Florida Congressman Proposes Disaster Savings Accounts – Insurance Journal (12.03.2013)

Lessons Learned for Facing the Public in Disaster – Emergency Management (12.02.2013)

Hurricane Sandy Revealed the Pluses and Minuses of Home Rule – Emergency Management (12.02.2013)

Public Health

New Health Preparedness Index Gives U.S. Overall Good Marks – University of Minnesota (12.05.2013)

Measles Cases in U.S. Rise; Most Unvaccinated, CDC Says – USA Today (12.05.2013)

U.K. National Animal Disease Detection System Tightened – Farmers Weekly U.K. (12.04.2013)

For the First Time, Model Predicts Peak Flu Week for U.S. Cities – Popular Science (12.03.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Pentagon Ponders Access beyond the CAC – GCN (12.09.2013)

Geotrigger Puts Geofencing in Esri Mobile Apps – GCN (12.06.2013)

FirstNet Issues RFI on Mobile Apps – Emergency Management (12.04.2013)

Column: IPAWS is Just the First Step – Emergency Management (12.04.2013)

Data Sharing Leads to Powerful Tools for Fighting Fire – Emergency Management (12.03.2013)

As Landline Phones Disappear, Some Voice Concerns – Governing (12.03.2013)

New Technology Allows Pictures, Video to Be Sent to 911 Operators – WBTV.com (12.02.2013)



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