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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

12.09 – 16.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

 Virginia Homeland Security Media
December 9, 2013 – December 16, 2013


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Written Testimony: “Asylum Abuse: Is It Overwhelming our Borders?” – DHS (12.12.2013)

“Coast Guard Mission Execution: How is the Coast Guard Meeting Its Mission Goals?” – DHS (12.11.2013)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Gets First Clean Financial Audit, With Caveat – HS Today (12.13.2013)

DHS Fires Black Supremacist Employee – HS News Wire (12.12.2013)

Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks Introduced – HS Today (12.12.2013)

2 NY Times Reporters Sue DHS, Saying They Were Questioned before Flying Overseas – Fox News (12.09.2013)

At DHS, the Future is Mobile – Federal Times (12.09.2013)

Tom Ridge to Testify at December 12 Hearing about Leadership Vacancies at DHS – GSN (12.07.2013)


Border Protection / Immigration

Newspaper Says Border Patrol Agents who Use Deadly Force Face Few Public Repercussions – Fox (12.16.2013)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Obama Task Force Urges Overhaul of NSA Spy Tactics – Fox News (12.13.2013)

NSA Weighs Amnesty for Snowden – The Daily Beast (12.13.2013)

NSA Chief: Protecting Americans from Terrorism ‘Like Holding a Hornet’s Nest’ – Next Gov (12.12.2013)

Police Cell-Phone Tracking Raises Privacy Concerns – HS News Wire (12.12.2013)

NSA Planted Sleeper Malware in 50,000 Computer Networks – HS News Wire (12.11.2013)



Energy IG Reports Dating to 2009 Foreshadowed Hack that Hit 104,000 – Next Gov (12.16.2013)

Bogus Antivirus Program Uses a Dozen Stolen Signing Certificates – CIO (12.15.2013)

FTC Wants To Be Enforcer of Data Security – CIO (12.13.2013)

Cybersecurity Isn’t All About Doom and Gloom – HS News Wire (12.12.2013)

Hacker Sentenced to 18 Months for Peddling Computer Access to US National Security Lab – CIO (12.12.2013)

10 Surprising Things Connected to the Internet – Government Technology (12.12.2013)

Cyberthreats for 2014: Not Just the Usual Suspects – GCN (12.11.2013)

Cyber Gym in Israel Trains Cyber-Defenders – HS News Wire (12.11.2013)

The Top 8 Security Threats of 2013 – CIO (12.11.2013)

FDA Breach Raises Lawmakers’ Hackles – Gov Info Security (12.10.2013)

Cyber Security Watch List for 2014: Seven Trends – Healthcare Informatics (12.09.2013)

How Will NIST Framework Affect Banks? – Gov Info Security (12.09.2013)


Infrastructure Protection

Harvard University Evacuates Buildings over Unconfirmed Reports of Explosives – Fox News (12.16.2013)

Scrapping Sea Level Protection Puts Australian Homes at Risk – HS News Wire (12.16.2013)

2 Injured in Blue Island Chemical Plant Explosion – WGN TV (12.14.2013)

FBI: Active Shooting Incidents Triple in Recent Years – Emergency Management (12.13.2013)

Colorado Faces Costly, Lengthy Challenge Fixing Flood-Damaged Roads – HS News Wire (12.12.2013)

Zapping Bridges with Electricity to Test for Corrosion – HS News Wire (12.12.2013)

New Jersey Shore to Face Unprecedented Flooding by Mid-Century – HS News Wire (12.12.2013)

Can Gamers Help Protect Flights and Airports? – Fox News (12.12.2013)

Sea-Level Rise to Drive Flooding Regardless of Changes in Hurricane Activity – HS News Wire (12.10.2013)

New York Train Wreck Raises Questions about ‘Alerter’ Devices – CNN (12.10.2013)

Hero911 App Aims to Shorten Response Time to School Shootings – Emergency Management (12.09.2013)



Planning on Traveling Abroad this Holiday Season? Check Current Travel Warnings – U.S. State Dept (12.16.2013)

Virginia Fusion Center Releases Virginia’s ‘See Something, Send Something’ App – Va Fusion Center (12.16.2013)

Two U.K. Terrorists Plead Guilty in U.S. Court – HS News Wire (12.16.2013)

Kansas Airport Worker Arrested in Car Bomb Plot – ABC News (12.13.2013)

Effectively Modeling and Profitably Insuring Terrorism Risk – HS News Wire (12.12.2013)

Texas Terror Case May Hinge on Reason for a FISA Warrant – HS News Wire (12.10.2013)

Investigators Need Help Finding I-95 Shooter – WTVR CBS 6 (12.10.2013)


Emergency Preparedness

U.N. Sets the Stage for Adoption of a New Global Agreement on Disaster Risk in 2015 – UNISDR (12.12.2013)

Wildfires Burn Less Land than Average this Year – Emergency Management (12.12.2013)

FEMA Addresses Common Misconceptions about Federal Disaster Assistance – Insurance Journal (12.11.2013)

United Way Seeks to Create Disaster Preparedness Volunteer Program – Denton Publications, Inc. (12.11.2013)

Expert Warns Southern California Isn’t Ready for Major Quake – CBS Los Angeles (12.11.2013)

Kentucky Organizations Collaborate on Nursing Home Disaster Planning – Emergency Management (12.09.2013)

FBI Releases Annual Crime Statistics from the National Incident-Based Reporting System – FBI (12.09.2013)


Public Health

Air Transportation Data Helps Identify, Predict Pandemics – HS News Wire (12.13.2013)

Health Department Warning for Norovirus – WSET ABC13 (12.13.2013)

New Weapon in the War on Superbugs – HS News Wire (12.11.2013)

New H7N9 Bird Flu Resists Drugs without Losing Ability to Spread – Reuters (12.10.2013)

1950s Pandemic Flu Virus Still a Threat Today, Particularly to Those under 50 – HS News Wire (12.10.2013)


Communications & Interoperability

911 Location Accuracy Group Calls-Out Wireless Industry – Emergency Management (12.10.2013)

Making 911 Work for Cell Phones – Governing (12.10.2013)



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