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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

12.30.2013 – 02.03.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

 Virginia Homeland Security Media
December 30, 2013 – February 3, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead for the House HS Committee February 3-February 7, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (02.03.2014)

Testimony: “Examining the Use and Abuse of AUO at the Department of Homeland Security” – DHS (01.28.2014)

Testimony: “TSA Oversight: Examining the Screening Partnership Program” – DHS (01.14.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Airlines Not Liable for Exaggerating in Describing Possible Air Emergency – HS News Wire (01.29.2014)

13 States Still Not Prepared for Real ID – Emergency Management (01.23.2014)

Homeland Security Makes Cybersecurity a Managed Service – Information Week (01.23.2014)

House Bill Cuts $200 Million from DHS Headquarters Project – HS News Wire (01.16.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Path Emerges Toward Compromise on Immigration, but Major Obstacles Remain – Fox News (02.01.2014)

DHS Border Drone Crashes into Pacific Ocean off Southern California Coast – Fox News (01.28.2014)

CBP Flew Its Drones on Behalf of Other Agencies – HS News Wire (01.22.2014)

Obama Uses Executive Power to Change Immigration Policy – HS News Wire (01.17.2014)

Modernizing DHS Border Enforcement Systems May Cost More Than $1.5 Billion – HS News Wire (01.10.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Arizona Lawmaker Pushes Measure to Limit NSA Operations in the State – HS News Wire (02.03.2014)

Constitutionality of NSA Warrantless Surveillance Challenged by Terrorism Suspect – HS News Wire (01.30.2014)

90-Minute DNA Screening Available Soon for Law Enforcement – Popular Science (01.28.2014)

SRI Rapid-Fire Facial Scanner IDs People on the Move – GCN (01.28.2014)

Obama Announces Reforms of U.S. Intelligence Data Collection Practices – HS News Wire (01.18.2014)

Study: NSA’s Bulk Collection Program’s Contribution to Thwarting Terrorism Minimal – HSNW (01.15.2014)



National Guard Units Help States Ward Off Cyberattacks – HS News Wire (02.03.2014)

Hotels Appear to be Latest Victims of Credit Card Data Breach – Next Gov (02.03.2014)

NIST’s Finalized Cybersecurity Framework Receives Mixed Reviews – CIO (01.31.2014)

Yahoo Acknowledges Yahoo Mail Hack – CIO (01.31.2014)

Best Practices for Network Security Management – CIO (01.30.2014)

The Top 5 Security Threats to Watch for in 2014 – CIO (01.30.2014)

Gaza-Based Palestinian Hackers Compromise Israeli Defense Ministry Computer – HS News Wire (01.29.2014)

Cal Poly Unveils Ambitious Cybersecurity Educational Initiative – HS News Wire (01.29.2014)

‘Internet of Things’ Adds to Cybersecurity Challenge – Federal Times (01.29.2014)

Beyond Disasters: The National Guard Takes On Hackers – Emergency Management (01.28.2014)

Cybercrime’s Perfect Storm – Government Security News (01.27.2014)

New Web Security Solution Uses Real-Time Polymorphism to Ward off Attacks – HS News Wire (01.24.2014)

Cybersecurity Could Be the Next Bipartisan Breakthrough – U.S. House of Representatives (01.23.2014)

Industry Group Advocates Linking Cloud, Cybersecurity Planning – GCN (01.22.2014)

Cyberattack: The Possibilities Emergency Managers Need to Consider – Emergency Management (01.21.2014)

House Approves $447 Million for Cyber Command – HS News Wire (01.20.2014)

Healthcare Industry to Conduct Cyberattack Drill in March – HS News Wire (01.17.2014)

House HS Subcommittee Passes Legislation to Protect CIKR from Cyber Attack – HS Today (01.15.2014)

Estimating the Best Time to Launch a Cyberattack – HS News Wire (01.14.2014)

GAO: Agencies Need Consistency in Data Breach Responses – Federal Times (01.09.2014)

2014 Cybersecurity Forecast – Gov Info Security (01.03.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Barrier Technology Strengthens Protection at Navy Ports – HS News Wire (02.03.2014)

Federal, State Chemical Safety Agencies Increasingly Hampered by Budget Cuts – HS News Wire (01.30.2014)

The Chemical Leak in WV is the Latest in a Long History of Industrial Accidents – HS News Wire (01.30.2014)

For Super Bowl Security, Police Sharing Info at Unprecedented Levels – Emergency Management (01.30.2014)

The World Likely to Face More Frequent, and More Severe, Blackouts – HS News Wire (01.29.2014)

Natural Flood Management as a Solution against Future Flooding – HS News Wire (01.29.2014)

Critical Infrastructure Vulnerable to Attack, Warns Cyber Security Expert – GSN (01.26.2014)

Maryland Mall Shooter Also Had Explosives, Police Say – ABC News (01.25.2014)

Many VSATs Operated with No Security, Leaving Them Vulnerable to Hacking – HS News Wire (01.22.2014)

West Virginia Ignored Plan for Tougher Chemical Oversight – Emergency Management (01.14.2014)

Volgograd Train Station Bombing Highlights Need for More Rail Security – HS News Wire (01.06.2014)



U.S. Will Seek Death Penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – HS News Wire (01.31.2014)

Report: 60% Increase in Terrorism in ‘Arc of Instability’ Across North Africa, Sahel – HS News Wire (01.31.2014)

Value of List of State Sponsors of Terrorism Questioned – HS News Wire (01.28.2014)

Israel Facing a Growing Al Qaeda Challenge – HS News Wire (01.27.2014)

U.K. Terror Suspects Protected by Anonymity Rules – HS News Wire (01.27.2014)

Russian Teen Charged with Possessing WMD, Pennsylvania Authorities Say – Fox News (01.25.2014)

Florida Teenager Faces Bioterrorism Charges – HS News Wire (01.24.2014)

Foreign Jihadists in Syria Encouraged to Return Home to Engage in Terrorism – HS News Wire (01.23.2014)

Aussie Police Uncovers Money Laundering Operation Used by Terrorists, Criminals – HS News Wire (01.23.2014)

Urgent Search for ‘Black Widow’ Suicide Bomber, May Already Be in Sochi – ABC News (01.20.2014)

Global Terrorism Database Shows Increase in Terrorist Incidents, Fatalities – Emergency Management (01.06.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Austin Fire Department Extracts Value from Data – Emergency Management (01.31.2014)

Chemical, Physical Traits of Post-Nuclear Detonation Fallout Identified – HS News Wire (01.31.2014)

Repurposing Technology: GPS Used to Predict Hazards – GCN (01.28.2014)

Using Pencil and Paper to Detect Hazardous Chemicals – HS News Wire (01.27.2014)

Save The Date: March 11, 2014 is the Statewide Tornado Drill – VDEM (01.24.2014)

‘Virtual Earthquakes’ Used to Forecast Los Angeles Quake Risk – HS News Wire (01.24.2014)

5 Trends for Emergency Management & Public Safety for 2014, Beyond – Emergency Management (01.20.2014)

Know When to Go: A New Way to Keep Firefighters Safe from Harm – HS News Wire (01.20.2014)

What Makes a City Resilient? – Emergency Management (01.15.2014)

FEMA Crowdsources Disaster Response – GCN (01.14.2014)

U.S. Disaster Preparedness Threatened by Funding Problems – HS News Wire (01.13.2014)

New Technologies Combines to Warn of Natural Hazard Threats – HS News Wire (01.07.2014)


Public Health

Oregon Man Infected with the Plague Leaves ICU – HS News Wire (02.03.2014)

Antibiotic ‘Smart Bomb’ Targets Specific Strains of Bacteria – HS News Wire (01.31.2014)

New Virus Could Offer New Ways to Detect, Treat, and Decontaminate Anthrax – HS News Wire (01.29.2014)

New Strategy for Controlling Epidemics in Big Cities – HS News Wire (01.27.2014)

Researchers Discover a Protein that kills Bacteria – HS News Wire (01.23.2014)

Toxins-Breathing Bacteria to Help Industry, Environment – HS News Wire (01.20.2014)

Tracking Internet Searches to Predict Disease Outbreak – HS News Wire (01.20.2014)

Vaccination Rate for the Flu Disappointing – Emergency Management (01.16.2014)

Superbugs Were Found Breeding, Spreading in Sewage Plants – HS News Wire (01.14.2014)

Patients Infected with Drug-Resistant Bacteria at Suburban Chicago Hospital – HS News Wire (01.10.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Quantum Encryption for Wiretap-Proof Communication a Step Closer – HS News Wire (02.03.2014)

Can Google Glass Help Firefighters? – Emergency Management (01.31.2013)

D.C. Public Safety Agencies Unite Under One Social Media Policy – Emergency Management (01.27.2014)

Ohio Public-Private Partnership Opens Communication Lines – Emergency Management (01.10.2014)

Could Chemical Signals Replace Radio in Extreme Environments? – Emergency Management (01.07.2014)



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