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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

02.10 – 17.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

 Virginia Homeland Security Media
February 10, 2014 – February 17, 2014 


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Testimony: “Extreme Weather Events: The Costs of Not Being Prepared” – DHS (02.12.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

John Sandweg, Acting ICE Director, Leaves Post after Five Months – HS News Wire (02.17.2014)

DHS Hires Booz to Finish Cyberattack Drill Job – Next Gov (02.13.2014)

TSA Wants Machines to Scan Through Your Coat, Shoes and Belt – Next Gov (02.11.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

More Immigrants Winning Deportation Cases, Report Says – Fox News (02.13.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

NSA: Snowden Stole Co-Worker’s Password to Gain Access to Secret Databanks – HS News Wire (02.14.2014)

NSA Protest Results in Tens of Thousands of Phone Calls, Emails – CIO (02.14.2014)

Christmas Bomber Challenges NSA-Gathered Evidence Used to Convict Him – HS News Wire (02.12.2014)

Sochi Airport Security Tool: Coming to an Airport Near You? – Emergency Management (02.12.2014)



Can a Hacker Use a Brute-Force Attack to Steal an Online Password? – CIO (02.17.2014)

Exploit Released for Vulnerability Targeted by Linksys Router Worm – CIO (02.17.2014)

Kickstarter Hacked, User Names and Encrypted Passwords Accessed – CIO (02.15.2014)

How the NIST Cybersecurity Framework can Help Secure the Enterprise – CIO (02.14.2014)

Obama’s New Cybersecurity Guidelines Lack a Workforce Plan – Next Gov (02.14.2014)

New Cyber-Attack Model Helps Hackers Time the Next Stuxnet – HS News Wire (02.14.2014)

Israeli Defense Company Launches Cybersecurity Solutions Section – HS News Wire (02.14.2014)

NIST Framework Released to Widespread Praise, but What Happens Next? – CIO (02.13.2014)

Attack on U.S. Veterans Website May have been Aimed at Military Members – CIO (02.13.2014)

Federal Smartphone Kill-Switch Legislation Proposed – CIO (02.13.2014)
Statistics Point to Increased Physical Danger Risks of Cyberterrorism – CIO (02.12.2014)

6 Failures that Led to Target Hack – CIO (02.12.2014)

Launch of the Cybersecurity Framework – The White House (02.12.2014)

Government Report: Cyberattacks Not Coordinated – AZ Central (02.10.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Costs of Extreme Weather Events Multiply – HS News Wire (02.17.2014)

Power Cuts Will be More Common in the Future – HS News Wire (02.17.2014)

Where Do You Draw the Line on Securing Critical Infrastructure? – GCN (02.14.2014)

Old-Fashioned Way to Protect High-Voltage Substations – HS News Wire (02.13.2014)

White House Releases Security Road Map for Critical Infrastructure – Emergency Management (02.13.2014)

Former FERC Chair Calls for Mandatory Security Standards for Substations – HS News Wire (02.11.2014)

Wal-Mart Effect: Decline in Crime Rates Slower where Wal-Mart Builds – HS News Wire (02.11.2014)

Creating Sustainable Infrastructure in the Face of Extreme Weather – Emergency Management (02.10.2014)



Increase in Global Terrorism and Insurgency in Last Five Years – HS News Wire (02.17.2014)

Attack on California Electric Grid Called ‘Terrorism’ – Emergency Management (02.10.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Fashioning an Effective Disaster Mitigation Approach in an Uncertain World – HS News Wire (02.17.2014)

Quarterly Siren Test for North Anna Power Station Set for February 19 – VDEM (02.11.2014)

OR Office of Emergency Management Not Fully Prepared for Major Disaster – Emerg. Management (02.11.2014)

Crisis Communications Expert Explains How to Prep the Public for a Winter Storm – GSN (02.10.2014)

Virginia Beach Continues to Monitor Impact from Coal Ash Spill – WTKR News Channel 3 (02.10.2014)


Public Health

Real-Time Livestock Disease Situational Awareness – HS News Wire (02.12.2014)

How Analytics Sharpens State Disease Surveillance, Lower Costs – GCN (02.11.2014)

Early Tests Bode Well for Bioterrorism Treatment – Next Gov (02.11.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Can Derived Credentials Turn a Phone into an ID Manager? – GCN (02.14.2014)

911 Call Centers Consider Impact of FCC Texting Proposal – Emergency Management (02.12.2014)

NYPD Confirms Testing of Google Glass – Emergency Management (02.10.2014)



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