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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

02.17-24.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

 Virginia Homeland Security Media
February 17, 2014 – February 24, 2014
Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for February 24-28, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (02.24.2014)

Scheduled Hearing for 27FEB2014: CFATS Authorization & Accountability Act 2014 – U.S. House (02.24.2014)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

State Lawmakers Question Cuomo for a Homeland Security College – HS News Wire (02.21.2014)

Government Drops Plan to Collect License Tag Data – ABC News (02.20.2014)

DHS Taps Contractors to Continue Supplying Biometric IDs – Next Gov (02.19.2014)

FEMA Seeks Applicants for National Advisory Council – Federal Emergency Management Agency (02.18.2014)

Border Protection / Immigration

Capture of Mexican Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Ignites Fights Over Trial Location – Fox News (02.24.2014)

DHS Wants Facial Recognition Border Surveillance System – Next Gov (02.20.2014)

Border Patrol Agent Shoots, Kills Migrant who Threw Rocks – WTVR CBS6 (02.19.2014)

Arizona Lawmakers Advance $30M ‘Virtual Fence’ Proposal for US-Mexican Border – Fox News (02.18.2014)

GSA, DHS Team on Border-Crossing Upgrade – Federal Times (02.18.2014)

U.S. to Use More Discretion Applying Terrorism-Related Immigration Rules – HS News Wire (02.18.2014)

Surveillance and Intelligence

Anonymous Messaging Apps Grow in Popularity – HS News Wire (02.20.2014)

Analysis: DHS Explores Mass Surveillance of Car Trips – Next Gov (02.19.2014)

Identifying, Thwarting Insider Threats Before They Do Damage – HS News Wire (02.18.2014)

Companies Monitor Twitter for Potential School Threats – Emergency Management (02.18.2014)

Police Eye Google Glass as Surveillance Tool – TIME (02.17.2014)


Facebook-WhatsApp Deal Raises Security Concerns – HS News Wire (

Apply Encryption Mistake Puts Many Desktop Applications at Risk – CIO (02.24.2014)

How to Test the Security Savvy of Your Staff – CIO (02.24.2014)

Energy Sector a Prime Target for Cyberattacks – CIO (02.21.2014)

Lookout Study: Hackers Target Mobile Attacks by Region – CIO (02.20.2014)

QR Codes Threaten Internet Security – HS News Wire (02.20.2014)

NSA, Universities Push to Establish Cybersecurity as a Science – GCN (02.20.2014)

Kentucky Agency Forms Task Force to Prevent Cybercrime – Kansas City Star (02.20.2014)

Skeptics Doubt Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework Will Achieve Its Goal – HS News Wire (02.19.2014)

Companies Lack ‘BYOD’ Security, Study Found – HS Today (02.19.2014)

Iranian Hacking of Navy Computers Reportedly More Extensive than First Thought – Fox News (02.18.2014)

Cybersecurity Center to be Expanded (Maryland) – The Baltimore Sun (02.18.2014)

Hackers Targeted Key U.S. Industries through Compromised Websites – Next Gov (02.18.2014)

6 Tips to Combat Advanced Persistent Threats – CIO (02.18.2014)

Why Security Should Monitor Social Media to Prevent Violence – CIO (02.18.2014)

Infrastructure Protection

Man Dies, Dozens Hospitalized after Carbon Monoxide Leak at New York Mall – CNN (02.23.2014)

Nuclear Site Project Official Fired after Airing Safety Concerns – Next Gov (02.20.2014)

New Radioactive Water Leak at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Plant – CNN (02.20.2014)

Dam-Safety Bill Clears Legislative Committee (Virginia) – The News & Advance (02.19.2014)

Sensors Would Spot Structural Weaknesses in Bridges, Stadiums before Collapse – HS News Wire (02.19.2014)

Energy Department Probes Radioactive Leak at New Mexico Nuclear Dump – Miami Herald (02.18.2014)


Culpeper Sheriff: No Plans to Stop Counterterrorism Training – Roanoke Times (02.22.2014)

Department of Homeland Security Alerts Airlines to Possible Shoe Bomb Threat – ABC15 Arizona (02.19.2014)

Navy Bases in Virginia to Join in Anti-Terrorism Drills – The News & Advance (02.18.2014)

Emergency Preparedness

Lawmakers Push for FEMA Reform – The News-Gazette (02.22.2014)

Study: Natural Disaster Could Leave 80,000 without Shelter in Hampton Roads – WAVY10 (02.20.2014)

Local Agencies Work Together During Training Exercise – WTKR News Channel 3 (02.20.2014)

Virginia Guard MEDEVAC Trains with First Responders – EMS World (02.19.2014)

Coal Ash Spill Update: Spill Probe Widens – GoDanRiver.com (02.19.2014)

Studying the 2011 Mississippi and Ohio Rivers Flood for Better Flood Preparedness – HS News Wire (02.19.2014)

Nassau County, N.Y., to Spend up to $3.2M for Mobile Panic Alarms – Emergency Management (02.17.2014)

Public Health

Visually Displayed Early Warning System for Epidemics – HS News Wire (02.24.2014)

CDC: H1N1 Hitting Hard Ages 18-64 – Knox News (02.23.2014)

CDC Looking Into Possible Norovirus Outbreak on Cruise Ship – CNN (02.23.2014)

HHS Wants to Mine Social Media during Health Emergencies – Next Gov (02.21.2014)

Critical Drug Shortages Still a Serious Problem – HS Today (02.20.2014)

Solution to Drug Resistance Problem Receives U.S. Patent – HS News Wire (02.19.2014)

EPA, Federal Partners Advance Bio Decontamination Techniques – HS Today (02.14.2014)

Communications & Interoperability

DoD Looks to Share, Better Use Spectrum – Federal Times (02.20.2014)

F.C.C. Wants Better 911 Location Tracking for Cellphones – Bits (02.20.2014)

NIST Unveils Crypto Standards Proposal – Gov Info Security (02.20.2014)

How Sandy Changed Social Media Strategies in New York City – Emergency Management (02.18.2014)



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