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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

02.24 – 03.10.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

 Virginia Homeland Security Media
February 24, 2014 – March 10, 2014


 Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for March 10-14, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (03.10.2014)

Testimony: ‘Data Security: Examining Efforts to Protect Americans’ Financial Information’ – DHS (03.05.2014)

Testimony: “HR 4007: The CFATS Authorization and Accountability Act of 2014” – DHS (02.27.2014)

Testimony: “The Secretary’s Vision for the Future – Challenges and Priorities” – DHS (02.26.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Statement by Secretary Johnson on the Confirmation of DHS Nominees – DHS (03.06.2014)

Obama Budget Would Require ‘Difficult Choices’ for Homeland Security – U.S. House of Reps (03.06.2014)

Sequestration Takes Toll on DHS, with Lasting Effects, GAO Audit Says – HS Today (03.06.2014)

Two Politicians Insisting on More Congressional Oversight of DHS – HS News Wire (03.05.2014)

$38.2B for DHS in FY15 Budget Proposal; $1.25B in Cyber Funding – HS News Wire (03.05.2014)

DHS Drops Plans for National License Plate Database – HS News Wire (02.28.2014)

A Progress Report on Homeland Security’s Leadership Vacancies – Washington Post (02.27.2014)

Readout of Secretary Johnson’s Meeting with State and Local Officials – DHS (02.24.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

DHS, CBP, ICE Release Use-of-Force Policies – DHS (03.07.2014)

CBP Awards $145 Million Border Towers Contract to Elbit – HS News Wire (03.06.2014)

DHS Wants More Virtual Fence Funding – Next Gov (03.04.2014)

Robots Help Border Patrol Navigate Smugglers’ Tunnels – HS News Wire (02.27.2014)

U.S., Canada Announce Second Phase of Truck Cargo Pre-Inspection Pilot – HS Today (02.25.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

U.S. Officials Plan System to Monitor Behavior of Workers with Security Clearances – Fox News (03.10.2014)

Judge Rejects Government Request to Preserve Phone Records for More than 5 Years – Fox News (03.07.2014)

St. Louis Courthouse Becomes Test Site for Facial Recognition Program – Emergency Management (02.25.2014)



Navy Network Hack has Valuable Lessons for Companies – CIO (03.10.2014)

Software Spots Malicious Behavior by Apps – HS News Wire (03.10.2014)

Ukrainian Computer Systems Attacked by Malware with ‘Russian Roots’ – HS News Wire (03.10.2014)

Biometric Security for Mobile Devices Becoming Mainstream – HS News Wire (03.07.2014)

Platform for Operating Systems Would Outwit Cyber Criminals – HS News Wire (03.07.2014)

Securing Industry 4.0 – HS News Wire (03.06.2014)

U.S. Lawmakers Call for Data Protection Standards to Avoid Breaches – CIO (03.05.2014)

States to get Security Services to Bolster Cyber Info Sharing – GCN (03.04.2014)

How the Internet of Things Opens Your Home to Cyberthreats – CIO (03.03.2014)

How to Protect Your Personal Data – CIO (03.03.2014)

NIST Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework May be Regarded as De Facto Mandatory – HS News Wire (03.03.2014)

Cybersecurity Gets a Boost from the National Guard – Emergency Management (03.03.2014)

HP to Help DHS Acquire Security Software for Cyber Defense – Gov Con Wire (02.27.2014)

Virginia Governor Establishes Cyber Security Commission – Pilot Online (02.26.2014)

Latest Cybersecurity Threat: WiFi Virus – HS News Wire (02.26.2014)

NIST Seeking Comments on its Cryptographic Standards Process – HS News Wire (02.26.2014)

NIST Presents Building Blocks for Mobile Security – GCN (02.26.2014)

Government Cybersecurity Guidance Wanted by Private Sector – Information Week (02.26.2014)

Survey: Organizations Overlook Powerful New, Unknown Cyberthreats – HS Today (02.25.2014)

U.S. Attorney General Calls for Data-Breach Notification Law – Computer World (02.24.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

FERC Orders Development of Physical Security Standards for Transmission Grid – HS News Wire (03.10.2014)

TSA Halts Testing on Technology to Screen Passengers’ Online Data – Next Gov (03.07.2014)

Safeguarding Networks when Disasters Strike – HS News Wire (03.06.2014)

Experts call for a New Organization to Oversee Grid’s Cybersecurity – HS News Wire (03.04.2014)

Virginia Cities Hope for State Guidance on Sea Rise – Emergency Management (03.03.2014)

Industry Needs to Step Up to Protect the Power Grid from Cyber Attack – Next Gov (02.28.2014)

Protecting the Grid from Geomagnetic Storms – HS News Wire (02.26.2014)

Secondary Barrier to Cockpit Door Needed, FLEOA Says – HS Today (02.26.2014)

Coastal Infrastructure Damage from Surges, Floods May Reach 9% of Global GDP – HS News Wire (02.25.2014)

Who Should Pay for Retrofitting Dangerous Buildings? – Emergency Management (02.24.2014)

Faster Screening May be Coming to U.S. Airports – Emergency Management (02.24.2014)



Allowing Terrorism Risk Insurance Act to Expire Could Hurt National Security – HS News Wire (03.10.2014)

Stolen European Passports on Missing Plane – Yahoo News (03.08.2014)

Too Much Too Young? Teaching Children about Violent Extremism – HS News Wire (03.07.2014)

The Rise of Al Qaeda 2.0 – Business Insider (03.01.2014)

Large Terrorism Database Offers Valuable Information – HS News Wire (02.26.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Secretary Moran to Observe Hospital Tornado Drill – Virginia Department of Emergency Management (03.10.2014)

Determining Long-Term Effects of West Virginia Chemical Spill – HS News Wire (03.10.2014)

Compact UV Laser for Biological, Chemical Detection – HS News Wire (03.10.2014)

NWS Poised for Flood Season with Sharper Tools for Mapping Risk – GCN (03.06.2014)

Storm Spotters are Critical for Weather Safety – Emergency Management (03.06.2014)

Surry Power Station will Test Emergency Alert Sirens March 12 – VDEM (03.05.2014)

NY’s Response to Sandy Hindered by Computer Network Overload – Emergency Management (03.05.2014)

Insect-Inspired Drones Could Change Disaster Response – Emergency Management (03.04.2014)

New FEMA Rule Expedites Disaster Recovery Funds – Government Security News (03.03.2014)

Can Giant Walls Protect the USA from Tornadoes? – USA Today (02.26.2014)

Who is Ultimately Responsible for Disaster Relief? – Government Executive (02.25.2014)

Full-Scale Exercise Prepares, Tests Alabama Responders – Emergency Management (02.24.2014)


Public Health

New Technique Allows Better Monitoring of Water Quality – HS News Wire (03.10.2014)

Faster Anthrax Detection Could Speed Bioterror Response – HS News Wire (02.28.2014)

Polio-Like Illness Found in California Children – SF Gate (02.24.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Feds Won’t Release Emails Alleging First Responder Network Impropriety – Next Gov (03.10.2014)

Law Enforcement Agencies Encrypting Radio Transmissions – Emergency Management (03.07.2014)

Software TIES Law Enforcement Agencies Together – Emergency Management (03.06.2014)

Observers Anxious for More Tangible Signs of FirstNet Progress – Urgent Communications (03.04.2014)

FCC Moves toward Requiring the Text Equivalent of 911 Calls – UPI (03.04.2014)

FirstNet Needs State Technology Chiefs to Play Vital Role – Emergency Management (02.28.2014)

Free Situational Awareness App Gaining Traction Among California Firefighters – GCN (02.27.2014)

New App Calls 911 and Notifies Family in Two Taps – Emergency Management (02.26.2014)

Is the FCC Moving Too Fast on Wireless 911 Location Accuracy? – Emergency Management (02.25.2014)

Is FirstNet Stalled? – Digital Communities (02.22.2014)



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