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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

03.17 – 25.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

March 17, 2014 – March 25, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for March 24-28, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (03.24.2014)

Chairman McCaul Announces New Committee Staff Director – U.S. House of Representatives (03.18.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS St. Elizabeths Project Hobbled by Delays, Cost Overruns – HS News Wire (03.25.2014)

More than $1 Billion for Preparedness Grant Programs in FY 2014 – HS Today (03.20.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Debate Intensifies over Obama Deportation Instruction to ICE – HS News Wire (03.25.2014)

Lawmaker Tells DHS New Border Security System Must be On Budget, and On Time – HS Today (03.21.2014)

Lawmakers Demand DHS Come Clean on Libyan Immigration Policy Reversal – HS Today (03.20.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Obama Calls for End to NSA’s Bulk Phone Data Collection – Fox News (03.25.2014)

Rep. Rogers: Edward Snowden Helped by Russia, Backs Russian Expansionism – HS News Wire (03.24.2014)

NSA Hacked into Servers at Huawei Headquarters, Reports Say – CIO (03.23.2014)

NSA Program Captures, Replays Phone Calls – HS News Wire (03.20.2014)

Universities Struggle to Balance Cybersecurity, Openness – HS News Wire (03.19.2014)

High-Tech Eavesdropping: NSA can Record a Whole Nation’s Calls – News Max (03.18.2014)



Just Previewing Email Can Give Attackers Control of your PC, Microsoft Warns – CIO (03.25.2014)

Wal-Mart is Latest Big Company with Mobile-App Security Problems – CIO (03.25.2014)

Cybercrime Trends Point to Greater Sophistication, Stealthier Malware, More Encryption – CIO (03.25.2014)

ATM Malware, Controlled By a Text Message, Spews Cash – CIO (03.25.2014)

Homeland Security to Launch Cyber Safety Campaign – Miami Herald (03.25.2014)

Microsoft Warns Word Users of Ongoing Attacks Exploiting Unpatched Bug – CIO (03.24.2014)

IT Leaders Share Tips on Managing Security Risks – CIO (03.24.2014)

Iran Becoming Serious Cyber-Warfare Threat – HS News Wire (03.24.2014)

U.S. Notified 3,000 Companies in 2013 about Cyberattacks – Washington Post (03.24.2014)

‘Hacker Schools’ Grow to meet Growing Demand for Programmers – HS News Wire (03.21.2014)

University Breaches: A Continuing Trend – Gov Info Security (03.21.2014)

University of Maryland Victim of another Cyber Attack – ABC7 WJLA (03.20.2014)

Agencies Can Get Relief from Social-Launched Attacks – GCN (03.20.2014)

Most ATMs Will Remain on Windows XP after Microsoft Pulls Plug on OS – CIO (03.19.2014)

Former White House CISO Explains Importance of Cybersecurity Exercises – GSN (03.19.2014)

U.S. Army Red Faced after Phishing Test Sets-Off Defense Department Email Storm – CIO (03.18.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Sailor, Civilian Die in Shooting at Norfolk Naval Station – Virginia Pilot (03.25.2014)

Making the Grid Smarter Makes It More Vulnerable to Hackers – HS News Wire (03.25.2014)

Conflicting Views Hamper N.C. Preparation for Sea Level Rise – HS News Wire (03.25.2014)

How Do We Really Protect the Grid from the Bad Guys? – Renewable Energy World (03.24.2014)

New Infrared Technique to Remotely Detect Dangerous Materials – HS News Wire (03.24.2014)

Climate Change, Population Pressures Leading to Rethink of Floating Cities – HS News Wire (03.24.2014)

Study: Costs of Securing Airports Far Outweigh the Benefits – HS News Wire (03.21.2014)

Sharpening the Focus on Critical Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Interdependencies – EM (03.21.2014)

LAX Shooting Response Criticized in Report – Emergency Management (03.19.2014)

Debate over Inherently Safer Technology (IST) at Chemical Plants Intensifies – HS News Wire (03.19.2014)

Computer Simulations Help Predict Blast Scenarios – HS News Wire (03.19.2014)

Massive Solar Superstorm Narrowly Missed Blasting the Earth Back Into the Dark Ages – Forbes (03.19.2014)

Report: Pentagon Must Focus on Insider Threat – Virginia Pilot (03.19.2014)

Joplin Used Devastating Tornado to Rebuild with New-Age Schools – Emergency Management (03.18.2014)

Storm Surges, Rising Sea Levels Threaten NJ’s Beach-Centered Tourism Industry – HS News Wire (03.18.2014)



Fact Sheet: U.S. Counter Nuclear Smuggling Activities – The White House (03.25.2014)

Releasing Marathon Bombing Suspect Photo was Right Call, Even with Officer’s Death – Fox News (03.23.2014)

McCaul: ‘Never Rule out Terrorism’ for Flight 370 – Fox News (03.23.2014)

The Qatar Organizers of the 2022 Soccer World Cup Are Tied to Terrorist Groups – HS News Wire (03.20.2014)

Wake Terrorism Investigation Built Over Weeks – WRAL.com (03.20.2014)

KSM: Al Qaeda’s Strategy is War of Attrition to Force U.S. out of Islamic Lands – HS News Wire (03.18.2014)

Synthetic Biology Makes Bioweapons Easier to Make – HS News Wire (03.17.2014)

California Man Arrested Near Canadian Border on Terror Charges – CNN (03.17.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Hope of Finding Mudslide Survivors Dims; State of Emergency Declared – Emergency Management (03.24.2014)

Are Firefighters Spread Too Thin? – Emergency Management (03.24.2014)

Ground-Improvement Methods to Protect Against Earthquakes – HS News Wire (03.24.2014)

Questions Abound on California’s Earthquake Alert System – Emergency Management (03.21.2014)

NASA Research Could Help Predict Sinkholes – Emergency Management (03.21.2014)

Winter Weather, Snow Plowing Punish State Budgets – Emergency Management (03.21.2014)

Virginia Receives Increased Homeland Security Grant Funds – Virginia Governor’s Office (03.19.2014)


Public Health

No-Refrigeration, Spray Vaccine to Help Fight Diseases in Remote Areas – HS News Wire (03.25.2014)

HHS Proposes Rules to Govern Healthcare Facilities’ Disaster Preparedness – HS News Wire (03.21.2014)

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria on the Rise among U.S. Children – HS News Wire (03.21.2014)

Killing Superbugs Dead with ‘Molecular Drill Bits’ – HS News Wire (03.18.2014)

Virginia Flu Season Winding Down – Daily Press (03.18.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Esri Equips Cities with Climate Change Tools, Analytics – GCN (03.24.2014)

Aviat Networks Winds Up Public Safety Interoperability Tests – GCN (03.21.2014)

FirstNet Officials Shed Light on Network Considerations – Urgent Communications (03.17.2014)



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