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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

03.25 – 31.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

March 25, 2014 – March 31, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for March 31-April 4, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (03.31.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

TSA Union Calls for Armed Officers at Airport Screening Areas – HS Today (03.29.2014)

Johnson Makes His Presence Known at DHS – HS News Wire (03.28.2014)

Growing Questions about TSA’s Behavioral Detection Program – HS News Wire (03.27.2014)

DHS Unveils Official Portrait of Former Secretary Michael Chertoff – DHS (03.27.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

DHS Takes a Second Stab at Automating Immigration Casework – Next Gov (03.28.2014)

Judge Rebukes Sheriff Arpaio, his Deputy for Mocking, Defying Court Orders – HS News Wire (03.28.2014)

Illegal Immigrants Released into Texas to Ease Over-Crowding Detention Centers – HS Today (03.27.2014)

Secretary’s Meeting with Organizations Committed to Passing Bipartisan Immigration Reform – DHS (03.25.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

License Plate Technology at Risk Post-Snowden – Bloomberg News (03.27.2014)



Data Breaches Eroding Usefulness of Personal Identification, Argues New Analysis – CIO (03.31.2014)

Philips Smart TVs Open to Remote Attacks via Default Wireless Connection, Researchers Say – CIO (03.28.2014)

Where Mobile Apps Go Wrong – CIO (03.28.2014)

Hagel Encourages ‘Restraint’ in Cyber Warfare – Federal Times (03.28.2014)

Pentagon to Triple Cybersecurity Staff to Thwart Internet Attacks – Fox News (03.28.2014)

Cryptolocker Has You between a Back-Up and a Hard Place – HS News Wire (03.28.2014)

Payment Card Security Revamp Becoming Chip vs. PIN Tussle – CIO (03.27.2014)

Watch Out for Photos Containing Malware – CIO (03.27.2014)

Patch Management Flubs Facilitate Cybercrime – CIO (03.27.2014)

Delaware Launches Cyber Initiative – HS News Wire (03.27.2014)

Protecting Personal Data on a Smartphone – HS News Wire (03.27.2014)

Better Late than Never: 5 Steps to Mitigating XP Risks – GCN (03.27.2014)

The Government’s Technology Agency Admits It Has Lousy Technology – Next Gov (03.27.2014)

ICE Launches Cyber Safety Campaign to Protect Kids from Online Sexual Predators – HS Today (03.26.2014)

Office for iPad could Have Security Implications both Good and Bad – CIO (03.26.2014)

How Does the FBI and Secret Service Know Your Network has been Breached before You Do? – CIO (03.26.2014)

Gameover Malware Targets Accounts on Employment Websites – CIO (03.26.2014)

Quantum Mechanics May Lead to Ultra-Secure Internet – HS News Wire (03.26.2014)

Black Markets for Hackers Increasingly Sophisticated, Specialized, and Maturing – HS News Wire (03.26.2014)

New Tool Makes Scanning the Internet for Illegal Images Possible – HS News Wire (03.26.2014)

Local Government Public Safety Technology Priorities for 2014 – 24/7 PressRelease (03.19.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Innovative Ideas for Protecting NYC, NJ from Storm Surges – HS News Wire (03.31.2014)

VIMS Team Devises Model to Predict Street-Level Floods – Daily Press (03.30.2014)

Acid Tank Explosion Injures 9 at Indiana Plant – EMS World (03.28.2014)

Navy IDs Shooter in USS Mahan Death – WAVY.com (03.28.2014)

NYC Faces Federal Cuts for Nuclear Detection – Emergency Management (03.27.2014)

U.S. Nuclear Security Agency has ‘Failed’, Advisory Panel Says – Next Gov (03.27.2014)

TSA’s Expedited Screening Lanes Soon Open to DOD and Coast Guard Civilians – Washington Post (03.27.2014)

Blue-Light Phones a Mainstay of Campus Security – Emergency Management (03.25.2014)

Razor Blades Glued to Playground at Illinois Park – WSLS NBC10 (03.25.2014)



Michigan’s Terrorism Case Hinges on Informant’s Testimony – HS News Wire (03.31.2014)

Senate Report: Evidence Obtained by Enhanced Techniques Didn’t Help Bin Laden Hunt – Fox News (03.31.2014)

Marathon Bombing Suspect Seeks Records on Brother – Fox News (03.29.2014)

McCaul, Keating Op-Ed: How did Tsarnaev go off FBI Radar? – U.S. House of Reps (03.27.2014)

U.S. Official: NY Terror Case a Win for Civil Courts – Daily Progress (03.27.2014)

Homeland Security Committee Releases Report on Boston Marathon Bombings – U.S. House (03.26.2014)

Fact Sheet: U.S.-EU Counterterrorism Cooperation – The White House (03.26.2014)

9/11 Terror Network in U.S. was Never Full Dismantled, Still a Threat – HS News Wire (03.26.2014)

FDA Proposes Rules to Prevent Terror Attack on U.S. Food Supply – HS News Wire (03.26.2014)

Man Sentenced to 16 Years in NYC Pipe Bomb Terror Plot Targeting Police, Soldiers – Fox News (03.25.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Virginia’s Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday May 25-31, 2014 – VDEM (03.31.2014)

Global Insured Losses from Catastrophes were $45 Billion in 2013 – HS News Wire (03.31.2014)

NIST Issues Final Joplin Tornado Report – HS News Wire (03.31.2014)

New Drone-Based System Improves Safety of Dealing with Nuclear Hazards – HS News Wire (03.31.2014)

Column: ‘Asymmetric’ Helps Define Disaster Resilience – Emergency Management (03.28.2014)

How EMs Can Come to Terms with the Cyberworld and its Threats – Emergency Management (03.27.2014)

Tsunami Warnings Improved, but Unlikely To Help Those Closest – Emergency Management (03.27.2014)

FEMA: Capstone 2014 National Exercise Begins – Federal Emergency Management Agency (03.27.2014)

West Virginia Chemical Spill Degrades Air, Water Quality – HS News Wire (03.27.2014)

Boston Mourns 2 Firefighters Killed in Blaze – News & Advance (03.27.2014)

Sensors, Wireless Tech Protect Police Dogs from Heat Stroke – GCN (03.26.2014)

Here’s What a Cyclone Looks Like from Space; in 3D – Next Gov (03.26.2014)

U.S. Army Corps Eases Up on its Stance against Trees on Levees – Emergency Management (03.25.2014)

Building 21st-Century Cities Means Taking the Long View – Emergency Management (03.25.2014)

WA Rescuers Try to Keep Rogue Searches from Leading to Casualties – Emergency Management (03.25.2014)


Public Health

Scientists Learn how Marburg Virus Grows in Cells – HS News Wire (03.28.2014)

Infection Control: Why Doctors Over-Prescribe Antibiotics – HS News Wire (03.27.2014)

1 in 25 Patients Gets Infections in Hospital – WTKR.com (03.27.2014)

Disease Outbreaks Blamed on Vaccine Skipping – EMS World (03.26.2014)

Social Media Flu Tracker Gets Local Filter – GCN (03.26.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

House HS Subcommittee Approves Bill to Improve Public Alerts and Warnings – HS Today (03.27.2014)

FCC Still Eyeing Caps for 2015 Spectrum Auction – Reuters (03.26.2014)

Connecticut Local Governments Seek Regional 911 Authority – Emergency Management (03.26.2014)

Transition to Next-Gen 911 Requires Governance, Funding Changes – Emergency Management (03.26.2014)

Quantum Cryptography to help us Keep Our Secrets Secret – HS News Wire (03.27.2014)

Caroline Advances Radio Project – Fredricksburg.com (03.26.2014)



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