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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

03.31 – 04.07.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

March 31, 2014 – April 7, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for April 7-April 11, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (04.07.2014)

Written Testimony: ‘Passport Fraud: An International Vulnerability’ – DHS (04.04.2014)

Written Testimony: ‘Disaster Mitigation: Reducing Costs and Saving Lives’ – DHS (04.03.2014)

Written Testimony of CBP Commissioner on CBP’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Request – DHS (04.02.2014)

Written Testimony: ‘Data Breach on the Rise: Protecting Personal Information from Harm’ – DHS (04.02.2014)

Written Testimony: ‘Taking Down the Cartels: Examining United States-Mexico Cooperation’ – DHS (04.02.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Prepares Overhaul of Internal Security Operations – Next Gov (04.04.2014)

DHS Telework System Lacks a Disaster Plan, IG Says – Next Gov (04.03.2014)

Jeh Johnson Seeks ‘New Energy’ for Department of Homeland Security – Politico (04.02.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Immigrants, Supporters Rally Across the U.S. for Obama to Halt Immigrations – Fox News (04.05.2014)

CBP Takes another Stab at High-Tech Border Security – HS News Wire (04.04.2014)

Critics: Administration Does Not Deport Deportation-Eligible Undocumented Immigrants – HSN Wire (04.02.2014)

170 Additional CBP Officers Assigned to Busy Arizona Ports of Entry – HS Today (04.02.2014)

CBP Expand Public Private Partnerships, Plans Locations for 2000 New Officers – HS Today (03.31.2014)

Don’t Tase Me, CBP – Next Gov (03.31.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear NSA Surveillance Case – CIO (04.07.2014)

Despite Legal Opinion, Plate Scanners are Still Active – Virginia Pilot (04.07.2014)

U.S. Confirms Warrantless Searches of Americans – Fox News (04.01.2014)



The U.S. wants to be Upfront with China about Cyberwarfare – Next Gov (04.07.2014)

New Federal Rule Requires Banks to Fight DDoS Attacks – CIO (04.04.2014)

NIST Moves Forward with Cyber-Focused Research Center – Federal Times (04.04.2014)

Security Pros Talk About Playing Defense against Cybercrime – CIO (04.03.2014)

State AGs Investigating Experian Subsidiary’s Data Breach – CIO (04.03.2014)

Financial Firms and Social Media Remain Top Phishing Targets – CIO (04.03.2014)

Users Face Serious Threats as Hackers Take Aim at Routers, Embedded Devices – CIO (04.03.2014)

Understanding the Gaps in Cybersecurity of Emergency Management – HS Today (04.03.2014)

Capabilities-Based, Rather than Actuarial, Risk Analysis Would Make Businesses Safer – HSN Wire (04.03.2014)

DHS Quietly Delivers Hacker Footprints to Industry – Next Gov (04.02.2014)

Smaller Banks Warned of Hackers Raising ATM Withdrawal Limits – CIO (04.02.2014)

The Grill: Rep. William Keating Wants Cross-Sector Data Sharing – Computerworld.com (03.31.2014)

China’s Unsupported XP Machines Hold the Potential to Become a Massive Botnet Army – CIO (03.31.2014)

Can Government’s Cyber Defense Withstand a Market-Driven Offense? – GCN (03.31.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

New Tool Aids Clery Act Reporting – Emergency Management (04.04.2014)

Coalition Sounds Alarm about Possible Global EMP Disaster – HS News Wire (04.04.2014)

No Clear Security Fixes for Violence at U.S. Bases – WAVY.com (04.04.2014)

W.Va. Residents Still Wary about their Drinking Water – HS News Wire (04.03.2014)

Suspect in Shooting at Kent State in Custody – Richmond Times Dispatch (04.03.2014)

California Utility Monitors Power Grid with Analytics – Emergency Management (04.02.2014)

U.S. Corporations Aware of Current, Future Water Risks – HS News Wire (04.02.2014)

Sandia to Help Cities be Better Prepared for, Emerge Stronger from, Disasters – HS News Wire (04.02.2014)

Leaders Study Port, Military Template for National or Large Scale Crisis – HS Today (04.01.2014)

Report: Gun Arrests Rare at Many U.S. Airports – Officer.com (04.01.2014)

Dam Safety Lessons Learned from Colorado’s Recent Floods – Water World (03.31.2014)



Hundreds of Britons Terror-Training in Syria, Making Attack on U.K. ‘Inevitable’ – HS News Wire (04.07.2014)

Terrorism Victims May Seize Iranian-Owned $500 Million Mid-Manhattan Tower – HS News Wire (04.07.2014)

Congressional Report on Boston Bombings Critical of Interagency Information Sharing – HS Today (04.06.2014)

Mock Terrorist Attack Held in Portsmouth – WTKR.com (04.05.2014)

U.K. Launches Investigation of Muslim Brotherhood in London – HS News Wire (04.03.2014)

Report Critical of Intelligence, Law Enforcement Boston Marathon Info Sharing – HS News Wire (04.01.2014)

Possibility of ‘Dirty Bombs’ a Major Terrorism Threat – HS News Wire (04.01.2014)

FBI, Military Hunt Ex-Army Recruit Suspected of Plotting ‘Ft. Hood-Inspired Jihad’ – Fox News (04.01.2014)

U.K. Prisons Serve as Recruitment Centers for Jihadi Causes – HS News Wire (04.01.2014)

U.S. Appeals Ruling Granting Defense in Terrorism Case to See Secret Court Documents – Fox News (03.31.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Ohio Cities Disagree on the Value of Warning Sirens – Emergency Management (04.04.2014)

Appallicious Preps for FEMA Disaster Dashboard Launch – Emergency Management (04.03.2014)

Gov. McAuliffe Signs SB381 Transferring Homeland Security Responsibilities to Public Safety – (04.02.2014)

FEMA Region III Promotes Pet Preparedness in April – Federal Emergency Management Agency (04.02.2014)

FEMA to Evaluate Readiness of PA and MD – Federal Emergency Management Agency (04.02.2014)

Roadmap Outlines R&D Path to Reduce Storm Impacts – HS News Wire (04.02.2014)

Emergency Management: There’s an App for That – Emergency Management (04.01.2014)

Southern California Earthquake Jolted Social Media – Emergency Management (04.01.2014)

Storm Surge Map Will Alert Coastal Residents at Risk – GCN (04.01.2014)

The FEMA and State Public Assistance Funding Process – FEMA (03.31.2014)


Public Health

Food-Related Disease Outbreaks Teach Us about Consequences of Food Terrorism – HS News Wire (04.04.2014)

Pharmas Agree to End Promotion of Antibiotic Use in Livestock – HS News Wire (04.03.2014)

Book Documents Unthinkable Hospital Tragedy after Hurricane Katrina – Emergency Management (04.02.2014)

Positive Results Reported from Single Dose Anthrax Vaccine Studies – HS News Wire (04.02.2014)

Bacteriophage ‘Cocktail’ Eradicates 99% of E. Coli in Meat, Spinach – HS News Wire (04.02.2014)

GAO: Effectiveness of Medical Countermeasures Development, Production Uncertain – HS Today (03.31.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Inspired by Nature, Researchers Develop ‘Unbreakable’ Security Codes – HS News Wire (04.07.2014)

Making Quantum Cryptography Suitable for Mobile Phones – HS News Wire (04.04.2014)

Wireless Emergency Alerts Surprise Florida Residents – Emergency Management (04.02.2014)

Interoperability Lab to Test Next-Gen 911 Services – GCN (04.01.2014)



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