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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

04.07 – 14.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

April 7, 2014 – April 14, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Written Testimony: ‘Authorizing CBP and Immigration and Customs Enforcement’ – DHS (04.08.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Air Marshal Director Stepping Down amid Agency Gun Scheme Probe – Fox News (04.11.2014)

Government Watchdog Accuses DHS Officials of Trying to Bend Hiring Rules – Fox News (04.09.2014)

DHS Repairing Internal Security Operations – HS News Wire (04.09.2014)

Senate Confirms Two Key Department of Homeland Security Nominees – HS Today (04.07.2014)

DHS Seeks Next-Gen Security Operations Center – Federal Times (04.07.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

U.S.-Mexico Border Security Barriers Affect Movement of Animals – HS News Wire (04.14.2014)

Number of Undocumented Immigrants Deported for Minor Offenses Quadrupled – HS News Wire (04.08.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Hacked U.S. Surveillance Drone over Crimea Shows New Face of Warfare – HS News Wire (04.11.2014)



Opinion: Why Universities are Under Attack by Hackers – Fox News (04.11.2014)

How the Heartbleed Bug Reveals a Flaw in Online Security – HS News Wire (04.14.2014)

The Internet of Things: An Exploding Security Minefield – CIO (04.11.2014)

How Computer Worms are Spreading among Smartphones – HS News Wire (04.11.2014)

Is Limiting Damage the Best Hope for Cybersecurity? – GCN (04.11.2014)

How to Protect Yourself from the Heartbleed Bug – Mashable.com (04.10.2014)

Student Develops New Way to Detect Hackers – HS News Wire (04.09.2014)

U.S. Cyber Challenge Opens Registration for Cyber Quests Competition – HS News Wire (04.08.2014)

Cybercriminals Use Sophisticated Powershell-Based Malware – CIO (04.08.2014)

Cyber Shakedown: Hackers Unleash Mafia-Style Extortion Tactics – Fox News (04.07.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Official IDs Supremacist as Kansas Attacks Suspect – Associated Press (04.14.2014)

Identifying the Most Likely Non-State Chemical-Biological Threats – HS News Wire (04.14.2014)

49ers’ Aldon Smith Held at LAX for Alleged Bomb Threat – SF Gate (04.13.2014)

Feds Struggle to Plug Power Grid Security Holes – HS News Wire (04.10.2014)

NRC Rejects Petition to Extend Emergency Zones around Nuke Plants – Emergency Management (04.10.2014)

Virginia Governor Signs Bill to Bury Thousands of Miles of Power Lines – WWBT NBC12 (04.10.2014)

Hartford Officials Test Responses to Attack on nearby Nuclear Power Plant – Baltimore Sun (04.10.2014)

Experts Warn Chemical Spills, Aging Infrastructure Could Cut Off D.C. Water – WJLA ABC7 (04.09.2014)

Energy Department: Power Grid Threats Report Mishandled by Feds – Fox News (04.09.2014)

Chemical Plant Security Measure Moves Forward in the House – HS News Wire (04.08.2014)

Is the U.S. Power Grid Too Big? – Science Daily (04.08.2014)

FBI: Man Plotted to Fly Drone-Like Toy Planes with Bombs into School – CBS News (04.08.2014)

New Jersey: State Agencies Explore Initial Framework for Energy Resiliency Bank – NJ Spotlight (04.08.2014)

Federal Agencies Not in Compliance with Facility Assessment Methodology Standards – HS Today (04.07.2014)



Bomb Kills 71, Wounds 124 at Busy Nigeria Bus Station – USA Today (04.14.2014)

Extending Terrorism Insurance Would Save U.S. Gov Money after Future Attacks – HS News Wire (04.14.2014)

European, U.S. Jihadists Training in Syria Are the Next Major Threat to the West – HS News Wire (04.11.2014)

Russia Declined to Share with the FBI All It Knew about Tamerlan Tsarnaev – HS News Wire (04.11.2014)

House Approves Bill to Ban Terrorists from Coming to the US as UN Ambassadors – HS Today (04.11.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

How Many Hurricanes Are Predicted for 2014? – Emergency Management (04.11.2014)

2014 Edition of Updated First Responder Biodetection Technology Guide Available – HS News Wire (04.11.2014)

NY Will Issue Red License Plates for Government Emergency Response Vehicles – HS News Wire (04.10.2014)

Federal Emergency Management Agency Responds to Flood Insurance Debate – Plymouth WL (04.10.2014)

Social Media Analysis Aids Washington Mudslide Response – Emergency Management (04.08.2014)

Cutting Edge, Animatronic Mannequin to Test CB Protective Suits, Equipment – HS News Wire (04.08.2014)

Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator Helps Communities Plan for the Future – FEMA (04.08.2014)

Controlling Rumors on Social Media Crucial During a Disaster, Terrorist Attack – HS Today (04.07.2014)

Severe Storms, Flooding Drench Southeast – Disaster News Network (04.07.2014)


Public Health

Promising Agents Defeat Superbug Defenses – HS News Wire (04.14.2014)

Flu Drugs May Not be Worth Stockpiling – WWLP.com (04.11.2014)

Drug-Resistant TB Emerges as a Global Threat – HS News Wire (04.09.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

NTIA Launches Online Guide to Feds’ Wireless Spectrum Use – Emergency Management (04.11.2014)

Cause of 911 System Failure in Washington Unknown – Emergency Management (04.11.2014)

Next-Generation 911: What You Need to Know – Emergency Management (04.09.2014)

Government’s Credential Exchange to go Live Soon – GCN (04.09.2014)

State Pilots Test ID Management for Online Services – GCN (04.08.2014)

Spectrum Challenge: More Robust, Resilient, Reliable Radio Communications – HS News Wire (04.08.2014)



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