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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

04.21 – 28.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

April 21, 2014 – April 28, 2014


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Outgoing Air Marshals Director Signed ‘Settlement Agreement’ with TSA – Fox News (04.26.2014)

Former Acting DHS IG ‘Jeopardized’ Independence of Office, Senate Subcommittee Says – HS Today (04.24.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

DHS Mulling Deportation Policy Changes – HS News Wire (04.28.2014)

Violence and Corruption by Drug Cartels Hits Homeland – HS News Wire (04.24.2014)

Readout of Secretary Johnson’s Meeting with Key Immigration Stakeholders – DHS (04.22.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Supreme Court Takes On Privacy in Digital Age – Fox News (04.28.2014)

Why Facial Recognition Isn’t the Way of the Future…Yet – CIO (04.28.2014)

Verizon (Unsuccessfully) Challenged NSA Surveillance Program – CIO (04.26.2014)

Adoption of Battlefield Surveillance System in Urban Areas Raises Privacy Concerns – HS News Wire (04.22.2014)



The IT Domino Effect: First Big Data, then Mobility, Cloud… – GCN (04.28.2014)

NIST Removes Cryptography Algorithm from Recommendations – HS News Wire (04.28.2014)

Hackers Find First Post-Retirement Windows XP-Related Vulnerability – CIO (04.27.2014)

Red Tape, ‘Tattoo-Aversion’ Snarls Government Hiring of Cybersecurity Experts – Chicago Tribune (04.26.2014)

Risk of Follow-Up DDoS Attack Rises to One in Three, Akamai Finds – CIO (04.25.2014)

Major Step toward Stronger Encryption Technology Announced – HS News Wire (04.25.2014)

Most Government Data Breaches Caused by Employees, Says Verizon Study – GSN (04.25.2014)

Criminals Increasingly Attack Cloud Providers – CIO (04.24.2014)

Businesses Looking to Bolster Cybersecurity – HS News Wire (04.24.2014)

‘Anonymous’ Targets Children’s Hospital – CIO (04.24.2014)

Is CyberSec Framework Doomed to Fail? – Gov Info Security (04.23.2014)

Insider Threats Add Pressure for Real-Time Fixes to Workforce Risks – GCN (04.23.2014)

Report: Iranian-Sponsored Cyber Attacks Increasing – HS Today (04.22.2014)

While Heartbleed Distracts, Hackers Hit U.S. Universities – CIO (04.22.2014)

Web Apps and Point-of-Sale Were Leading Hacker Targets in 2013, Says Verizon – CIO (04.22.2014)

Simulated Cyber Attack Finds Gaps in Preparedness – Government Health IT (04.22.2014)

4 of the Newest (and Lowest) Social Engineering Scams – CIO (04.21.2014)

Deputy Undersecretary for Cybersecurity Talks ‘Heartbleed’ in Blog Post – HS Today (04.21.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Threats from Insiders are the Most Serious Security Challenges Nuke Facilities Face – HS News Wire (04.28.2014)

New York Public Transit Systems Preparing for Sea-Level Rise – HS News Wire (04.28.2014)

Intelligent Urban Planning to Drive Climate Change Solutions – HS News Wire (04.28.2014)

Odds of Storm Waters Overflowing Manhattan Seawall up 20-Fold, New Study Says – HS News Wire (04.25.2014)

Human Behavior Studies Offer Helpful Insights to Airport Security Officers – HS News Wire (04.23.2014)

Dams Will Not Reduce Flow of Sand to Mississippi River Delta – HS News Wire (04.23.2014)

One in Ten American Schoolchildren in School near Risky Chemical Facility – HS News Wire (04.23.2014)

Homeland Security Encourages Guarding Oilfield against Cyber Threats – HS Today (04.23.2014)

5 Tips to Cybersecure the Power Grid – Green Tech Media (04.22.2014)

Teen Stowaway Raises Alarms about Airport Security – Emergency Management (04.22.2014)

Some See Small Modular Reactors as Offering a Better Future for Nuclear Industry – HS News Wire (04.22.2014)

Detecting and Defeating Radiological Threats – HS News Wire (04.22.2014)

2013 Fertilizer Plant Blast ‘Preventable’ – WCYB.com (04.22.2014)

Protecting Critical Infrastructure: A New Approach – Information Week (04.21.2014)

Security Lessons from Boston, One Year Later – Emergency Management (04.21.2014)



Demand for Terrorism Insurance Remains Strong – HS News Wire (04.28.2014)

Al Qaeda Tried to Turn an Oregon Ranch into a Training Camp – HS News Wire (04.25.2014)

Lawsuit Charges the FBI Used the No-Fly List to Recruit Informants – HS News Wire (04.25.2014)

Jihadists Now Control Secretive U.S. Base in Libya – HS Today (04.24.2014)

Former CIA Analyst Discusses How to Target Terrorists – Emergency Management (04.24.2014)

3 Charged with Conspiracy to Export Restricted Chemical Lab Equipment to Syria – HS Today (04.23.2014)

Al Qaeda’s Chief Bomb Maker Killed in U.S.-Backed Attack in Yemen – HS News Wire (04.23.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Prepare Your Pets for Emergencies – Virginia Department of Emergency Management (04.28.2014)

Advice for Emergency Managers on How to Deal with Cyberthreats – Emergency Management (04.25.2014)

Could New Tool Change the Response to Oil Fires? – Emergency Management (04.24.2014)

Room-Scouting Robot to Help First Responders, Soldiers – HS News Wire (04.24.2014)

Emergency Water Treatment Guidelines Questioned – HS News Wire (04.24.2014)

Public Safety Officials Implement Boston Bombing’s Lessons – HS News Wire (04.23.2014)

ODU Helps Develop Evacuation Model for Disasters – Richmond Times Dispatch (04.21.2014)


Public Health

DHS Expands Animal Disease Surveillance Project – GCN (04.28.2014)

Study: Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA ‘Superbug’ Found in U.S. Homes – HS Today (04.25.2014)

FBI Issues Healthcare Cyber Alerts – Gov Info Security (04.23.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

#myNYPD Twitter Campaign Boomerangs across the U.S. – Emergency Management (04.24.2014)

911 Centers Need Upgrades to Keep Up with Wireless Technology – Emergency Management (04.21.2014)



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