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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

04.28 – 05.05.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

April 28, 2014 – May 5, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for May 5-9, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (05.05.2014)

HS Committee Passes Legislation to Improve DHS Acquisition Programs, CFATS, IPAWS – DHS (04.30.2014)

Written Testimony: ‘Confronting America’s Transportation Security Challenges’ – DHS (04.30.2014)

Written Testimony: DHS NPPD on the President’s FY 2015 Budget Request for Cybersecurity – DHS (04.29.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Homeland Security Targets Cybersecurity Upgrades – Information Week (05.02.2014)

GAO: DHS Could Better Manage Programs to Address Funding Gaps – HS Today (04.30.2014)

Former DHS IG Altered Oversight Reports, Shared Information – HS News Wire (04.29.2014)

DHS Cancels Plans for BioWatch Technology – Emergency Management (04.28.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

CBP to Hire 2,000 More Officers – HS Today (05.01.2014)

Homeland Security (ICE) Arrests over 600 Gang Suspects – Fox News (05.01.2014)

Immigration Overhaul for 2014: Decidedly Not Dead – HS Today (04.28.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

House to Advance Bill to End Mass NSA Surveillance – Next Gov (05.05.2014)

Criminals Cannot Hide Behind Prepaid Phones – HS News Wire (05.01.2014)



Antivirus is Dead, Says Maker of Norton Antivirus – CIO (05.05.2014)

Symantec Lays Out Advanced Threat Protection Roadmap – CIO (05.05.2014)

Data Breaches 9% More Costly in 2014 Than Year Before – CIO (05.05.2014)

U.S. Military Communication Satellites Vulnerable to Cyberattacks – HS News Wire (05.05.2014)

Russia May Launch Crippling Cyberattacks on U.S. in Retaliation for Sanctions – HS News Wire (05.02.2014)

Innovative U.S. Cybersecurity Initiative to Address Cyberthreats – HS News Wire (05.02.2014)

With Bugs in the System, How Safe is the Internet? – HS News Wire (05.02.2014)

Senate Cybersecurity Bill in the Works – Gov Info Security (04.30.2014)

Report Criticizes Cybersecurity Framework – Government Security News (04.29.2014)

Homeland Security Warning: Don’t Use Internet Explorer – Fox News (04.29.2014)

Heartbleed’s Silver Lining – CIO (04.28.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

NRC Urged against Exemption of Shut-Down Nuke Plants from Emergency Regulations – HSN Wire (05.05.2014)

TSA Body Scanners Must be Utilized Effectively, GAO Audit Says – HS Today (05.03.2014)

Oil Trains’ Trips Kept in the Dark – Emergency Management (05.02.2014)

Security App Gets Real-World Test at University of Florida – Emergency Management (05.01.2014)

Warner Wants Stricter Checks of TWIC Card Applicants – Virginia Pilot Online (05.01.2014)

DOE Issues Guidance on Electric Grid Cybersecurity – HS Today (04.30.2014)

More Crude Oil Shipments by Rail mean More Accidents, but Security Measures Lag – HSN Wire (04.30.2014)

Florida Moves to Protect Coastal Roads from Sea Level Rise – HS News Wire (04.29.2014)

U.S. Approves Fewer Security Clearances – HS News Wire (04.29.2014)

Operators Rely on Memory, not Computers, to Track Nuke Waste – Next Gov (04.28.2014)



Department of Defense to Study BitCoin as Possible Terrorist Threat – Fox News (05.05.2014)

Study: Governments More Likely to Negotiate with Terrorists as Violence Increases – HS News Wire (05.02.2014)

Terrorism Can Be a Successful Strategy, But Only When Governments allow it to Be – HS News Wire (04.29.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

NTSB Clears Crew in Lynchburg Derailment – Richmond Times Dispatch (05.05.2014)

Governors Push for Reforming Firefighting Funding – Emergency Management (05.02.2014)

App Aims to Turn Google Glass into a Situational Awareness Tool – GCN (05.01.2014)

Longer Periods of Tornado Activity are More Destructive, but Also More Predictable – HS News Wire (05.01.2014)

18 Months after Sandy, FEMA Aid Ends without States Stepping Up – Al-Jazeera America (04.30.2014)

Is Mexico’s Earthquake Early Warning System a Model for the World? – Emergency Management (04.30.2014)

5 Reasons Why Emergency Operations are Going Virtual – Emergency Management (04.29.2014)

S.O.S App Turns Smartphone into Emergency Beacon – Discovery News (04.29.2014)

FEMA: Be Prepared for Continuing Severe Weather – Department of Homeland Security (04.29.2014)

Red Cross Provides Tornado Preparedness Tips – WVIR NBC29 (04.29.2014)


Public Health

CDC Confirms First Case of MERS within U.S. – Popular Science (05.02.2014)

1918 Pandemic Flu Virus Mystery Solved – HS News Wire (04.30.2014)

USDA Requires Reporting of Emerging Pig Virus Recently Found in Virginia – Virginia Tech (04.29.2014)

Measles Outbreak Attributed in Part to Lack of Vaccination – WSET ABC13 (04.28.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

FirstNet Hires a CTO – Emergency Management (05.02.2014)

Federating Identity will Slow Personal Information Leaks – GCN (05.02.2014)

Cause of Oregon, Washington 911 Dispatch Center Failure Revealed – Emergency Management (05.01.2014)

Is the Public Safety Community Ready for New 911 Location Rules? – GCN (04.30.2014)



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