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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

05.05 – 12.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

May 5, 2014 – May 12, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Testimony: ‘Investing in Cybersecurity: Understanding Risks & Building Capabilities…’ – DHS (05.07.2014)

Testimony: ‘Preventing Waste, Fraud, Abuse & Mismanagement in Homeland Security’ – DHS (05.07.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Makes Progress in Addressing High-Risk Areas, but Significant Work Remains – HS Today (05.07.2014)

Senator Questions Whether DHS Allowing Those with Terror Ties into U.S. – Fox News (05.07.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Republicans Look to Loosen Penalties on Illegal Immigrants – HS Today (05.12.2014)

DHS Want Changes in California’s ID for Undocumented Immigrants – HS News Wire (05.12.2014)

ICE Names Kevin Kern as New CIO – Government Security News (05.12.2014)

Report: Border Patrol Ignores Complaints against Agents – USA Today (05.07.2014)

DHS Announces Proposals to Attract and Retain Highly Skilled Immigrants – DHS (05.06.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Wisconsin Silent about Cell Phone Tracking by State Police – HS News Wire (05.12.2014)

Two House Committees Approve Bill to End Mass NSA Surveillance – GSN (05.09.2014)

DOJ Asks for New Authority to Hack and Search Remote Computers – CIO (05.09.2014)

Virginia Lawmakers Mull Limiting Police Use of License Plate Readers – HS News Wire (05.07.2014)



Security Vendor Snake Oil: 7 Promises that Don’t Deliver – CIO (05.12.2014)

Time to Modernize Thinking, Technology in Fighting Malware – CIO (05.09.2014)

One Month Later, Hundreds of Thousands of Servers Still Vulnerable to Heartbleed – CIO (05.09.2014)

National Guard, UALR Consider Partnership for Cyber Defense – Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock (05.09.2014)

Attackers Exploited Microsoft Security Hole Before Company’s Announcement – HS News Wire (05.08.2014)

State CIOs Press Federal Leaders on Cross-Jurisdiction Hot Buttons – GCN (05.08.2014)

How Computer Viruses Get Their Names – Next Gov (05.06.2014)

Hackers Capture Dynamic Data to Prepare for Effective, Stealthy Attacks – CIO (05.05.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Validating Air Sampling Techniques to Fight Bioterrorism – HS News Wire (05.12.2014)

Governor McAuliffe Announces Railroad Safety and Security Taskforce – Governor’s Office (05.09.2014)

TSA Expands PreCheck Screening Program to International Airlines – HS News Wire (05.09.2014)

States Lack Expertise, Staff to Deal with Cyberthreats to Utilities – HS News Wire (05.08.2014)

Government Orders Rail Companies to Warn Communities about Hazardous Train Cargo – EM (05.08.2014)

White House Placed on Lockdown for Second Time in Three Days – Government Security News (05.08.2014)

Security Reviews Ordered at VA Hospitals, Clinics Nationwide – WVEC ABC13 (05.08.2014)

Insider Threat: Navy Systems Administrator Arrested on Hacking Charges – HS Today (05.07.2014)

Industry Perspective: Automated Passport Control Kiosks Simplify Customs Operations – EM (05.07.2014)

Researchers Map 198k Glaciers to Improve Sea-Level Rise Estimates – HS News Wire (05.07.2014)

Congressman Calls for Pilot Study of New Airport Security Technology – Emergency Management (05.06.2014)

Normalcy Returning to Lynchburg after Rail Spill – Roanoke Times (05.06.2014)

TSA Chief Claims ‘No Perfect Solution’ to Airport Security Threats – HS Today (05.05.2014)



California Terrorism Suspect to Remain in Jail, For Now – HS News Wire (05.12.2014)

Industry, Democrats Reject GOP-Sponsored TRIA-Extension Draft – HS News Wire (05.09.2014)

Boston Police Social Media Experience Pays Off after Bombing – GCN (05.09.2014)

Intelligence Agencies, Allies Must Work Closer Together as World, Threats Evolve – Daily Progress (05.08.2014)

The Intelligence Community Needs a New Workforce Model – Next Gov (05.08.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Jeffrey D. Stern Named State Coordinator for Virginia Department of Emergency Management – Governor’s Office

Tele-Operated Robots for Smarter Disaster Response – HS News Wire (05.09.2014)

Using Light to Detect Trace Amounts of Explosives – HS News Wire (05.09.2014)

New Strategic Partnership Strengthens Maryland’s Homeland Security Enterprise – HS Today (05.09.2014)

2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Predictions – WTKR.com (05.08.2014)

Disaster Preparedness for the Rest of Us: Building Your Kit – Bandon Western World (05.08.2014)

Be Prepared for Tornado Season: 10 Mobile-Notification Extreme Weather Apps – Any Geo Blog (05.07.2014)

How a Low-Income San Fran Neighborhood is Building a Culture of Preparedness – Atlantic Cities (05.07.2014)

Is Your Pet Prepared? – Insurance News Net (05.07.2014)

FEMA: Less than a Month Until 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins – DHS (05.06.2014)

Norfolk Mentioned in Federal Climate Report – WAVY.com (05.06.2014)

U.N. Partners with Private Sector to Map Disaster Risks for Local Communities – Relief Web (05.05.2014)

Automated Fire Alert System Saves Precious Time – Emergency Management (05.05.2014)


Public Health

New Biodefense Centers Offer Modernized Approach, Face Criticism – HS News Wire (05.09.2014)

NIH Funds New Center at Johns Hopkins for Real-Time Flu Tracking – Healthcare Informatics (05.08.2014)

Debate Intensifies over Whether or Not to Destroy Last Stockpile of Smallpox – HS News Wire (05.08.2014)

First Case of MERS in the U.S. Highlights Need for Preparedness – Science Blogs (05.07.2014)

FBI Warns Healthcare Providers about Cybersecurity – HS News Wire (05.07.2014)

Person with Confirmed Case of Measles May Have Exposed People in Northern Va. – WJLA ABC7 (05.06.2014)

Reemergence of Polio is a Global Health Risk – Popular Science (05.05.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

ODNI Builds Toolbox for Information Interoperability – GCN (05.12.2014)

FirstNet’s Kennedy Talks about RFP Process, 911 Collaboration – Urgent Communications (05.05.2014)

Texting 911: The Next Step for Emergency Response – Emergency Management (05.05.2014)

When Calling 911 Doesn’t Work – Government Health IT (05.05.2014)



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