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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

05.19 – 27.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

May 19, 2014 – May 27, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for May 26-30, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (05.26.2014)

Testimony: ‘Assessing Persistent and Emerging Cyber Threats to the U.S. Homeland’ – DHS (05.21.2014)

McCaul Statement on Indictment of Chinese Cyber Crimes against United States – U.S. House (05.19.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS HQ: Doubts Grow about Trouble-Plagued St. Elizabeth’s Complex – HS News Wire (05.23.2014)

Committee Reports Out Legislation to Enhance DHS Cyber Personnel Authorities – HS Today (05.23.2014)

Former DHS Secretary: DHS Has Lost Its Way – HS News Wire (05.22.2014)

Bill Aims to Strengthen DHS InfoSec Staff – Gov Info Security (05.21.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Server Outages Continue to Hobble Immigration Courts’ Work – HS News Wire (05.23.2014)

A Bill Offers a Military Path to Citizenship for Dreamers – HS News Wire (05.23.2014)

Hitting the Reset Button on Secure Communities – HS News Wire (05.20.2014)

Border Enforcement Dispute Erupts over New National Monument Designation – HS Today (05.20.2014)

DHS Chief Call an Emergency in Rio Grande Valley – HS Today (05.20.2014)

Amid Complaints, Lawmakers Seek More Oversight of Border Patrol – HS Today (05.19.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Drone Surveillance Raises Legal, Ethical Concerns – HS News Wire (05.23.2014)

License Plate Photo Databases Stir Privacy Concerns – Government Technology (05.23.2014)

NYPD Considering Using Drones and Gunshot Detectors to Fight Crime – HS Today (05.22.2014)

House Approves Curbs on NSA Record-Gathering – Fox News (05.22.2014)



Debating Disclosures of Cyber Vulnerabilities – HS News Wire (05.27.2014)

Future Cyberattacks to Cause More Trouble than Heartbleed – HS News Wire (05.27.2014)

Inkblots and Gestures: Getting Creative about Security – GCN (05.27.2014)

Lulzsec Leader Sentenced to Time Served – CIO (05.27.2014)

eBay Flaw Could be Used to Hijack Accounts, Researcher Says – CIO (05.27.2014)

Apple Devices Held Hostage using Find My iPhone – CIO (05.27.2014)

Needed: Breach Detection Correction – CIO (05.27.2014)

New Online Banking Trojan Program Combines Zeus and Carberp Features – CIO (05.26.2014)

DDoS Attacks Using SNMP Amplification on the Rise – CIO (05.23.2014)

Antivirus Software Can’t Keep Up with new Malware, Lastline Labs Analysis Finds – CIO (05.23.2014)

Researchers Find Large Global Botnet of Infected Point of Sale Systems – CIO (05.23.2014)

Pittsburgh Deemed Ground Zero for Cyberthreats from China – Emergency Management (05.23.2014)

Insider Threat Detection Tools: Hard to Find, Harder to Fund – GCN (05.23.2014)

Top 6 Vulnerabilities Found via Penetration Tests – GCN (05.22.2014)

Department of Homeland Security Tools Aimed at Heartbleed-Like Security Evils – CIO (05.22.2014)

L.A.’s Cyber Intrusion Command Center: A Model for Cybersecurity Governance? – Gov Tech (05.22.2014)

HHS, DHS and EPA Don’t Need to Dole-Out New Cyber Rules – Next Gov (05.22.2014)

5 New Threats to Your Mobile Device Security – CIO (05.21.2014)

Cyber Threats Growing, Officials Tell Homeland Security Subcommittees – HS Today (05.21.2014)

Here’s What Chinese Hackers Actually Stole from U.S. Companies – Time (05.20.2014)

Survey: Abuse of Network Access Privileges is Rampant – Next Gov (05.20.2014)

CIOs Forge Stronger Ties with Decision-Makers, Build Better Business Cases – Government Tech (05.20.2014)

NIST Seeking Comments on Revisions to ICS Security Guide – HS News Wire (05.20.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Port Security Technologies Demonstrated in Gothenburg, Sweden – HS News Wire (05.27.2014)

Father of Victim in Deadly California Shooting Rampage Makes Tearful Plea – Fox News (05.25.2014)

GAO: Federal Agencies Not Sharing Enough Information on Ammonium Nitrate Sites – HS Today (05.23.2014)

Testing Distributed Computing to Protect Against Cyberattacks on Power Grids – HS News Wire (05.22.2014)

Ohio School-Safety Proposal Includes Funds, Penalties – Emergency Management (05.22.2014)

Campus Police Test Safety App with Two-Way, Multimedia Communications – GCN (05.22.2014)

Va. Tech Student’s Safety App Launched at WVU – Intelligencer Wheeling News Register (05.22.2014)

Mustard Plants Help Detect Use of Chemical Weapons – HS News Wire (05.22.2014)

Pressure Grows for Building a Centralized Nuclear Waste Repository – HS News Wire (05.22.2014)

Public Utility Compromised after Brute Force Attack, DHS Says – CIO (05.21.2014)

Cesium Chloride Blood Irradiators Increase Dirty Bomb Risk – HS News Wire (05.21.2014)

Wireless Camera Network Offers News Possibilities for Security Systems – HS News Wire (05.21.2014)

‘Problems’ with Security at Federal Buildings ‘Persist’, Subcommittee Hears – HS Today (05.21.2014)

How Dangerous Are Chemical Plants? Feds Don’t Know – EMS World (05.21.2014)

Electric Grid, You Have Software Updates Available – Scientific American (05.20.2014)

Insider Threat Study Finds Increased Awareness, but Little Action – HS Today (05.20.2014)

Converting Light to Sound for Better Weapons Detection, Medical Imaging – HS News Wire (05.20.2014)

How Rising Seas Could Sink Nuclear Plants on the East Coast – Huffington Post (05.19.2014)



2nd Bottle Bomb Device Explodes at Tysons Theater – WUSA9 CBS (05.26.2014)

Boston Marathon Bombings Suspects Used Fuses Made from Christmas Lights, Feds Say – Fox News (05.22.2014)

Tweeting at Terrorists: Inside America’s Social Media Battle with Online Jihad – HS Today (05.22.2014)

U.S. Says U.N. Approves Sanctions on Boko Haram – News & Advance (05.22.2014)

Obama’s Revamp of Anti-Terror Policies Stalls – Washington Post (05.21.2014)

Stream of Al Qaeda Threats Worries U.S. – WDBJ7 (05.20.2014)

Former NSA Chief: ‘A Lot More Terror Attacks Coming Our Way’ – NY Daily News (05.18.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

New Compound Offers Protection against Chemical Weapons – HS News Wire (05.27.2014)

Feds Give New Jersey, New York More Sandy Aid – Governing (05.27.2014)

Virginia Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Ends Saturday, May 31st – WJLA ABC7 (05.26.2014)

McAuliffe: State Not Ready for a Hampton Roads Evacuation – Daily Press (05.24.2014)

Disaster Planning: Risk Assessment Vital to Development of Mitigation Plans – Science Daily (05.23.2014)

Ten ‘Golden Rules’ of Strategic Flood Management Revealed by Water Scientists – Science Daily (05.23.2014)

Forecasters Predict a Slow Hurricane Season – Emergency Management (05.23.2014)

Smartphone Apps Help Citizens Weather the Storms – Emergency Management (05.22.2014)

MD Emergency Management Announces Digital Billboard Partnership for Safety Info – GSN (05.21.2014)

Wildfires Growing Increasingly Dangerous and Costly, Expert Says – Missoulian (05.21.2014)

The Next Bay Area’s Big One May Be a Cluster of Major Quakes – HS News Wire (05.21.2014)

Ohio City Moves Forward with New Tornado Warning System – Emergency Management (05.19.2014)


Public Health

Experiments with Dangerous Bird Flu Strains Pose Risk of Accidental Release – HS News Wire (05.27.2014)

Soil Bacteria May Offer Insights into Curbing Antibiotic Resistance – HS News Wire (05.22.2014)

Health Official on High Alert for MERS Cases in VA – NBC12 (05.21.2014)

MERS Cure? Lots of Drugs Might Fight Virus, Study Finds – NBC News (05.20.2014)

U.S. Mines Personal Health Data to Find the Vulnerable in Emergencies – New York Times (05.15.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Researchers Crack Supposedly Impregnable Encryption Algorithm in Two Hours – HS News Wire (05.21.2014)



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