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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

05.27 – 06.02.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

May 27, 2014 – June 2, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Testimony by Sec. Johnson: ‘Oversight of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’ – DHS (05.29.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Study Reveals DHS Cyber Initiative Needs to Pick Up the Pace – HS Today (06.02.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Secretary Johnson on Increased Influx of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children at the Border – DHS (06.02.2014)

U.S. Government the Largest Employer of Undocumented Immigrants – HS News Wire (05.30.2014)

Lawmakers Call on DHS to Block Immigration Enforcement at Courthouses – HS Today (05.30.2014)

DHS Secretary Asks to Study Obama Administration Immigration Releases – Fox News (05.29.2014)

U.S. Recalibrating Secure Communities – HS News Wire (05.28.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

NSA Steps-Up Digital Image Harvesting to Feed its Facial Recognition Program – Fox News (06.01.2014)

NSA Finds No Emails from Snowden about Surveillance Abuse or Wrongdoing – Fox News (05.29.2014)

States from Coast to Coast near New Rules on License Plate Readers – Land Line (05.29.2014)

Are 9-1-1 Callbacks Public Record? – EMS World (05.29.2014)

Call Recording Software Used by Police is Deeply Flawed, Advisory Says – CIO (05.28.2014)

Greenwald’s Finale: Naming Victims of Surveillance – HS Today (05.27.2014)



Lack of Training Hampers Agency Cyber Incident Response – Next Gov (06.02.2014)

Big Data’s Coming Role in Cybersecurity – Next Gov (06.02.2014)

American Express Issues Alert after Anonymous Dumps Cardholder Data – CIO (06.02.2014)

Law Enforcement Agencies Disrupt Gameover Zeus Botnet – CIO (06.02.2014)

GAO: Agencies Can’t Always Prove They Respond to Breaches – Next Gov (05.30.2014)

Expert Wants Nuclear Plants Taken ‘Off the Table’ in Cyber-Warfare – Next Gov (05.30.2014)

How to Avoid Cyberspies on Facebook, LinkedIn – CIO (05.30.2014)

The U.S. State of Cybercrime Takes another Step Back – CIO (05.30.2014)

Hackers Put Security Tool that Finds Payment Card Data into Their Arsenal – CIO (05.30.2014)

Cyberspies Seen Targeting U.S. Plans on Iran Nuclear Work – Next Gov (05.29.2014)

Vessel-Tracking System Vulnerable to Denial-of-Service, Other Attacks, Researchers Say – CIO (05.29.2014)

Is your iPhone at Risk after the Oleg Pliss Hack? – HS News Wire (05.29.2014)

Should You Need a License to Practice Cybersecurity? – Next Gov (05.29.2014)

Apple Hints Password Reuse, Not iCloud Hack, at Heart of Locked iDevice Ransom Attacks – CIO (05.28.2014)

Cyber Attacks Undermine Security of NY Financial Industry – HS Today (05.28.2014)

U.S. – China Fisticuffs over Cyberspying – Gov Info Security (05.28.2014)

DARPA Develops Keyboard Security System – Defense Tech (05.28.2014)

Heartbleed Bug: What Risks Remain? – Gov Info Security (05.27.2014)

How EMs Can Come to Terms with the Cyberworld and its Threats – Emergency Management (05.27.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Extreme Weather Events Threaten U.S. National Landmarks – HS News Wire (06.02.2014)

Sea Level Rise, not Sandy, Main Cause of Subsequent East Coast Storm Flooding – HSN Wire (06.02.2014)

NRC Will Not Require Nuclear Plants to Transfer Waste to Dry Cask Storage – HS News Wire (06.02.2014)

Robots Stand Guard on Bridges and Ports – GCN (06.02.2014)

University Researchers Test Cyberdefense for Nation’s Power Grid – CIO (05.31.2014)

Dominion Va. Power Launches Text Alerts – Richmond Times Dispatch (05.31.2014)

Rising Sea Levels Will be Too Much, Too Fast for Florida – HS News Wire (05.30.2014)

HSPD-12: Is Government’s Glass Half Full or Half Empty? – GCN (05.29.2014)

Could Smart Power Lines Reduce Outages? – Emergency Management (05.29.2014)

Scientists Urge U.S. to Do More to Detect, Prevent Use of Bioweapons – HS News Wire (05.29.2014)

NYC Launches Programs to Protect Its Water Supply – AZ Central (05.29.2014)

Union Rep Says LAX Expansion Overshadows Security – Kentucky.com (05.29.2014)

Airports Resist Bolstering Perimeter Security Because of Cost – HS News Wire (05.28.2014)

TSA Body Scanners Repurposed for Jails, Local Government Buildings – HS Today (05.28.2014)



FBI Issues Nationwide Alert for San Francisco Man – Yahoo News (06.02.2014)

Al-Qaida Decentralized, but Not Necessarily Weaker – Virginia Pilot (06.02.2014)

Why Terrorists Love Twitter – Next Gov (06.02.2014)

Man Arrested in ‘Bottle Bomb’ Incidents – Virginia Pilot (06.01.2014)

U.S. Terrorism Strategy Increasingly Involves Proxies – Virginia Pilot (05.30.2014)

Analysis: Surprising Allies against Terror in the Middle East – Fox News (05.30.2014)

White House Proposes $5 Billion Global Anti-Terrorism Fund – Time (05.28.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Surry Power Station Will Test Emergency Alert Sirens on June 11 – VDEM (06.02.2014)

Local & State Agencies, Dominion Will Hold Dress Rehearsal for Radiological Exercise – VDEM (05.29.2014)

10K-Gallon Oil Spill in PA among the Nation’s worst in Recent Years – Emergency Management (05.29.2014)

Emergency Transportation Relief during Disasters Needs Improvement, Audit Finds – HS Today (05.28.2014)

The Science of Predicting Climate Change and Future Flooding – Emergency Management (05.27.2014)

PA Commission Issues Response Recommendations to Electric Utilities – Emergency Management (05.27.2014)

The Future of Evacuations in the Climate Change Era – The Atlantic: City Lab (05.27.2014)


Public Health

Scientists: Immediate Action Required to Address Superbugs’ Threat – HS News Wire (06.02.2014)

Skip the Humans: Drug Discovery by Simulating Cells – Next Gov (06.02.2014)

U.S. Measles Outbreak Sets Record for Post-Elimination Era – Washington Post (05.29.2014)

Return of the ‘White Plague’: Fears over the Rise of ‘Incurable’ TB – CNN (05.28.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

More Emergency Centers are Gearing Up to Receive 911 Texts – Emergency Management (05.30.2014)

AT&T Prepared to Keep Customers Connected During Hurricane Season – HS Today (05.30.2014)

FirstNet’s Swenson Gets Her Chance to Bring Public Safety Back into the Fold – Fierce Wireless (05.29.2014)

Ohio City-County Unified Dispatch Center Tech to Cost Millions – Emergency Management (05.29.2014)

TeleCommunication Systems Leads USA’s Text-to-911 Rollout – Government Security News (05.29.2014)

NPSTC Releases Description of ‘Public-Safety-Grade’ Requirements of FirstNet – Urgent Comm. (05.27.2014)



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