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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

06.02 – 09.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

June 2, 2014 – June 9, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Testimony: ‘Evaluating Port Security: Progress Made and Challenges Ahead’ – DHS (06.04.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Struggles with Intelligence and Analysis Capabilities – Federal Times (06.05.2014)

DHS Relaxes Employment Rules for H-1B Visa Spouses – HS News Wire (06.04.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Sharp Increase in the Number of Unaccompanied Children Crossing into U.S. – HS News Wire (06.09.2014)

Officials: DHS to Stop Sending Migrants to Arizona – USA Today (06.06.2014)

DHS Revises Rules for Use of Deadly Force on Border – HS News Wire (06.04.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Computers are Getting Better than Humans Are at Facial Recognition – Next Gov (06.09.2014)

Cellphone Operator Reveals Scale of Government Snooping – Fox News (06.06.2014)

NSA, Other Agencies, Collect Millions of Images for Facial Recognition Databases – HS News Wire (06.05.2014)

Data Surveillance Centers: Crime Fighters or ‘Spy Machines’? – CNN (06.05.2014)

LAPD Adds Drones to Arsenal, Says They’ll be Used Sparingly – Emergency Management (06.02.2014)



If You Think Cybersecurity is ‘Just an IT Problem’, Prepare to Get Owned – Next Gov (06.09.2014)

What Data Breaches Teach Us about the Future of Malware: Your Own Data Could Dupe You – CIO (06.09.2014)

The Next Heartbleed: 5 Security Vulnerabilities to Watch – CIO (06.09.2014)

Is Antivirus Now Useless? – GCN (06.06.2014)

Squiggly Lines May Be the Future of Password Security – HS News Wire (06.06.2014)

U.S. Army Warns of Database Breaches in South Korea – CIO (06.06.2014)

Adm. Michael Rogers: Businesses Must ‘Own’ Cybersecurity Threats – HS News Wire (06.05.2014)

5 Reasons Why China is Attacking U.S. Tech – CIO (06.05.2014)

Trojan App Encrypts Files on Android Devices and Asks for Ransom – CIO (06.05.2014)

Malicious Advertisements on Major Websites Lead to Ransomware – CIO (06.05.2014)

Maryland Launches Cybersecurity Panel – Technically Baltimore (06.05.2014)

Roots of Trust Research Focuses on Protecting Cyber Physical Systems – HS News Wire (06.04.2014)

Interns Get Hands-On Experience in Cybersecurity – Emergency Management (06.04.2014)

CISOs Look to Hire White Hat Hackers to Head-Off Security Breaches – CIO (06.04.2014)

American First Credit Union Finds Breach in Accounts Affects Thousands – HS Today (06.04.2014)

Google Plans End-to-End Encryption Tool for Additional Email Privacy – CIO (06.03.2014)

NIST Framework: Making Us Less Secure? – Gov Info Security (06.03.2014)

Molerats Hackers Hit U.S., E.U. Governments – Gov Info Security (06.03.2014)

Can Big Data Stop Cyber Threats? – Next Gov (06.03.2014)

The Use of Mobile Credentials is on the Rise, but Can They Be Secured? – CIO (06.02.2014)

Automating Cybersecurity – New York Times (06.02.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Police: Vegas Cop Killers had Anti-Government View – Associated Press (06.09.2014)

Feds, Rail Operators, WA Embroiled in Crude Oil Shipment Disclosure Dispute – HS News Wire (06.09.2014)

U.S. Energy Security Reaches Highest Level in a Quarter Century – Fuel Fix (06.09.2014)

Sailor Stabbed on Virginia Navy Base in Good Condition – WTOP (06.07.2014)

Poor Planning Was Part of Police Shooting at Children’s Hospital – Emergency Management (06.06.2014)

Chemical Plant Safety, Security Improving, Says Interagency Group – Fierce Homeland Sec. (06.06.2014)

DHS Misses Congressional Due Date to Show That Port ID Cards Work – Next Gov (06.06.2014)

GAO Questions IT Security at U.S. Ports – Gov Info Security (06.06.2014)

DHS Shifts Nuclear-Screening Focus to ‘High-Risk- Cargo – Next Gov (06.05.2014)

Sandia Exploring Ephemeral Biometrics for Insider Threat Monitoring – GCN (06.05.2014)

Decrepit Dams Could Spell Disaster in the U.S. – Sourceable.net (06.05.2014)

VA Rail Officials Confirm Track Defect – WSLS NBC10 (06.04.2014)

Train Derailment Chemical Spill Caused Health Problems – HS Today (06.04.2014)

New Institute Will Help CT Communities Prepare for Rising Sea Levels – Emergency Management (06.04.2014)

TSA Plans to Profile Your Suitcase – Next Gov (06.04.2014)

Special Event Planners are Investing More in Private Security – Emergency Management (06.03.2014)

Federal Oversight of Ammonium Nitrate Exceedingly Weak – HS News Wire (06.03.2014)

China Implements Airport-Like Security Checks at Crowded Train Stations – HS News Wire (06.03.2014)

U.K. Forwarders ‘Not Surprised’ by U.S. Climb-Down on 100% Container Scanning – HS News Wire (06.03.2014)

Warner Calls for Greater Rail Safety Efforts – Daily Progress (06.02.2014)

North Anna Exercise Dress Rehearsal to be Held – NBC29.com (06.02.2014)



States have Consistently Negotiated with Terrorists to Get Back Their Citizens – HS News Wire (06.09.2014)

Expatriate Jihadists Operating in Syria Explain Views, Alarm West – HS News Wire (06.06.2014)

Study: Growing Jihadist Threat Demands New U.S. Strategy to Combat Terrorism – HS News Wire (06.05.2014)

Floridian is First Known American Suicide Bomber in Syria – HS News Wire (06.05.2014)

Senate Panel Extends Terrorism Insurance Program for 7 Years – HS Today (06.05.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Unisys Tool Helps Police Solve Evidence Puzzle – GCN (06.09.2014)

Lawmakers Get Earful on Need for Far-Reaching Firefighting Reform – HS Today (06.06.2014)

Colleges Say They’re Ready for the Unforeseen Disaster – Emergency Management (06.06.2014)

Winners Selected in NYC, N.J. Storm-Proofing Projects Competition – HS News Wire (06.06.2014)

For Preparedness, Hurricane Name Makes a Difference – Emergency Management (06.05.2014)

Los Angeles is Feeling More and More Rumbling from Earthquakes – Emergency Management (06.04.2014)

Police Get Free Multimedia Platform, Storage during Emergencies – GCN (06.04.2014)

USGS Climate Change Viewer Opens Window on our Future – GCN (06.03.2014)

Ready Virginia App Presented to President Obama during Hurricane Season Briefing – Va. Governor (06.02.2014)


Public Health

CDC Confirms 4th U.S. Case of Mad Cow Disease after Texas Man Dies – L.A. Times (06.06.2014)

Scientists Divided on Whether to Destroy Last Stocks of Smallpox Virus – HS News Wire (06.04.2014)

MERS: How Should Public Health Departments Prepare? – Emergency Management (06.02.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Iowa Responders Break the Silence with New Joint Radio System – Emergency Management (06.06.2014)



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