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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

06.09 – 16.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

June 9, 2014 – June 16, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for June 9-13, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (06.09.2014)

Testimony: ‘Oversight of the Department of Homeland Security’ – DHS (06.11.2014)

Testimony: ‘BioWatch: Lessons Learned and the Path Forward’ – DHS (06.10.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

SD High on the List of Recipients of DHS Funds, Even Without Specific Threats – HS News Wire (06.15.2014)

Homeland Security Chief in Hot Seat over Surge in Illegal Immigrants – Fox News (06.11.2014)

GAO: DHS’ Intelligence Framework and Analytic Planning Process Ineffective – HS News Wire (06.10.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

1.6%: CBP Data Show Dysfunctional Internal Affairs – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

Skilled Immigrants to Be Granted ‘Express Entry’ to Canada to Meet Labor Needs – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

Study: Economic Relationships, Not Terrorism Fears, Drive Visa Decisions – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

Homeland Security Chief Admits to Need for Border Reform – HS Today (06.11.2014)

Overrun by Immigrants, Border Agents Doing Paperwork Instead of Patrolling – HS Today (06.10.2014)

Border Agency Replaces Head of Internal Affairs – New York Times (06.09.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Judge Orders DOJ to Turn Over FISA Surveillance Documents – CIO (06.13.2014)

Smartphones before the Court: Searchable Wallets or Pocket PCs? – GCN (06.13.2014)

Armed Robber Convicted Based on Chicago’s Facial Recognition Technology – HS News Wire (06.11.2014)

Miami Police Plan to Use Hundreds of High-Tech Cameras to Fight Crime – Emergency Management (06.10.2014)

Commercial Drone Allowed Limited Access to Fly Over U.S. Land – Engadget.com (06.10.2014)

How Google’s New Satellite Company Is Going To Change the World – Business Insider (06.10.2014)



P.F. Chang’s Turns to Manual Card Processing after Confirming Breach – CIO (06.132014)

Defend Yourself against World Cup Scams – CIO (06.12.2014)

AT&T Says Customer Data Accessed to Unlock Smartphones – CIO (06.12.2014)

FCC Will Push Network Providers on Cybersecurity, Wheeler Says – CIO (06.12.2014)

Why Open Source Software Isn’t as Secure as You Think – CIO (06.12.2014)

Improving Cybersecurity Top Priority: Federal CIOs, CISOs – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

Cybersecurity: We’ve Deluded Ourselves for Years – Next Gov (06.12.2014)

Virginia Cyber Security Group’s Work Begins – GoDanRiver.com (06.11.2014)

‘Clandestine Fox’ Hackers Win Over Energy Employee in Strategy Change – CIO (06.11.2014)

Chinese Cyberspies Targeting U.S., European Defense, Space Sectors – CIO (06.10.2014)

Most U.S. Credit Cards Will Have Microchips by End of 2015 – CIO (06.10.2014)

County Gives Staff Secure Remote Access with Windows to Go – GCN (06.10.2014)

Cybercrime Losses Top $400 Billion Worldwide, Study Claims – CIO (06.09.2014)

Second Chinese Army Unit Linked to Corporate Cyber-Espionage – CIO (06.09.2014)

What Can Federal Agencies Do to Combat Cyber Crime? – Federal Times (06.09.2014)

Rig Exploit Kit Pushing Cryptowall Ransonware – Threat Post (06.09.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Number of Structurally Deficient Bridges in U.S. Declines – HS News Wire (06.16.2014)

Towns in Northeast U.S. Develop Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change – HS News Wire (06.15.2014)

WA Governor Orders State Agencies to Review Risks from Oil Trains – Emergency Management (06.13.2014)

‘Suspicious Device’ Explodes at Nogales Power Plant – AZ Central (06.12.2014)

Improved Terahertz Technology to Benefit Passenger Screening, Food Inspection – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

Smart Infrastructure Sensors Are Powered by the Pavement, Bridges They Monitor – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

FBI Cracking Down on Aircraft Laser Strikes – TWC News (06.12.2014)

GAO: IT Security at U.S. Ports Weak – HS News Wire (06.11.2014)

Virginia Signs CSX Non-Disclosure Agreement Regarding Oil Transportation – WSET ABC13 (06.10.2014)

Connecting Dead Ends Increases Power Grid Stability – HS News Wire (06.10.2014)

How Dangerous Are America’s Aging Gas Lines? – Al Jazeera America (06.10.2014)

U.S. Agencies Cite Progress to Prevent Repeats of West, TX Blast – Emergency Management (06.09.2014)

Under Scrutiny, States Trim List of Bad Bridges – Emergency Management (06.09.2014)



‘Foreign Legion’ in Iraq and Syria May Bring Jihad to West – National HS Association (06.16.2014)

World Cup Security Teams Focus More on Crime, Protests; Less on Terrorism – HS News Wire (06.15.2014)

Administration’s $5 Billion Counterterrorism Fund Met with Questions, Uncertainty – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

Digital Birth Card to Help Kenya Fight Terrorist Infiltration – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

Bioterrorism as a Voter Fraud Mechanism – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

Defense in Terror Case Challenges Exclusion from Court Session – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

War of Words: U.S. Fights Islamic Extremists on Social Media – Emergency Management (06.11.2014)

N.Y. Terrorist Likely Lone Wolf – HS News Wire (06.10.2014)

White House Calls Notion of ‘Ad Hoc’ Counterterror Program ‘Absolutely False’ – Defense News (06.09.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Close Air Support Technology Helps in Fire Suppression – HS News Wire (06.16.2014)

Free App Alerts CPR-Trained Individuals to a Heart Attack in Their Immediate Area – HS News Wire (06.16.2014)

Urban Man-Made Drainage May Increase Risk of Flooding – HS News Wire (06.15.2014)

Curtis Brown Named Chief Deputy State Coordinator for VDEM – Virginia Governor’s Office (06.13.2014)

92% of Americans Have Survived a Natural Disaster, but Many May Not be Prepared – GSN (06.11.2014)

Storm Evader Weather App Removes the Mystery around Forecasting – Emergency Management (06.11.2014)

Making Smartphones Work for Us during Disasters – GCN (06.10.2014)

FEMA Chooses Chairman of National Youth Preparedness Council – HS Today (06.10.2014)

White House Announces New Approach to Deal with Wildfires and Drought – GSN (06.10.2014)

The Future of Hurricanes is a $10 Trillion Question – Emergency Management (06.09.2014)


Public Health

Risk Assessment Mission to Determine MERS Threat – HS Today (06.13.2014)

State Confirms First Case of Chikungunya in TN – WSMV NBC4 (06.13.2014)

Avian Flu Viruses Have All the Ingredients Necessary for 1918 Flu-Like Virus – HS News Wire (06.12.2014)

Advancing Microbial Forensics to Respond to Global Biological Outbreaks – HS News Wire (06.11.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Intergraph I/CAD Update Puts Agencies on Path to Next-Gen 911 – GCN (06.11.2014)

Locations Inexact for 911 Cellphone Calls Made from Indoors – Emergency Management (06.09.2014)

First Response Won’t Use FirstNet – Government Technology (06.06.2014)



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