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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

06.30 – 07.07.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

June 30, 2014 – July 7, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for July 7-11, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (07.07.2014)

Testimony: ‘Crisis on the Texas Border: Surge of Unaccompanied Minors’ – DHS (07.03.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Top Priorities: Addressing Terrorism, Cyberthreats, and Extreme Weather Events – HSN Wire (07.02.2014)

Statement by Secretary Johnson on Enhanced Security Measure at Overseas U.S. Airports – DHS (07.02.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Efforts to Discourage Unaccompanied Minors from Entering U.S. have So Far Failed – HS News Wire (07.07.2014)

Immigration Agents Accused of Database Abuse; Cartels Make Corruption Easy – HS Today (07.07.2014)

DHS Secretary Gives No Clear Answers on Deportation of Illegal Immigrant Children – Fox News (07.06.2014)

Immigration Protest: Murrieta Latest Flashpoint in Debate – Fox News (07.04.2014)

DHS Launches Enhanced Website for Schools, International Students – Government Security News (07.03.2014)

CBP Union Official Says Influx of Migrants Threatens Agents’ Health, National Security – HS Today (07.03.2014)

Dead Migrant Boy’s Mom Begged Him Not to Make Trek – Associated Press (07.02.2014)

McCaul Statement on Administration’s Request Regarding Crisis on the Border – U.S. House of Reps (06.30.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Supreme Court Cites NIST Guidelines in Ruling on Cell Phone Searches – HS News Wire (07.07.2014)

License Plate Readers Still to Reach Their Full Potential – HS News Wire (07.07.2014)

U.S. Moves toward Opening Skies for Commercial Drones – Daily Press (07.07.2014)

NSA Surveillance Collects Data on Dar More Ordinary Online Users than Actual Targets – Fox News (07.05.2014)

Critics: NSA Shelved Collection Program Which Could Have Prevented 9/11 Attacks – HS News Wire (07.03.2014)

Report: Current White House Drone Policy a ‘Slippery Slope’ – HS News Wire (07.03.2014)

Leaked Documents Reveal Law Enforcement Hacking Methods – HS News Wire (07.02.2014)

New NSA Chief Calls Damage from Snowden Leaks Manageable – HS Today (06.30.2014)



Debate over Cyberthreats Data Sharing Bill Intensifies – HS News Wire (07.07.2014)

Stakes Rise as Malware Matures – GCN (07.07.2014)

Blue Shield Discloses 18,000 Doctors’ Social Security Numbers – CIO (07.07.2014)

Android Bug Lets Apps Make Rogue Phone Calls – CIO (07.07.2014)

Exclusive: Anonymous Says It Will Attack Countries Supporting ISIS – HS Today (07.04.2014)

911 Cybersecurity: Whose Job Is It? – Urgent Communications (07.03.2014)

Privacy Advocates Worried about New Senate Cybersecurity Bill – HS News Wire (07.01.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Iowa to Allow Public Release of Information about Trains Carrying Crude – HS News Wire (07.07.2014)

U.S. Increases Security at Foreign Airports, with Focus on Cellphone, Other Electronics – Fox News (07.07.2014)

There Has Been a 70% Rise in Civilian Casualties from IEDs Worldwide since 2011 – HS News Wire (07.03.2014)

What You Can Learn from Seattle’s Approach to Building Resiliency – Emergency Management (07.02.2014)

Hackers Find Open Back Door to Power Grid with Renewables – Bloomberg (07.02.2014)

L.A. to Hire a Chief Resilience Officer – Emergency Management (07.01.2014)

Heavier Oil Train Traffic in Western U.S. Causes Safety Worries – HS News Wire (07.01.2014)

DHS Raises Alarms over Malware Targeting Power Operations – Next Gov (07.01.2014)

Russian Hackers Threaten Power Companies, Researchers Say – Bloomberg (07.01.2014)

New Report Details Consequences of RDD Attack Using Cobalt 60 – HS Today (07.01.2014)

Supercomputer Tackles Grid Challenges – Science Daily (07.01.2014)

McAuliffe Reinstates Climate Change Panel – Roanoke Times (07.01.2014)



Fears of Bombs Implanted in Terrorists’ Flesh Lead to Higher Security at Euro Airports – Daily News (07.04.2014)

Movie Theater Bottle Bomb Suspect Indicted – WUSA CBS9 (07.01.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

States Choose Different Paths to Deploying Public Alert Systems – HS News Wire (07.07.2014)

First Aid Works for Mental Health, Too – Daily Press (07.07.2014)

Language Barriers Complicating Emergency Response in Iowa – EMS World (07.06.2014)

North Anna Power Station Exercise Tests Security Procedures – VDEM (07.03.2014)

Online Hurricane Evacuation Tool Helps with Decision-Making – Emergency Management (07.03.2014)

Lessons Learned from the Response to the Oso, Washington Mudslide – Emergency Management (07.03.2014)

Are Drones the Future of Firefighting? – Emergency Management (07.01.2014)

GPS Location Program for Arkansas Storm Shelters Under Way – Emergency Management (06.30.2014)


Public Health

CDC Says Anthrax Infection ‘Highly Unlikely’, but Reassigns Bioterror Chief – HS News Wire (07.07.2014)

Controversial U.S. Scientist Creates Deadly New Flu Strain for Pandemic Research – HS Today (07.02.2014)

CyberRX Preps Health Care Community for Cyberattack – GCN (07.01.2014)

States’ Apps Target Public Safety and Health – Emergency Management (06.30.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

S.C. County Concerned with 911 Texting Costs – EMS World (07.04.2014)

How Michigan Set the Pace for State Public Safety Networking – GCN (07.03.2014)



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