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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

07.07 – 14.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

July 7, 2014 – July 14, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for July 14-18, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (07.14.2014)

Testimony of Sec. Johnson: ‘Review of the President’s Emergency Supplemental Request’ – DHS (07.10.2014)

Testimony: ‘Challenges at the Border: Examining the Causes, Consequences and Responses…’ – DHS (07.09.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

The TSA’s Instagram Feed is Terrifying and Totally Awesome – Wired (07.09.2014)

House Passes Homeland Security Legislation on Chemical Facility, More – U.S. House of Reps (07.08.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Governors Wary of White House Plan to Place Immigrant Children within States – Fox News (07.14.2014)

High-Tech Industry-Backed Immigration Reform Advocacy Group Mulls Strategy – HS News Wire (07.14.2014)

Readout of Secretary Johnson’s Visit to New Mexico and Texas – DHS (07.12.2014)

U.S. Birder Effort Sputters as Migrants Cross Again – Officer.com (07.11.2014)

Homeland Chief Will Make Case for Obama’s $3.7 Billion Border Request – Time (07.10.2014)

Appeals Court Blocks Arizona’s Order Denying Driver’s Licenses to ‘Dreamers’ – HS News Wire (07.10.2014)

Return of the Fence: Immigration Crisis Spurs Renewed Calls for Border Barrier – Fox News (07.09.2014)

Obama Wants Drones to be Part of Border Migration Solution – Next Gov (07.08.2014)

LAPD to No Longer Comply with Feds on Immigration Hold Requests – HS Today (07.08.2014)

U.N. Urges U.S. to Designate Immigrants as Refugees – HS Today (07.08.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

NSA, FBI Monitored E-Mails of Prominent Muslim American Leaders, Attorneys – HS News Wire (07.10.2014)

Opinion: The NSA and You; Spying on Innocents – Fox News (07.10.2014)

NSA Defends Collecting Data from U.S. Residents Not Suspected of Terrorist Activities – CIO (07.07.2014)



Details Emerge of Boeing Hack – Gov Info Security (07.13.2014)

Chinese Man Charged with Hacking into U.S. Computers – Fox News (07.12.2014)

Apple Quickly Counters China Claim of iPhone Spying – CIO (07.12.2014)

There’s Still a Security Disconnect on BYOD – CIO (07.11.2014)

The Biggest Data Breaches of 2014 (So Far) – CIO (07.11.2014)

The Gameover Trojan Program Is Back, with Some Modifications – CIO (07.11.2014)

Here’s Why You May Never be Truly Anonymous in a Big Data World – Next Gov (07.11.2014)

Chinese Government Hackers Collected Info on U.S. Security Clearance Applicants – HS News Wire (07.11.2014)

Should Feds Have Been Told About the OPM Hack? – Next Gov (07.11.2014)

Critical Infrastructure Firms Lag Behind in Cyber-Attack Defenses – eWeek.com (07.10.2014)

Bill to Legalize Cellphone Unlocking Advances in the Senate – Next Gov (07.10.2014)

97 Percent of Key Industries Doubt Security Compliance Can Defy Hackers – Next Gov (07.10.2014)

Gmail Users on iOS at Risk of Data Interception – CIO (07.10.2014)

Malware Hidden in Chinese Inventory Scanners Targeted Logistics, Shipping Firms – CIO (07.10.2014)

International Law Enforcement Operation Disrupts Shylock Banking Malware – CIO (07.10.2014)

High Stakes Cyber-Ransom Likely to Become the New Norm with Mobile Devices – HS Today (07.10.2014)

6 Ways to Build In Security – GCN (07.10.2014)

Follow Malware’s Tracks to Thwart Cyber Attacks – GCN (07.09.2014)

Android Data Wipe Leaves Personal Data – Information Week (07.09.2014)

Vulnerability in AVG Security Toolbar Puts IE Users at Risk – CIO (07.09.2014)

Botnet Brute-Forces Remote Access to Point-of-Sale Systems – CIO (07.09.2014)

U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Approves Cybersecurity Bill – CIO (07.08.2014)

Chinese Hackers Switched Targets to U.S. Experts on Iraq – CIO (07.08.2014)

Rhode Island State Police Enlist Drive-Sniffing Dogs – GCN (07.08.2014)

Password Protected: States Pass Anti-Snooping Laws – The PEW Charitable Trusts (07.08.2014)

E-Z Pass Spam Leads to Location Aware Malware – G.A. Warner Cyber Crime Blog (07.08.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

New Materials, Designs Needed to Fortify Infrastructure against Extreme Weather – HS News Wire (07.14.2014)

200 Evacuated in New Jersey Train Derailment – Richmond Times Dispatch (07.13.2014)

Attacks on CIKR: Survey Shows Staggering Gap between Concern and Preparedness – HS Today (07.11.2014)

Silicon Valley Braces for Floods, Storm Surges Caused by Sea Level Rise – HS News Wire (07.11.2014)

Earthquake Researchers get Online Primer for Simulation Method – HS News Wire (07.11.2014)

Cops on Campus: A Security ‘No-Brainer’ – Emergency Management (07.11.2014)

Mesh Networks Keep Residents Connected During Power Outages – Emergency Management (07.10.2014)

Study: Design Standards for Dams are Effective for Earthquakes – HS News Wire (07.10.2014)

Assessing the Damage of Runaway Barges at the Illinois River Lock and Dam – HS News Wire (07.10.2014)

Exclusive: Coastal Flooding Has Surged in U.S., Reuters Finds – Reuters (07.10.2014)

TSA Misses Loaded Gun, Knife on Passengers Boarding Separate London-Bound Flights – Fox News (07.10.2014)

Seattle Builds Resiliency in the Face of Changing Climate – HS News Wire (07.09.2014)

Los Alamos Lab Admits Mishandling Toxic Waste, Causing Repository Radiation Leak – HSN Wire (07.09.2014)

Are Schools Focusing Too Much on the Active Shooter Scenario? – Emergency Management (07.09.2014)

Sensors, Wireless Tech Help States Monitor Troubled Bridges – Emergency Management (07.09.2014)

Prepare Infrastructure for Climate Change, says Engineering Professor – Emergency Management (07.08.2014)

Securing the Smart Energy Grid is a National Concern – Emergency Management (07.07.2014)

U.S. Opens Travel Biometrics Technology Testing Center – BiometricUpdate.com (07.07.2014)



Holder Calls on Europeans to Adopt U.S. Counterterrorism Methods – HS News Wire (07.14.2014)

Federal Backstop for Terrorism Insurance Set to Expire – Emergency Management (07.11.2014)

State Department Downplays Extremist Seizure of Law-Grade Uranium in Iraq – Next Gov (07.11.2014)

NYPD: Terrorists Looking at Drone Attacks – NTARC (07.09.2014)

Islamist Plot to Blow-Up Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Nuclear Power Plant Foiled – The Telegraph (07.09.2014)

Understanding, and Predicting, Boko Haram Tactics – HS news Wire (07.08.2014)

Abandoned Al Qaeda Notebook Features Blueprint for Creating Islamic State – NY Daily News (07.08.2014)

ISIS-Linked Blog: Bitcoin Can Fund Terrorist Movements Worldwide – Coin Desk (07.07.2014)

Border Crisis Could Provide Cover to ISIS Operatives, Say Experts – Fox News (07.07.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Take These Steps to Prepare for Hurricane Season – Virginia Department of Emergency Management (07.14.2014)

Test of VA’s Preparedness for Emergency at North Anna Power Rated Successful – Daily Progress (07.11.2014)

Indiana’s Homeland Security Director Sees Unmanned Systems’ Potential – Emergency Management (07.11.2014)

Map Predicting Sinkhole-Prone Areas Closer to Reality – Emergency Management (07.10.2014)

DHS Is Prepared to Spend Big on Wearable Radiation Detectors – Next Gov (07.10.2014)

Wildfire Risk Assessment Website Now Available for Public Use – Virginia Department of Forestry (07.09.2014)

Microgrids Offer Cities Resiliency, Reliability, Accessibility – HS News Wire (07.09.2014)

Firefighters Mull Using Drones in Fighting Wildfires – HS News Wire (07.08.2014)

Language Barrier Complicates Emergency Response Scenarios – Emergency Management (07.07.2014)

Online Map Shows Wildfire Risk in Florida – Emergency Management (07.07.2014)

Squids Offer Possible Defense against Chemical Weapons – HS Today (07.07.2014)


Public Health

Following Accidents, CDC Shuts-Down Anthrax, Flu Labs – HS News Wire (07.14.2014)

Emergency Readiness of Healthcare Providers – HS News Wire (07.14.2014)

Disease Detection Project Tested at Brazil’s World Cup – GCN (07.14.2014)

CDC Improperly Sent Dangerous Pathogens in Five Incidents in Past Decade – Washington Post (07.11.2014)

Disagreement over Use of Experimental Drugs in Effort to Contain Ebola Outbreak – HS News Wire (07.11.2014)

NIH Employees Not Notified of Smallpox Virus Vials Found at NIH MD Campus – HS News Wire (07.11.2014)

New Vaccine Shows Progress vs. Dengue – EMS World (07.11.2014)

Convergence of Chemistry and Biology Raises Concerns about Designer Toxins – HS News Wire (07.08.2014)

IBM Harvests Supermarket Data to Spot, Predict Food-Borne Illnesses – GCN (07.08.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

DHS Interoperable Communications Act Aims to Achieve Interoperable Communications – HS Today (07.09.2014)

DC 911 Callers in Crisis after Power Outages – WUSA CBS9 (07.09.2014)



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