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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

07.14 – 21.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

July 14, 2014 – July 21, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for July 21-25, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (07.21.2014)

Testimony: ‘Port of Entry Infrastructure: How Does the Fed Gov’t Prioritize Investments?’ – DHS (07.16.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Statement by Secretary Johnson Urging Quick Action on Presidential Appointments – DHS (07.18.2014)

DHS Urged to Investigate Use of DHS Grants for Motorola Emergency Comm. Devices – HSN Wire (07.18.2014)

Attention, Passengers: $15,000 Prize for Whoever Can Speed TSA Screening – Next Gov (07.18.2014)

Five House Homeland Security Top Policy Staffers Fired – HS News Wire (07.17.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

NYC Forms a Task Force to Coordinate Accommodation for Migrant Children – HS News Wire (07.21.2014)

White House Reportedly Dismissed Border Crisis as ‘Local Problem’ in 2013 – Fox News (07.20.2014)

DHS IG: Manual Processing Faster than Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) – HS News Wire (07.17.2014)

No Extra Funding for Increased Pentagon Presence on Southern Border – HS News Wire (07.16.2014)

Prince William Co. Officials: We Weren’t Informed Child Immigrants Were Coming – WJLA ABC7 (07.15.2014)

U.S. Jails Struggle with Role as Makeshift Asylums – The State Journal (07.14.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

U.S. Court Says Warrant for Access to All Content of Email Account is Justified – CIO (07.20.2014)

People in Leadership Positions More Willing to Sacrifice Privacy for Security – HS News Wire (07.17.2014)

Using Drones in Law Enforcement Work – HS News Wire (07.15.2014)



How Cyber Scary Is It Outside Today? – Next Gov (07.21.2014)

Home Router Security to Be Tested in Upcoming Hacking Contest – CIO (07.18.2014)

Facebook Users Still an Irresistible Target for Phishing Attackers, Says Kaspersky – CIO (07.18.2014)

Romanian Gang Used Malware to Defraud International Money Transfer Firms – CIO (07.18.2014)

U.S. Intelligence Community to Begin Using Amazon-Developed Cloud Service – HS News Wire (07.18.2014)

GAO: Weaknesses Remain in FDIC’s Information Security – Next Gov (07.18.2014)

NIST’s Future without the NSA – GCN (07.18.2014)

National Guard, Feds Double Down for Foreign Hack against U.S. – Next Gov (07.17.2014)

Aloha Point-of-Sale Terminal, Sold on eBay, Yields Security Surprises – CIO (07.17.2014)

Systems Engineer Arrested in Massive Data Leak in Japan – CIO (07.17.2014)

Data Breach Epidemic Shines Spotlight on Shared Secrets – GCN (07.17.2014)

Demand for Cyberattack Insurance Grows, but Challenges Remain – HS News Wire (07.16.2014)

Senate Hearing Calls for Changes to Cybercrime Law – Information Week (07.16.2014)

IT Disruptions 3 Times More Likely at Agencies with Complex Networks – Next Gov (07.16.2014)

Why a Detection-Centric Approach to Cybersecurity is the Wrong Path for Federal – Next Gov (07.16.2014)

Even Small Government Agencies are Targets for Chinese Hackers – Politico (07.16.2014)

There’s Almost a Million Fake Apps Targeting Your Phone – CIO (07.16.2014)

We Can’t Just Blame Users – CIO (07.16.2014)

Developing a Smart Approach to SMAC Security – CIO (07.16.2014)

Leaked Documents Reveal Online Manipulation, Facebook, YouTube Snooping – HS Today (07.16.2014)

Hackers Use Keyloggers, Email to Steal Data in ‘Nighthunter’ Attacks – HS Today (07.16.2014)

Overreliance on the NSA Led to Weak Crypto Standard, NIST Advisers Find – CIO (07.15.2014)

Google Sets Up Cybercrime-Busting Task Force – CIO (07.15.2014)

Feds Declare Big Win over Cryptolocker Ransonware – CIO (07.15.2014)

Reddit, Privacy Groups Call on Obama to Reject Cybersecurity Bill – Tech Crunch (07.15.2014)

Cybersecurity is a Top Priority for Governors – HS Today (07.15.2014)

Unclear Whether OPM Hackers Accessed Feds’ Names – Next Gov (07.15.2014)

New Banking Malware ‘Kronos’ Advertised on Underground Forums – CIO (07.14.2014)

Chinese Businessman used Tech Firm to Hack U.S. Aircraft Programs, U.S. Alleges – CIO (07.14.2014)

Scott Air Force Base Poised for Military Cybersecurity Boom – Government Technology (07.14.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

FBI: Driverless Cars Could Be Used as Bombs-on-Wheels – HS News Wire (07.21.2014)

70ft Long Concrete Bridge Survives Series of Simulated Earthquakes – HS News Wire (07.21.2014)

Japan Exceedingly Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise – HS News Wire (07.17.2014)

Stop Talking and Act on Rail Safety – News and Advance (07.16.2014)

Gang Vows to Kill More New Jersey Officers – Officer.com (07.16.2014)

Tennessee Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Extort a Nuclear Contractor – HS News Wire (07.16.2014)

Mapping Florida Sinkholes – HS News Wire (07.15.2014)

Cyber Threats put Energy Sector on Red Alert – The Hill (07.15.2014)

Train Derails in Wytheville – SW VA Today (07.14.2014)

Department of Energy Loads 240 Graphs and Maps onto Flickr – Cnet.com (07.14.2014)



Jihad Magazine Lists U.S. Tennis Open as Terrorist Target – HS Today (07.19.2014)

Canadian ‘Sha’hid’ Used by ISIS in Jihadi Recruitment Video – HS News Wire (07.18.2014)

Why Hundreds of Westerners are Taking-Up Arms in Global Jihad – HS News Wire (07.16.2014)

Holder: ‘Homegrown Violent Extremists…Keep Me Up at Night’ – HS Today (07.14.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

The 2014-2018 FEMA Strategic Plan – Federal Emergency Management Agency (07.21.2014)

How Affordable is the U.S. National Flood Insurance Program? – HS News Wire (07.21.2014)

Volunteers: The Often Overlooked Backbone of Disaster Recovery – FEMA (07.20.2014)

VDOT Still Plans to Use Lane-Reversal Evacuation Strategy in Hampton Roads for Now – Daily Press (07.19.2014)

Nearly Every State is at Risk of a Damaging Earthquake, Report Says – Emergency Management (07.18.2014)

A Drone Finds Natural Disaster Survivors through Their Cell Phones – HS News Wire (07.17.2014)

Obama Wants Localities to Prepared for Climate Change – Emergency Management (07.17.2014)

Forest Service Wants App to Map Firefighter Safety Zones – GCN (07.17.2014)

Mobile App Leverages GPS to Provide Safety On-the-Go – GCN (07.16.2014)

Groups Prepare Weather Radios for Low-Income Families – Emergency Management (07.16.2014)

West Coast Earthquake-Warning System Receives a Boost in Congress – Emergency Management (07.16.2014)

There Are No Victims Here: Creating an Empowered Survivor Culture – Emergency Management (07.15.2014)

Climate Scientists: Texas Is Missing an Opportunity – Emergency Management (07.15.2014)

California Braces for Worst Wildfire Season in Memory – HS News Wire (07.15.2014)

Red Cross Program Helps Chattanooga Children Be Prepared for Emergencies – Times Free Press (07.15.2014)

Disaster Preparedness Training Increases Coordination in Ohio – Emergency Management (07.14.2014)


Public Health

Concerns Grow about CDC’s Tracking, Securing Dangerous Pathogens – HS News Wire (07.21.2014)

Head of Biosecurity Panel: Board Is Stalling as a Result of Slow Fed Policy Work – HS News Wire (07.18.2014)

New Assay Spots Fake Malaria Drugs, Could Save Thousands of Lives – HS News Wire (07.17.2014)

Feds Struggling to Cope with Medical ‘Breakdown’ at the Border – HS Today (07.17.2014)

300 Vials Labeled Influenza, Dengue Found at Lab – Fox News (07.17.2014)

The Pattern in CDC’s Mishandling of Anthrax, Bird Flu and Botulism – Next Gov (07.16.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Orange County Program Provides 911 Operators with Enhanced Emergency Data – Daily Progress (07.21.2014)

New Data Shows 9 out of 10 Calls to 911 in D.C. Do Not Give Accurate Location Info – WJLA ABC7 (07.16.2014)

NIST Advisory Group Releases Report on Cryptography Expertise and Standards Process – HS Today (07.14.2014)

Millions in Federal Emergency Communications Funding Lost, Diverted – Charlotte Observer (07.14.2014)



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