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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

07.21 – 28.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

July 21, 2014 – July 28, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Testimony: ‘Strengthening Trade Enforcement to Protect American Enterprise…’ – DHS (07.16.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Announces Grant Allocation for FY 2014 Preparedness Grants – DHS (07.25.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

S. Mulls Ways to Handle Complex Child Immigration Issue – HS News Wire (07.28.2014)

Virtual Border Fence Project Halted after Raytheon Protest – Next Gov (07.25.2014)

To Stem Flow of Minors, U.S. Goes After Human Traffickers’ Finances – HS News Wire (07.24.2014)

Effectiveness of Texas National Guard Border Troop Surge Questioned – HS News Wire (07.24.2014)

House Passes Human Trafficking Detection Act – U.S. House of Representatives (07.23.2014)

Wave of Illegal Children Immigrants Shifts Debate on Use of Executive Powers – HS News Wire (07.23.2014)

Secretary Johnson Announces 192 Criminal Arrests in Ongoing ICE Operation – DHS (07.22.2014)

Where is the Obama Administration Housing the Immigrant Kids? – Washington Post (07.22.2014)

Obama Request for Border Crisis Funding Seems Headed for Stalemate – Fox News (07.22.2014)

Border Patrol: ‘This is the Dream of Every Terrorist in the World’ – Fox News (07.22.2014)

S. and Canada Announce Beyond the Border Deliverables – Government Security News (07.22.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Surveillance is Hampering Journalists, Report Finds – Fox News (07.28.2014)

Dutch Spy Agencies can Receive NSA Data, Court Rules – CIO (07.23.2014)

AirMagnet Wi-Fi Security Tool Takes Aim at Drones – CIO (07.21.2014)



DDoS Attacks Are Leveraging the Cloud – GCN (07.28.2014)

The CIA Fears the Internet of Things – Next Gov (07.28.2014)

Hacker Breached NOAA Satellite Data from Contractor’s PC – Next Gov (07.28.2014)

Is Your Network Blind to Video Traffic? – CIO (07.28.2014)

Attackers Install DDoS Bots on Amazon Cloud, Exploiting Elasticsearch Weakness – CIO (07.28.2014)

NSA Director: Cyber Attacks Need International Norms – Aspen Daily News (07.27.2014)

Until the Tails Privacy Tool is Patched, Here’s How to Stay Safe – CIO (07.27.2014)

Hackers Probe Dominion Power Staff, Bankroll Pickpockets’ Airfare, and Raid a Charity – Next Gov (07.25.2014)

Security Automation: Are Humans Still Relevant? – GCN (07.25.2014)

11 Signs You’ve Been Hacked, and How to Fight Back – CIO (07.25.2014)

Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities Surge to Record Levels in 2014, NVD Figures Reveal – CIO (07.25.2014)

Phone Unlocking Bill Clears U.S. House, Next Step is President’s Signature – CIO (07.25.2014)

Russian Government Offers Money for Identifying Tor Users – CIO (07.25.2014)

10 New Social Media Scam to Watch Out For – CIO (07.25.2014)

Unprepared Businesses Learn Cybersecurity Lessons the Hard Way – HS Today (07.24.2014)

IRS Employee Charged in ID Theft Scheme – Gov Info Security (07.24.2014)

Hackers Steal User Data from the European Central Bank Website, Ask for Money – CIO (07.24.2014)

eBay Faces Class Action Suit Over Data Breach – CIO (07.24.2014)

S. Social Security Administration Spent Nearly $300M on IT Project ‘Boondoggle’ – CIO (07.24.2014)

State Department Computer Crash Slows Visa, Passport Applications Worldwide – CIO (07.24.2014)

Wearables Will Make First Breakthrough in Enterprise, Panelists Say – CIO (07.24.2014)

9/11 Commission’s New Cyberthreat Focus – Gov Info Security (07.23.2014)

Summer Travel Cyber Security Tips for Government Employees – Information Week (07.23.2014)

Arrests Made after International Cyber-Ring Targets StubHub – CIO (07.23.2014)

File-Encrypting Android Ransonware ‘Simplocker’ Targets English-Speaking Users – CIO (07.23.2014)

If It’s Connected, It’s Vulnerable: Know the Risks – GCN (07.23.2014)

Russian Cyberweapons Cross-Pollinating Commercial Malware, Analysis Claims – CIO (07.22.2014)

iPhones Have a Major Security Hole that Apple Installed on Purpose – Next Gov (07.22.2014)

Goodwill Industries Investigates Suspected Payment Card Breach – CIO (07.21.2014)

Black Hat Presentation on TOR Suddenly Cancelled – CIO (07.21.2014)

Stealthy Web Tracking Tools Pose Increasing Privacy Risk to Users – CIO (07.21.2014)

Open Wireless Router Firmware Aims for Better Router Security, Network Performance – CIO (07.21.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

National Vision Needed to Achieve Comprehensive Risk Reduction Coasts – HS News Wire (07.28.2014)

Using Natural, Engineering Solutions to Help U.K. Address Extreme Weather Events – HS News Wire (07.28.2014)

S. Nuclear Plant Licensees Should Seek, Act on Nuclear Plant Hazards Info – HS News Wire (07.28.2014)

Renewed Interest in Defending Civilian Airlines Raised by MH17, Israel Flight Ban – HS News Wire (07.28.2014)

Railroad Sues Maryland to Keep Crude Oil Shipment Routes Secret – Investing.com (07.25.2014)

The Smart Grid Offers Convenience, but It Also Makes Cyberattacks More Likely – HS News Wire (07.25.2014)

S. Urged to Prepare Better for Catastrophic Nuclear Accidents – Emergency Management (07.25.2014)

Extensive Corrosion Found at Chemical Tanks of WV Site which Contaminated Region – HSN Wire (07.24.2014)

New Rules Proposed for Railroad High-Hazard Oil Shipments – Emergency Management (07.24.2014)

S. DOT Announcement Regarding Proposed Rulemaking for Crude Oil Transportation – USDOT (07.23.2014)

Modern Electric Grid Fights Cyber Vulnerabilities – Emergency Management (07.23.2014)

Japan Testing Underground Nuclear Waste Storage Depot, Despite Local Concerns – HS News Wire (07.23.2014)

Fire Shuts Down Nuclear Repository; Operator Still Recognized for ‘Excellent’ Performance – HSNW (07.23.2014)

Barksdale AFB to be Upgraded So It Could Store Nuclear Weapons on Site – HS News Wire (07.23.2014)

Public-Private Action on Resilience Is Needed, Now – Emergency Management (07.22.2014)

Turning Innovative Ideas into Infrastructure that Powers the Nation – Emergency Management (07.21.2014)



More Westerners Join ISIS Following the Group’s Successes in Iraq – HS News Wire (07.28.2014)

American Citizen Pleads Guilty to Terror Charges – HS Today (07.24.2014)

9/11 Commission: U.S. Faces New and Dangerous Terrorist Threat – HS News Wire (07.24.2014)

Marines Prepare for Terror Attacks at ‘Disaster Disneyland’ – CBS News (07.23.2014)

Azamat Tazhayakov, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Friend, Guilty of Conspiracy Charges – HS News Wire (07.22.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

GIS a Crucial Tool for Localities – Richmond Times Dispatch (07.28.2014)

California Officials Want to Build a ‘Total Disaster City’ for Training – Emergency Management (07.25.2014)

In an Emergency, Tell Them by Text – EMS World (07.25.2014)

CSX Officials Meet with Emergency Managers after Lynchburg Train Derailment – WDBJ CBS7 (07.24.2014)

Save the Date for ‘Great SouthEast ShakeOut’ – Virginia Department of Emergency Management (07.24.2014)

Tiny Laser Sensor Increases Bomb Detection Sensitivity – HS News Wire (07.23.2014)

New USGS Maps Predict Earthquake Hazards – HS Today (07.23.2014)

Fighting Va. Flooding Linked to Rising Seas Will be Complicated, Costly – Times Dispatch (07.22.2014)

First Federal Funds for West Coast Earthquake Warning System – HS News Wire (07.22.2014)

Updating Information about U.S. Regional Earthquake Hazards – HS News Wire (07.22.2014)

Tech Meets Nature: Remote System Monitors Wildfires – Emergency Management (07.21.2014)

Alaska Aims to Store Emergency Food Supply for 40,000 People – Emergency Management (07.21.2014)


Public Health

Lawmaker Says CDC Made False Lab Safety Pledges – HS News Wire (07.23.2014)

MERS Virus May Be Able to Spread Through the Air – Popular Science (07.22.2014)

Chinese Authorities Seal-Off City after Bubonic Plague Death Last Week – HS News Wire (07.22.2014)

Number of Labs Handling Deadly Germs Grows, As Do Calls for Regulating Lab Safety – HSN Wire (07.22.2014)

Sewage Treatment Contributes to Antibiotic Resistance – HS News Wire (07.22.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Plans for Nationwide 911 Dispatch Centers Advance – HS News Wire (07.25.2014)

LTE Network for U.S. Public Safety Taking It One Step at a Time – CIO (07.25.2014)

ID.me Trust Framework Extends Military ID Authentication – GCN (07.25.2014)

Agencies Still Plugging Gaps in Smart Card Security – Next Gov (07.25.2014)

Qualcomm: Interoperability, Community Keys to Wearable Technology Success – CIO (07.24.2014)

Firms Test Movable 4G Net for Public Safety – GCN (07.23.2014)

Governments Are Struggling to Get Social Media Right – Emergency Management (07.22.2014)



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