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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

07.28 – 08.04.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

July 28, 2014 – August 4, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for July 28-August 1, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (07.28.2014)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Statement by DHS Secretary on the National Cybersecurity & Critical Infrastructure Protection Act – DHS

Federal Chemical Facility Security Program in Shambles, Congressional Report Says – HS Today (08.08.2014)

DHS Needs Better Oversight and Coordination of R&D, GAO Says – HS Today (08.01.2014)

Airports Say TSA Makes Privatizing Security Screening a Challenge – HS News Wire (08.01.2014)

Alabama Did Not Share Enough DHS Funds with Local Governments – HS News Wire (07.31.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

DHS IG Finds Problems in Detention Centers for Undocumented Immigrants – HS News Wire (08.04.2014)

House Revives, Approves Border Crisis Bill, as Obama Vows to ‘Act Alone’ – Fox News (08.02.2014)

Illegal Immigrant Kids Exposed Federal Agents to Lice, Scabies, TB and Chicken Pox – Fox News (08.01.2014)

Does the Border Really Need Perry’s 1,000 National Guard? – HS News Wire (07.31.2014)

Immigration Cases Clog Immigration Courts Across the Country – HS News Wire (07.31.2014)

Suit over Citizenship Denials, Delays Caused by Alleged Security Check Targeting Muslims – Fox (07.31.2014)

Border Surveillance Towers Deployment on Hold as GAO Seeks Reevaluation – HS News Wire (07.30.2014)

Violent Transnational Gangs ‘Recruiting Unaccompanied Minors at Border’ Facilities – HS Today (07.28.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Over 11,000 Jump on European ‘Class Action’ Privacy Suit against Facebook – CIO (08.04.2014)

Microsoft Ordered to Turn Over Customer Data Stored in the Cloud – CIO (08.01.2014)

Collect It All: The NSA Surveillance Doctrine – Information Week (08.01.2014)

Here’s How the Senate Plans to End NSA Mass Surveillance – Next Gov (07.29.2014)

Twitter Reports a Rise in Government Data Requests – CIO (07.31.2014)

Senator Pushes New Version of Bill to Limit NSA Phone Records Collection – CIO (07.29.2014)

iPhone Gets First Free App for Encrypting Voice Calls – CIO (07.29.2014)



Stealthy Malware ‘Poweliks’ Resides Only in System Registry – CIO (08.04.2014)

Cisco Patches Traffic Snooping Flaw in Operating Systems Used by its Networking Gear – CIO (08.04.2014)

Mozilla Warns of Leaky Developer Network Database – CIO (08.03.2014)

Expanding the Scope and Impact of Cybersecurity and Privacy Research – HS News Wire (08.01.2014)

Next-Gen Cybersecurity Means Anticipating Threats – GCN (08.01.2014)

States Introducing Virtual Currency Regulations – Government Technology (08.01.2014)

Android Vulnerability Still a Threat to Many Devices Nearly Two Years Later – CIO (08.01.2014)

Attackers Can Easily Create Dangerous File-Encrypting Malware, New Threat Suggests – CIO (08.01.2014)

Obama Signs Cellphone Unlocking Bill – CIO (08.01.2014)

Security, Budgets Slow Mobility in Government – CIO (08.01.2014)

Attackers Exploit Remote Access Tools to Compromise Retail Systems – CIO (07.31.2014)

Most USB Thumb Drives Can Be Reprogrammed to Silently Infect Computers – CIO (07.31.2014)

Hacker Group Targets Video Game Companies to Steal Source Code – CIO (07.31.2014)

Significant Security Deficiencies Found in NOAA’s Information Systems – HS Today (07.31.2014)

Georgia Tech Develops Early Warning System for Cyberthreats – GCN (07.30.2014)

SWAMP: Improving Software Assurance Activities – HS News Wire (07.30.2014)

No Patch Yet for Zero Day in Symantec Endpoint Protection Software Driver – CIO (07.30.2014)

Internet of Things Devices Contain High Number of Vulnerabilities, Study Finds – CIO (07.30.2014)

Antivirus Products Riddled with Security Flaws, Researcher Says – CIO (07.30.2014)

Mobile Management: Making Sense of Your Options – CIO (07.30.2014)

Why White House Hasn’t Backed CISA – Gov Info Security (07.29.2014)

Canada Blames China for Cyber Intrusion at National Research Council – CIO (07.29.2014)

House Wants Agency CIOs to Vouch for Security of Their Websites – Next Gov (07.29.2014)

Cloud Botnets Used for Mining Crypto Currency – HS Today (07.29.2014)

Using Instagram on Public Wi-Fi Poses Risk of an Account Hijack, Researcher Says – CIO (07.28.2014)

Maryland Governor O’Malley Announces ‘CyberMaryland 2014’ – The Star Democrat (07.28.2014)

Study: Majority of State and Local Governments Not Prepared to Go Mobile – The Sacramento Bee (07.28.2014)

House Passes Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Attack – U.S. House (07.28.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

New Rules Proposed for Crude Oil Shipments – HS News Wire (08.04.2014)

Airports Scrambling to Find Effective Passenger Ebola Screening Methods – HS News Wire (08.04.2014)

100% Scanning of U.S.-Bound Cargo Containers Delayed until 2016 – HS News Wire (08.01.2014)

Scientists Urge Making Critical Infrastructure More Resilient to Solar Storms – HS News Wire (07.31.2014)

States Focus on Rail and Energy Pipeline Safety – Emergency Management (07.31.2014)

Annoying Minor Floods are Increasing on U.S. Coasts – WTOP 103.5FM (07.31.2014)

Terror Threats at Chemical Plants Underestimated – Homeland1.com (07.30.2014)

Smart Energy Grid to Keep Potsdam, N.Y., Powered During Emergencies – Emergency Management (07.30.2014)

Hopes for Quicker, Cheaper Ways to Build Nuclear Power Plants Dim – HS News Wire (07.30.2014)

Backscatter Body Scanner Making a Comeback – HS News Wire (07.29.2014)

House Approves Stronger Cyber Protections for Critical Infrastructure – Next Gov (07.29.2014)

Rising Cargo Thefts Prompt New Security Solutions – HS Today (07.28.2014)

New Online Tool Tracks Shoreline Shifts – Emergency Management (07.28.2014)



ISIS Claims Gains, Takes Control of Iraq’s Largest Hydroelectric Dam – CNN (08.04.2014)

Social Media Jihad: Islamic State Ramps-Up Gruesome Internet Campaign – Fox News (08.01.2014)

Increasing Hezbollah Activity in Europe Worries Security Officials – HS News Wire (08.01.2014)

DoS Endorses Senate Report that Says CIA Misled Congress on Terror Interrogations – Fox News (07.31.2014)

American Jabhat Al Nusra Suicide Bomber Warned Obama, ‘We Are Coming For You’ – HS Today (07.29.2014)

ISIS’s Appeal to Islamist Recruits Grows as AQ Seen as Stale, Tired, and Ineffectual – HS News Wire (07.29.2014)

How ‘Game of Thrones’ Will Predict the Next Bin Laden – Next Gov (07.29.2014)

Reflections on 9-11 Commission Report Address Evolving Threats – Security Management (07.29.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Coasts Can’t Rely on Feds for Hurricane Response – Emergency Management (08.01.2014)

Tornado Safe Rooms Spring Up in Unusual Spaces – Emergency Management (07.31.2014)

Public Safety Innovation Showcased by San Francisco Startup Community – Emergency Management (07.31.2014)

California Builds a Sophisticated Emergency Response Training Center – HS News Wire (07.29.2014)

White House Innovation Day Highlights Disaster Response, Recovery – Emergency Management (07.29.2014)

Appallicious Launches FEMA Disaster Dashboard – Emergency Management (07.29.2014)


Public Health

Scientists Support Research which Increases Microbes’ Virulence, Transmissibility – HS News Wire (08.04.2014)

Research Institutions Must Support Strong, Positive Safety Culture in Chemical Labs – HS News Wire (08.04.2014)

With Ebola ‘Moving Faster than Efforts to Control It.’ Could Terrorists Bring It to the U.S.? – HST (08.04.2014)

New Methods of Detecting Salmonella in Pork Meat Processing – HS News Wire (07.31.2014)

CDC Resumes Pathogen Shipments – HS News Wire (07.29.2014)

Clay Minerals May Offer an Answer to MRSA, Other Superbug Infections – HS News Wire (07.29.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

The Big Problem with Smart Cards in One Chart – Next Gov (08.01.2014)

Texting 911: The Tech Is There but Cities Aren’t Ready – Emergency Management (08.01.2014)

Data Science Helps Optimize Atlanta’s 911 Systems – Emergency Management (07.30.2014)

FirstNet Begins State Consultations – Emergency Management (07.29.2014)

(OH) County Sets-Up Next-Generation 911 Network – GCN (07.29.2014)



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