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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

08.04 – 11.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

August 4, 2014 – August 11, 2014


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

AZ Voted Against Complying with Real ID; Residents Now Face the Consequences – HS News Wire (08.08.2014)

Infographic: A Day in the Life of DHS – Next Gov (08.08.2014)

Homeland Security Spends $450,000 on ‘State of the Art’ Gym Memberships – Fox News (08.07.2014)

DHS Selects Two Universities for Maritime Research Center of Excellence – GSN (08.06.2014)

FEMA Under Fire for Excessive Costs and Mismanagement of Disaster Aid Programs – HS Today (08.06.2014)



Border Protection / Immigration

DHS Update on the Situation along the Southwest Border – DHS (08.07.2014)

Mexico Should Do More to Stem Tide of Central American Children Reaching U.S. – HS News Wire (08.06.2014)

ICE: Large Numbers of Illegal Immigrants at NM Facility Do Not Have Chicken Pox, TB – HS Today (08.06.2014)

Statement by Secretary Johnson on the Death of Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega – DHS (08.05.2014)

Border Security Concerns Linger over New Mexico National Monument Designation – HS Today (08.05.2014)

Administration Closing Shelters for Illegal Immigrants at Military Bases – Fox News (08.04.2014)



Surveillance and Intelligence

Microsoft, Google, Others Back Facebook in New York Privacy Dispute – CIO (08.08.2014)

New Leaker Disclosing U.S. Secrets, Government Concludes – CNN (08.06.2014)




SATCOMS Vulnerable to Hacking – HS News Wire (08.11.2014)

7 Ways DARPA is Trying to Kill the Password – Info World (08.11.2014)

Many Home Routers Supplied by ISPs Can Be Compromised En Masse, Researchers Say – CIO (08.10.2014)

Mobile Chips Face Lockdown to Prevent Hacks – CIO (08.10.2014)

Hacker Coalition Sets Out to Improve Critical Device Security, Challenges Car Makers – CIO (08.09.2014)

Hacker Shows How to Break Into Military Communications – Next Gov (08.08.2014)

The Internet of Things Brings Far-Reaching Security Threats – CIO (08.08.2014)

Payment Cards with Chips Aren’t Perfect, so Encrypt Everything, Experts Say – CIO (08.08.2014)

Expert: Cyber Breaches are ‘Greatest Criminal Threat of 21st Century’ – Government Technology (08.07.2014)

Crooks are Winning Cyber War, Experts Say – Government Technology (08.07.2014)

Foreigners Probably Behind Break-In at DHS Background Check Contractor – Next Gov (08.07.2014)

Infographic: Data Breach Costs; How You Get Stuck with the Tab – Next Gov (08.07.2014)

Spyware Maker Accused of Peddling to Autocrats Is Gutted by Hacker – Next Gov (08.07.2014)

Layer 1 Encryption: A Step Forward for Government Network Security – GCN (08.07.2014)

Some Mobile POS Devices Still Affected by Critical Flaws Months after Patch – CIO (08.07.2014)

Russian Credential Theft Shows Why the Password is Dead – CIO (08.07.2014)

Carriers’ Remote Control Software Continues to Put Some Mobile Devices at Risk – CIO (08.07.2014)

U.S. Federal Agencies Halt Background Checks by Contractor after Cyberattack – CIO (08.06.2014)

Network-Attached Storage Devices More Vulnerable than Routers, Researcher Finds – CIO (08.06.2014)

Researcher: Planes Can Be Hacked Via In-Flight Wi-Fi – HS Today (08.06.2014)

Training Cyber Security Specialists for U.S. Critical Cyber Infrastructure – HS News Wire (08.06.2014)

Symantec, Kaspersky Lab Antivirus Software Kicked Off Chinese Government Approved List – CIO (08.05.2014)

Researchers to Test Modular Cloud Cybersecurity – GCN (08.05.2014)

Invisible Web Infection Poses Threat to Federal Computers – Next Gov (08.05.2014)

PayPal’s Two-Factor Authentication is Easily Beaten, Researcher Says – CIO (08.04.2014)

PF Chang’s Hack Hit 33 Restaurants for 8 Months – CIO (08.04.2014)

Malwarebytes Offers Morning-After Malware Attack Solution – HS Today (08.04.2014)



Infrastructure Protection

Tool Helps Investigators Connect Bomb Fragments to Bomb Makers – HS News Wire (08.08.2014)

Norfolk Southern Trains 40 First Responders from 9 States in Crude-by-Rail Safety Class – HS Today (08.08.2014)

How Have Bridge Conditions Changed in Your State? – Emergency Management (08.07.2014)

Key U.S. Coastal Areas Bracing for Greater Seal Level Rise Challenges – HS News Wire (08.07.2014)

Alabama Schools Deploy 3-D Virtual Mapping to Prepare Responders – HS News Wire (08.07.2014)

USCG Testing Nation’s First ‘Virtual’ Aids to Navigation to Enhance Shipping Safety – GCN (08.06.2014)

U.S. to Impose Stricter Safety Rules on Crude Oil Rail Shipment – HS News Wire (08.05.2014)

Assessing Flood Risk in a Changing Climate – HS News Wire (08.05.2014)




Morocco Arrests Recruiter Involved with French Terror Network – HS News Wire (08.11.2014)

Senator Warns of Possible Attacks at Home if U.S. Doesn’t Combat Islamic Fighters Abroad – Fox (08.10.2014)

ISIS Threatens America: ‘We Will Raise the Flag of Allah in the White House’ – HS Today (08.08.2014)

Al Qaeda-Affiliates Derive Most of Funding from Ransom Paid to Free Europeans – HS News Wire (08.07.2014)

Tens of Thousands Flee as ISIS Militants Seize Iraq’s Largest Christian Town – HS News Wire (08.07.2014)

U.S. LE Agencies Perceive Sovereign Citizen Movement as Top Terrorist Threat – HS News Wire (08.06.2014)

U.S. Terrorism Database Has Doubled in Recent Years – Dallas News (08.05.2014)

ISIS Takeover of Key Infrastructure Brings New Fears for Iraq’s Future – Fox News (08.04.2014)



Emergency Preparedness

Texas Coastal Areas Still Unprepared for Disaster – HS News Wire (08.11.2014)

Laptops Connect First Responders with Data – Washington Times (08.10.2014)

Leaders, Teamwork Key to Disaster Response, Katrina Commander Says – Daily Press (08.08.2014)

Tornado Strength, Frequency Linked to Climate Change – HS News Wire (08.07.2014)

FEMA Releases 2014 National Preparedness Report – FEMA (08.06.2014)

Complicating the Task of Quantifying Earthquake Hazards in the Pacific Northwest – HS News Wire (08.06.2014)

How Ohio Enhanced Its Public Safety Services with a Reduced Budget – Emergency Management (08.05.2014)

FEMA Administrator Appoints National Advisory Council Members – FEMA (08.05.2014)

Tech Firm Creates Software Pairing Response Systems with Open Data – HS News Wire (08.05.2014)

Encouraging Innovation for Better Preparedness, Recovery, and Resilience Tools – HS News Wire (08.05.2014)

Why Toledo, Ohio’s Water Crisis is a Warning for Every State – Emergency Management (08.04.2014)

Software Predicts Serious Traffic Accidents, Aids Emergency Response – Emergency Management (08.04.2014)



Public Health

FDA Authorizes Use of Unapproved Ebola Virus Test – HS News Wire (08.11.2014)

VA: Local ER Doctor Warns, ‘Bad Outbreak’ of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease – NBC12.com (08.08.2014)

Forensic Technology Detects Drugs in Milk, Meat – HS News Wire (08.08.2014)

Mosquito Control Efforts Increased after West Nile Virus Is Discovered in Virginia Beach – WTKR (08.07.2014)

Ebola Outbreak Could Inspire African Terrorist Groups to Weaponize the Virus – HS News Wire (08.07.2014)

31 CNU Students to Be Tested After Exposure to TB – WAVY.com (08.06.2014)

New Technology Could Screen for Emerging Viral Diseases – HS News Wire (08.06.2014)



Communications & Interoperability

Philadelphia Refines Area 911 Locator Technology – HS News Wire (08.11.2014)

The Real Reason You Can’t Text 911 – Next Gov (08.08.2014)

FCC Requires Emergency Texting Services from Carriers, Texting Apps – CIO (08.08.2014)

San Francisco Gearing-Up to Replace Public Safety Radio System – Emergency Management (08.05.2014)

Deltek: FirstNet Wireless Broadband Network Moving Forward – Washington Post (08.03.2014)



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