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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

08.11 – 18.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

August 11, 2014 – August 18, 2014


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Lawmakers to Reconsider Transfer of Military Gear to Local Police – HS News Wire (08.18.2014)

DHS Info Sharing Program Starts Slowly – Gov Info Security (08.14.2014)

Congress Mulls Declaring Wildfires as Natural Disasters like Earthquakes, Hurricanes – HSN Wire (08.14.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Immigration Judge Says Changes Needed in ‘Fast-Tracking’ Immigration Cases – HS News Wire (08.14.2014)

New Device Sniffs Out Billions in U.S. Currency Smuggled Across the Border – HS News Wire (08.13.2014)


Surveillance and Intelligence

Senator Questions Airlines’ Data Privacy Practices – CIO (08.18.2014)

New Tool Reveals Which Online Personal Data is Being Used by Advertisers – HS News Wire (08.18.2014)

Snowden Reveals Automated NSA Cyberwarfare Program – CIO (08.13.2014)

Surveillance Court Judge Criticized NSA ‘Over-Collection’ of Data – HS Today (08.13.2014)

Columbus, Ohio Police Use Wealth of Selfies to Track Missing Young People – Government Tech. (08.11.2014)



About 4.5M Face Risk of ID Theft after Hospital Network Hack – CIO (08.18.2014)

Supervalu Breach Shows Why Move to Smartcards is Long Overdue – CIO (08.18.2014)

Court Ruling Could Bring Down BYOD – CIO (08.18.2014)

Energy Companies Slow to Buy Cyberdamage Insurance – HS News Wire (08.18.2014)

Winners Announced in U.S. Cyber Challenge Western Regional Competition – HS News Wire (08.18.2014)

Cybersecurity’s History Provides Lessons for the Future – Government Technology (08.15.2014)

Heartbleed Exposes Weaknesses in Hardware Design – CIO (08.15.2014)

Ancient Stuxnet Flaw Still Being Used to Attack Millions of Windows XP PCs – CIO (08.15.2014)

Financial Firms Go Beyond NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework – HS News Wire (08.15.2014)

Experts: All-Industry Cybersecurity Association Needed – HS News Wire (08.15.2014)

Program Aiming to Facilitate Cyberthreat Information Sharing is Slow to Take Off – HS News Wire (08.14.2014)

Are GIS Systems a Cybercrime Target? – Emergency Management (08.14.2014)

Ferguson’s Tiny IT Operation in the Maelstrom – CIO (08.14.2014)

New Gameover Zeus Botnet Keeps Growing, Especially in the U.S. – CIO (08.14.2014)

Kovter Blackmail Trojan Hunts for Victims as CryptoLocker Fades – CIO (08.14.2014)

Google Broadens Its Malware Sleuthing to Sniff Out Deceptive Downloads – CIO (08.14.2014)

The Biggest iPhone Security Risk Could Be Connecting One to a Computer – CIO (08.13.2014)

Tennessee Firm Blames Bank for $193K Cybertheft – CIO (08.13.2014)

USIS Breach May Open Door to Foreign Agent Recruitment – HS Today (08.13.2014)

Two Major Security Vulnerabilities found in Majority of World’s Smartphones – HS News Wire (08.13.2014)

Homeland Security SWAMP Program Takes Aim at Software Bugs – Emergency Management (08.13.2014)

Is the CyberVor Breach Real? – Government Technology (08.13.2014)

Snowden Leaks Prompt Firms to Focus Cybersecurity on Insider Threats – HS Today (08.12.2014)

Malware is Less Concerned about Virtual Machines – CIO (08.12.2014)

Fifteen New Vulnerabilities Reported During Router Hacking Contest – CIO (08.12.2014)

Cybercrime’s Evolution is Forcing the Public Sector to Adapt – Government Technology (08.12.2014)

Study Finds Firmware Plagued by Poor Encryption and Backdoors – CIO (08.11.2014)

Who Receives Hacker Threat Info from DHS? – Next Gov (08.11.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Texas Chemical Plant Disaster Highlights Dangers at Similar Sites – HS News Wire (08.18.2014)

Study: Photo-ID Security Checks Flawed – HS News Wire (08.18.2014)

Antarctica to Become Major Contributor to Sea Level Rise Faster than Thought – HS News Wire (08.18.2014)

Explosion at Eastman Chemical Research Facility; No Workers Seriously Injured – WJHL.com (08.18.2014)

Could Hacked Energy Devices Have a Cascading Impact on the Grid? – Green Tech Media (08.14.2014)

Cybersecurity among Top Energy Industry Concerns – HS Today (08.13.2014)

Scientists: Solar Super-Storm ‘Inevitable’ – HS News Wire (08.13.2014)

Cold-Formed Steel Construction Withstands Seismic Challenges Better than Expected – HSN Wire (08.13.2014)

Erosion Research Could Guide New Preservation Techniques – HS News Wire (08.12.2014)



Jihadist’s Wife Found Guilty of Financially Supporting Terrorism under Terrorism Act – HSN Wire (08.18.2014)

Court Ruling Reignites Legal, Political Debate about Releasing Gitmo Detainees – Fox News (08.17.2014)

AQAP Calls on Muslims Everywhere to Kill as Many Americans as Possible – HS Today (08.15.2014)

DHS, FBI Fear Increasing Attacks by ‘Extremist’ Domestic Anti-Government Groups – HS Today (08.15.2014)

Al Qaeda: Neglect of America Hostage will Lead to Prisoner ‘Dying a Lonely Death…’ – HS Today (08.14.2014)

Muslim Rights Group Challenges Placement of Detroit-Area Residents in Terror Database – Fox News (08.14.2014)

Lawmakers Weigh U.S. Role against Islamist Fighters – Virginia Pilot (08.11.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

FEMA Launches Spanish-Language App – FEMA (08.18.2014)

September is National Preparedness Month. What Will You Do to Get Ready? – VDEM (08.18.2014)

Virginia Man Named Commander, CEO of Civil Air Patrol – Virginia Pilot (08.16.2014)

The Heart of the Hurricane Season Is Here – Emergency Management (08.15.2014)

DHS Grant Funds Mini-Ambulance for Tennessee Department – EMS World (08.15.2014)

Canadian Government Seeks Input on Emergency Management – CBC News (08.14.2014)

Mineral Quake Anniversary Serves as Reminder to Register for Great SouthEast ShakOut – VDEM (08.14.2014)

September 5: Workshop on Measures of Disaster and Community Resilience – National Academies (08.14.2014)

Univ. of Texas Awarded FEMA Grant to Address Volunteer Firefighter Health – FEMA (08.14.2014)

Crews Still Cleaning Up after Chemical Leak in Norfolk – WTKR.com (08.13.2014)

Hurricane Charley Prompted Improvements in Emergency Management – Emergency Management (08.13.2014)

Christchurch’s SCIRT Offers a Model for Rebuilding after a Disaster – Emergency Management (08.12.2014)

Regional Emergency Response Group to Hold Training for Community Members – Daily Progress (08.12.2014)

Quarterly Siren Test for North Anna Power Station Set for August 20 – VDEM (08.12.2014)

Home Depot Faces Lawsuit over Joplin, Missouri Tornado Deaths – HS News Wire (08.12.2014)

With Wildfires Increasing, How Should We Fund Efforts to Stop Them? – Emergency Management (08.11.2014)

United Way Chief Reflects on Alabama Tornado Recovery Efforts – Emergency Management (08.11.2014)


Public Health

Three Infected Liberian Health Workers Receive Rare Ebola Serum – HS News Wire (08.18.2014)

CHIKV Challenge: Forecasting the Spread of Infectious Disease – HS News Wire (08.18.2014)

The CDC Contracts Emergent BioSolutions for $18.0M Smallpox Treatment – HS News Wire (08.18.2014)

More Cases of Lyme Disease in Virginia – WDBJ CBS7 (08.12.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Harris Protests FBI’s Motorola Radio Upgrade Contract – HS News Wire (08.12.2014)



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