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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

08.18 – 25.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

August 18, 2014 – August 25, 2014


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Cybersecurity Program Finds Few Takers – Emergency Management (08.22.2014)

U.S. to Change Rules for Removal from No-Fly-List – Dallas News (08.19.2014)

DHS Seeks Input on CFATS Program – Security Management (08.18.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

Immigration Courts in New Jersey Try to Cope with ‘Fast-Tracking’ Cases – HS News Wire (08.22.2014)

Secretary Johnson Announces More Account Seizures and Arrests in Ongoing ICE Operations – DHS (08.20.2014)

Child in Immigrant Detention Facility Discovered to be U.S. Citizen – HS News Wire (08.19.2014)

DHS: Kids Crossing Border Drops by Half in July – Government Security News (08.18.2014)


Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

Obama Orders Review of Federal Role in Arming State and Local Police – Fox News (08.24.2014)

Miami-Dade Mayor Reacts to Ferguson; Wants Cameras on Every Officer – Emergency Management (08.22.2014)

Will Court Move Clear the Way to Mass Government Hacking? – Next Gov (08.22.2014)

Sexual Assault Task Force Created for Virginia Colleges – News & Advance (08.21.2014)

Police Cameras Can Shed Light, but Raise Privacy Concerns – New York Times (08.20.2014)

Drawing Lessons from ‘Perfect Heists’ for National Security – HS News Wire (08.20.2014)

Researchers Say You Can Surveil Everyone and See Only the Criminal – Next Gov (08.20.2014)

U.S. Intelligence Can’t Stop the Next Snowden for Years – HS Today (08.20.2014)



PlayStation Network Back Online after DDoS Attack – CIO (08.25.2014)

Attack Targets Firms from the Automobile Industry in Europe – CIO (08.25.2014)

Major Weakness Discovered in Android, Windows, and iOS – HS News Wire (08.25.2014)

After Heartbleed, is Open Source More Trouble Than It’s Worth? – Next Gov (08.25.2014)

Hacktivists Swipe Ferguson Officers’ Personal Data – Next Gov (08.25.2014)

How Good Is Your Agency’s Incident Response? – GCN (08.25.2014)

NSA and GCHQ Moles Feeding Tor Project with Bug Reports, Claims Executive Director – CIO (08.23.2014)

U.S. Warns ‘Significant Number’ of Major Businesses Hit by Backoff Malware – CIO (08.22.2014)

Spammers Top Spoofing Targets Are Still Finance and Travel Industries – CIO (08.22.2014)

What Happened to the Flashback Trojan? Turns out U.S. Universities Are Still Riddled with It – CIO (08.22.2014)

Malicious Software in Cash Registers Could Affect More than 1,000 U.S. Retailers – Fox News (08.22.2014)

Recent Computer Breach at Security Clearance Contractor Affected 25K Government Workers – Fox (08.22.2014)

Maryland Creates Fund to Support Cybersecurity Startups – HS News Wire (08.22.2014)

NIST Requests Feedback on First Version of Cybersecurity Framework – Security Management (08.22.2014)

Hackers Taint the Caribbean, Smuggle Patient Data, and Bring Gaza to Delaware – Next Gov (08.22.2014)

Mobile Apps Could Be Abused to Make Expensive Phone Calls – CIO (08.21.2014)

NIST Taking Input for Mobile Security Guidelines – CIO (08.21.2014)

U.S. Agencies to Release Cyberthreat Information Faster to the Health-Care Industry – CIO (08.21.2014)

New Framework Facilitates Use of New Android Security Modules – HS News Wire (08.21.2014)

Report: Traffic Lights are Dangerously Easy to Hack – WRIC ABC8 (08.21.2014)

The UPS Store Says Malware Found on Systems of 51 Stores – CIO (08.20.2014)

Spam Industry Reinvented as Messages Containing Malicious Links Surge – CIO (08.20.2014)

FBI Warning: Hackers Targeting Health Care Firms – CNBC (08.20.2014)

Chinese Hackers Targeted MH370 Investigation, Appear to have Stolen Classified Documents – NG (08.20.2014)

‘Reveton’ Ransomware Upgraded with Powerful Password Stealer – CIO (08.19.2014)

Many Chrome Browser Extensions do Sneaky Things – CIO (08.19.2014)

Report: U.S. Government’s Nuclear Watchdog Victim of Cyber Attacks – Reuters (08.19.2014)

Agencies Stalk the Insider Threat – GCN (08.19.2014)

U.S. Won’t Reveal Records on Health Website Security – Arizona Central (08.19.2014)

Why Would Chinese Hackers Want Hospital Patient Data? – CIO (08.18.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

New Method for Predicting Storm Damage – HS News Wire (08.22.2014)

Security Flaws Found in Backscatter X-Ray Scanners – HS News Wire (08.21.2014)

Environmental Regulators, CSX Discuss April Derailment in Lynchburg – Roanoke Times (08.20.2014)

Rail Safety Task Force Holds Meeting in Lynchburg – WDBJ CBS7 (08.20.2014)

New Jersey Launches Distributed Energy Initiative – HS News Wire (08.20.2014)

Climate Change, Rise in Farming, Manufacturing, Spur Need for Stronger Infrastructure – WVAH (08.19.2014)



U.S., European Policies on Paying Ransom for Kidnapped Citizens Not in Sync – HS News Wire (08.25.2014)

Islamic State Recruiting in Canada, Local Imam Warns – HS Today (08.25.2014)

Islam’s Silent Majority: Moderate Voices Drowned Out by Extremists – HS News Wire (08.25.2014)

Statement from NSA Advisor Susan Rice on the Release of Peter Theo Curtis – The White House (08.24.2014)

Homeland Warns of ISIS Retaliation in U.S. by Sympathizers – WHAS11.com (08.23.2014)

FBI, DHS: No Credible Threats to the U.S. Homeland from Islamic State Militants – Fox News (08.22.2014)

Dempsey: Attacking Targets in Syria Essential to Stopping ISIS – HS News Wire (08.22.2014)

James Foley Murder: Inside the Mind of Britain’s Jihadists – HS News Wire (08.22.2014)

Kurdish Group on U.S. Terrorist List Now Ally in Fight against ISIS – HS News Wire (08.22.2014)

Social Media Grappling with Problems Posed by Terrorists-Supporting Contents – HS News Wire (08.22.2014)

Credibility of Informer at the Center of California Terrorism Trial – HS News Wire (08.21.2014)

What Goes On in the Mind of a Militant Extremist? – HS News Wire (08.20.2014)

New AQAP English-Language Magazine Implies New Attack ‘Coming Soon’ – HS Today (08.19.2014)

CIA Used Anwar al-Awlaki’s Desire for a Third Wife to Track and Kill Him – HS News Wire (08.19.2014)

Jihadist’s Wife Guilty of Financially Supporting Terrorism – HS News Wire (08.19.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

San Francisco Bay Area Quake is Largest since Loma Prieta in 1989 – Emergency Management (08.24.2014)

A Decade after 2004 Storms, FEMA Urges Hurricane Preparedness – FEMA (08.22.2014)

Health App Delivers Vital Information in an Emergency – Emergency Management (08.22.2014)

Social Media Adds Hype to Storms before They’re Storms – Emergency Management (08.21.2014)

How the ‘Year of the Four Hurricanes’ Changed Florida’s Readiness – Emergency Management (08.21.2014)

FINDER Senses Heartbeats amid Rubble – Emergency Management (08.20.2014)

Coast Guard, National Guard Units in NJ Still Dealing with Sandy’s Damage – HS News Wire (08.20.2014)

Preparedness Teams Train to Help Pets during Disasters – Emergency Management (08.18.2014)

Scientists are Building a Cyberinfrastructure to Predict and Visualize Wildfire Behavior – EM (08.18.2014)


Public Health

Climate Change Makes Europe Hospitable to Dengue Fever – HS News Wire (08.25.2014)

Liberia Quarantines Area the Size of Wales in an Effort to Contain Ebola Spread – HS News Wire (08.21.2014)

Healthcare Organizations Still Too Lax on [Data] Security – CIO (08.19.2014)

Report: CDC Scientist Kept Quiet about Flu Blunder – MyFoxDC.com (08.19.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Happy Birthday HSPD-12; There’s Still a Long Way to Go – GCN (08.22.2014)

Top Secret White House Crisis Communication network Gets Upgrade – Next Gov (08.21.2014)

TV Stations Sue FCC Over Plan to Auction Broadcast Licenses – Next Gov (08.19.2014)



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