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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

08.25 – 09.02.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

August 25, 2014 – September 2, 2014


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Announces Expansion of the Securing the Cities Program to the Nation Capital Region – DHS (09.02.2014)

Former CBP Internal Affairs Head: CBP Suffers from ‘Institutional Narcissism’ – HS News Wire (09.02.2014)

DHS Considering New Security Measures to Intercept ‘Foreign Fighters’ Returning from Syria – Fox (08.30.2014)

Statement on Administration’s Intent to Nominate Two DHS Senior Leadership Positions – DHS (08.29.2014)

Statement by Secretary Johnson on the U.K.’s Decision to Raise Their Threat Level – DHS (08.29.2014)

Could Crowdsourcing Boost America’s Homeland Security? – Fox News (08.28.2014)

DHS, FBI Stepping Up Digitization of Records – Federal Times (08.27.2014)

DHS Achieves Trusted Traveler Program Milestones – DHS (08.26.2014)


Border Protection / Immigration

In Fairfax County, an Influx of Immigrants has Wide-Ranging Effects – WTOP.com (09.02.2014)

Crisis in the Classroom: Surge of Illegal Immigrant Kids Poses Challenge for Schools – Fox News (08.30.2014)

Obama Picks Prosecutor Sarah Saldaña to Lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement – Dallas News (08.28.2014)


Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

Officials Increasingly Worried about 3-D-Printed Gun Technology – HS News Wire (09.02.2014)

Obama Resurrects Intel Advisory Panel – Next Gov (08.29.2014)

Leidos to Produce Digital Maps for Intelligence Community – GCN (08.29.2014)

FAA Working on Drone Technology Regulations – WWMT CBS3 (08.28.2014)

Hillary Clinton: ‘Our Technology Companies Are Not Part of Our Government’ – CIO (08.28.2014)

Why People Don’t Like to Talk About Government Surveillance on Social Media – Next Gov (08.28.2014)

New 3D Technology Helps in Identifying Long-Distance Threats – HS News Wire (08.28.2014)

Welcome to Franklin, Va., Population 8,638; and One Mine-Resistant Vehicle – Fox News (08.27.2014)

Report: NSA Built ‘Google-Like’ Search Engine for Metadata – CIO (08.25.2014)

Obama Orders Review of Police ‘Militarization’ Program – Emergency Management (08.25.2014)

Drones a Challenge to Law, Possible Boon to Alabama Law Enforcement – Digital Communities (08.25.2014)



List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in August – IT Governance (08.27.2014)

Nude Celebs on iCloud: The Timing for Apple Inc. Couldn’t Be Worse – Fortune (09.02.2014)

Hackers Conceal Spyware in Industrial Software Firm’s Site to Probe Visitors – Next Gov (09.02.2014)

SAIC Debuts Tiered Cybersecurity Solution – GCN (09.02.2014)

Namecheap Says Accounts Compromised in Hacking Incident – CIO (09.01.2014)

Why Hackers May Be Stealing Your Credit Card Numbers for Years – CIO (09.01.2014)

Europol Launches International Cybercrime Task Force – CIO (09.01.2014)

Virginia Accelerator Welcomes New Cohort of Cybersecurity Companies – Washington Post (09.01.2014)

The Growing Security Threat to Virtual Systems – GCN (08.29.2014)

Hackers Score IDs of S. Korean Population, Roil N.Z. Election, and Drain Norwegian Oil – Next Gov (08.29.2014)

FBI Reportedly Probing Hack of JP Morgan Chase, Other U.S. Banks – Fox News (08.28.2014)

NIST Drafts Mobile App Security Guidelines – Information Week (08.28.2014)

Mozilla Reports User Data Leak from Bugzilla Project – CIO (08.28.2014)

FBI, Secret Service Studying ‘Scope’ of Reported Bank Cyberattacks – CIO (08.28.2014)

N.H. IT Leader Program Provides Lessons in Info Sharing to Enhance Cyber Security – HS Today (08.28.2014)

Here’s a Hacker Attack That Will Make You Grind Your Teeth – Bloomberg (08.27.2014)

Deterring Cyberattacks Requires Building a Public-Private Partnership – HS News Wire (08.27.2014)

DHS Official: Create a Government-Wide Seal of Approval for Apps – Next Gov (08.27.2014)

Beware the Risks of Government Data Center Consolidation – Next Gov (08.27.2014)

Retailers Urged to Defend Against ‘Backoff’ Point-of-Sale Malware – CIO (08.27.2014)

Vulnerabilities On The Decline, but Risk Assessment is Often Flawed, Study Says – CIO (08.27.2014)

New Malvertising Campaign Hit Visitors of Several High-Profile Sites – CIO (08.27.2014)

Chinese Programmer Gained Access to Arizona’s Terror Center – HS Today (08.27.2014)

Data Breaches in the Cloud: Who’s Responsible? – Government Tech (08.26.2014)

Netflix Open Sources Internal Threat Monitoring Tools – CIO (08.26.2014)

Hackers Prey on Russian Patriotism to Grow the Kelihos Botnet – CIO (08.26.2014)

Behind the Huge Cyberattack Campaign against Latin American Governments – Next Gov (08.26.2014)

Android App Takes Down Heart of National Weather Service Website – HS Today (08.26.2014)

Casualties of Cyber Warfare – The Diplomat (08.25.2014)

California Passes Law Mandating Smartphone Kill Switch – CIO (08.25.2014)

After Community Health Systems Incident, FBI Issues another Hacking Warning to Healthcare – HI (08.25.2014)

Will Obama’s New Tech Squad Include Cyber Experts? – Next Gov (08.25.2014)

Triangulating Cyberespionage for Better U.S. Diplomacy – The Diplomat (08.22.2014)


Infrastructure Protection

Traceable Fingerprints for Freight Items – HS News Wire (09.02.2014)

U.S. Municipal Data Centers Prepare to Cope with Sea-Level Rise – HS News Wire (09.02.2014)

Better Security for Europe’s Mass Transportation – HS News Wire (09.02.2014)

Scientists Improve Accuracy, Reliability of Nuclear Tests Inspection – HS News Wire (09.02.2014)

Facing Climate Change, Cities Embrace Resiliency – Governing.com (09.01.2014)

Rail Safety Measures Due in Virginia after Oil-Train Wrecks – Roanoke Times (08.30.2014)

Data Centers Nationwide Must Prepared for Flooding – Emergency Management (08.29.2014)

Residents of Six Real ID-Noncompliant States to Face Restrictions – HS News Wire (08.29.2014)

Seismic Retrofitting of Older Buildings Helps, but it Has Its Limits – HS News Wire (08.29.2014)

FAA Deploys New Air Traffic Control System despite Flaws – HS Today (08.28.2014)

Austin Turns to Crowdsourcing to Improve Traffic Congestion – Government Tech (08.28.2014)

More States Experiment with Microgrids to Withstand Powerful Storms – HS News Wire (08.27.2014)

Study: Southwest May Face ‘Megadrought’ Within Century – HS News Wire (08.27.2014)

Researchers Work to Harden Cyber Infrastructure from WMD – GCN (08.27.2014)



ISIS Video Shows Beheading of American Journalist Steven Sotloff – CNN (09.02.2014)

U.S. Strike Kills al-Shabab’s Spiritual Leader – HS News Wire (09.02.2014)

Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning Update: Ft. Bliss Increases Security – Judicial Watch (08.31.2014)

Saudi King Warns Jihadists Could Attack U.S., Europe within Months – Fox News (08.30.2014)

Extremists Flying Home from Mideast with Western Passports Seen as Major Security Threat – Fox (08.30.2014)

Administration Insiders: ISIS Threat in Iraq Exposes Obama’s Failed Policy in Syria – HS News Wire (08.29.2014)

Fort Hood Shooter Says He Wants to Become ‘Citizen’ of Islamic State Caliphate – Fox News (08.29.2014)

‘Incubator for Terrorism’: U.K. Leaders Under-Pressure to Address Jihadist Problem – HS Today (08.28.2014)

ISIS is ‘Best Funded’ Jihadist Group Ever, Senators Say – HS Today (08.28.2014)

Social Networks Aim to Curb Terror Posts – HS News Wire (08.28.2014)

Most of 2013 Terrorist Attacks Took Place in Only a Few Countries – HS News Wire (08.28.2014)

Intel Believes 300 Americans Fighting with Islamic State, Posing Threat to U.S. – HS Today (08.27.2014)

AQAP’s New List of Targets in U.S. and Britain – HS Today (08.27.2014)

James Foley’s Killers Linked to British Kidnapping Network – HS News Wire (08.27.2014)

Intelligence Analysts Warn of Emerging ‘Ungoverned Spaces’ – HS News Wire (08.27.2014)

American Woman is Being Held Hostage in Syria – Associated Press (08.26.2014)

Boko Haram Says It Has Established an ‘Islamic Caliphate’ in Northeast Nigeria – HS News Wire (08.26.2014)

FBI, DHS Bulletin Warns of Retaliation for Airstrikes against ISIS – Fox News (08.26.2014)

Obama Authorizes Air Surveillance of ISIS in Syria – New York Times (08.25.2014)


Emergency Preparedness

Report: 21 States Don’t Meet Emergency Standards for Kids – USA Today (09.02.2014)

Be Disaster Aware. Take Action to Prepare. National Preparedness Month Launches 09/01 – FEMA (08.29.2014)

Hard-Won Experience: Lessons from America’s Biggest Disasters & Emergencies – Government Tech (08.29.2014)

NIST Kicks-Off Round 2 of SmartAmerica Challenge – GCN (08.29.2014)

Recent Report Highlights Need for Greater Focus on Preparedness Planning for Households – FEMA (08.28.2014)

NYC Tracks Firefighters to Scene with Radio Tags, Automated Display – HS News Wire (08.28.2014)

Smartphones Can Save Life in Health Emergencies – HS News Wire (08.28.2014)

Louisiana’s Disappearing Coastline Threatens Entire U.S. Economy – Popular Science (08.28.2014)

Tracking the Vulnerable: Medical Registries Provide Lifeline in Emergencies – Government Tech (08.27.2014)

Disaster Dashboard Taps Local Open Data – GCN (08.26.2014)

Napa Earthquake Highlights California’s Need for Early Warning System – Government Tech (08.25.2014)


Public Health

NIH Launching Human Safety Study of Ebola Vaccine Candidate – HS News Wire (09.02.2014)

Ebola Virus Has Mutated During Course of Outbreak – HS Today (08.29.2014)

White House Orders U.S. Labs to Take Inventory of Infectious Agents – Fox News (08.29.2014)

Potential Therapy for the Sudan Strain of Ebola May Contain Some Future Outbreaks – HS News Wire (08.29.2014)

Poll Finds Many in U.S. Lack Knowledge about Ebola and Its Transmission – HS News Wire (08.27.2014)


Communications & Interoperability

Massachusetts Readies IP-Based, Interoperable 911 System – GCN (08.28.2014)

911 Survey: Most are Uninformed about Cellphone Caller Location Tech – Emergency Management (08.22.2014)



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