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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

09.08 – 15.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

September 8, 2014 – September 15, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for September 15-19, 2014 – U.S. House of Reps (09.15.2014)

McCaul Statement on the 13th Anniversary of 9/11 – U.S. House of Representatives (09.11.2014)

Testimony: ‘Cybersecurity, Terrorism, and Beyond: Addressing Evolving Threats…’ – DHS (09.10.2014)

Testimony: ‘Examination of the Threat Posed by ISIS Terrorists with Western Passports’ – DHS (09.10.2014)

Testimony: ‘Oversight of Federal Program for Equipping State and Local Law Enforcement’ – DHS (09.09.2014)

Testimony: ‘Strategy and Mission of the DHS Science and Technology Directorate’ – DHS (09.09.2014)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Action Needed to Enhance Integration & Coordination of Vulnerability Assessment Efforts – GAO (09.15.2014)

McCaul Op-Ed: Islamic State is Recruiting America’s ‘Jihadi Cool’ Crowd – U.S. House of Reps (09.12.2014)

DHS Secretary Says Officials Must Keep Eye on More than Single Terrorist Threat – Fox News (09.11.2014)

Statement by Secretary Johnson on the Confirmation of Joseph Nimmich – DHS (09.11.2014)

McCaul Statement on President’s Strategy to Combat ISIL – U.S. House of Representatives (09.10.2014)

Border Protection / Immigration

Obama Administration Sharply Cutting Deportations – Fox News (09.11.2014)

Feds Force Public Schools to Enroll Illegal Immigrant Children with No Med Screening – HS Today (09.10.2014)

DHS Lost Track of Thousands of Foreign Students in U.S. – HS News Wire (09.09.2014)

Administration Seeks $1.2 Billion for Border – Fox News (09.08.2014)

Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

Mobile App Gives Texans Access to Public Safety Services – GCN (09.12.2014)

Yahoo Says It Faced $250,000 Daily Fines for Defying U.S. Surveillance Requests – CIO (09.11.2014)

After Ferguson, Senators Question Providing Military Gear to Local Police – Emergency Management (09.10.2014)


$5 Million for New Cybersecurity Building at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev – HS News Wire (09.15.2014)

Digital Jihad: ISIS, Al Qaeda Seek a Cyber Caliphate to Launch Attacks on U.S. – Fox News (09.14.2014)

Sprint, Windstream Traffic Routing Errors Hijacked Other ISPs – CIO (09.14.2014)

Experts: Virtually Every Agency of the U.S. Government Has Been Hacked – HS News Wire (09.12.2014)

Data Protection Authorities Find Privacy Lapses in Majority of Mobile Apps – CIO (09.12.2014)

Hackers Blackmail Bitcoin Inventor, Corrupt Brazilian Newspaper – Next Gov (09.12.2014)

A Tool Helps Malware Identification in Smartphones – HS News Wire (09.11.2014)

Moving Cybersecurity Tech from the Lab to the Real World More Expeditiously – HS News Wire (09.11.2014)

Improper Contractor Oversight Opens Up Federal Agencies to Security Lapses – HS Today (09.11.2014)

Officials Worry about ‘Cyber Fort Hood’ – HS Today (09.11.2014)

CTO for Liberty Reserve Payment Network Pleads Guilty – CIO (09.11.2014)

Vulnerability in Popular Joomla E-Commerce Extension Puts Online Shops at Risk – CIO (09.11.2014)

Senators Ask Apple, Home Depot for Information on Breaches – CIO (09.11.2014)

Senate Panel Assesses Cyberthreats – Gov Info Security (09.10.2014)

Five Million Gmail Addresses and Passwords Dumped Online – CIO (09.10.2014)

7 Steps to Protect Against Privilege-Elevating Hacks – GCN (09.09.2014)

Study Concludes ‘Heartbleed’ Flaw was Unknown before Disclosure – CIO (09.09.2014)

Salesforce Warns Customers of Malware Attack – CIO (09.09.2014)

Expectations Low for Cyber Legislation – Gov Info Security (09.09.2014)

Malicious Advertising Hits Amazon, YouTube and Yahoo, Cisco Says – CIO (09.08.2014)

OpenSSL Warns Vendors against Using Vulnerability Info for Marketing – CIO (09.08.2014)

The War of Zeros and Ones – Popular Science (09.08.2014)

HealthCare.Gov Hack: How Serious? – Gov Info Security (09.08.2014)

WH Official: Cyber Coverage Will Be a Basic Insurance Policy by 2020 – Next Gov (09.08.2014)

State Technology Agency’s Authority Unclear, Study Says – Roanoke Times (09.08.2014)

Infrastructure Protection & Resiliency

West Virginia Mulls Releasing Crude Oil Shipment Information to the Public – HS News Wire (09.15.2014)

Rural Towns Lose to Urban Centers in Competition for Coastal Protection Funding – HS News Wire (09.15.2014)

Armed With Grant, UVA Climate Research Combining Science with Social Studies – Times Dispatch (09.14.2014)

Armed Teachers Part of Spotsylvania Request – Fredericksburg.com (09.13.2014)

Chief Resilience Officers: Coming to Your City? – Emergency Management (09.12.2014)

Alert System Kept Phoenix, OR, Parents in Loop during Shooting Threat – Emergency Management (09.12.2014)

Skyping Fake Bomb Threats in the Name of ISIS Not a Wise Move – Next Gov (09.12.2014)

Back-to-Back Solar Flares Prompt Strong Geomagnetic Storm Watch – Washington Post (09.11.2014)

Sea Level Rise Affecting the Infrastructure, Psychology of Key Mid-Atlantic Towns – HS News Wire (09.11.2014)

Earthquake App Underscores Vulnerable Housing in Oakland, California – Government Tech (09.10.2014)

Florida Keys Preparing for Rising Sea Level – HS News Wire (09.10.2014)

Experts: NYC Bridges Need Better Protection against Terrorists – HS News Wire (09.09.2014)

Innovative Plans Help Cities Effectively Live with Water – Emergency Management (09.09.2014)

As Terror Fears Spike, Power Plant near Nation’s Capital Sits Practically Unguarded – HS Today (09.09.2014)


Lawmaker Says More Needs to be Done to Counter Domestic Radicalization – HS News Wire (09.15.2014)

U.S. Tightens Scrutiny of U.S.-Bound Airline Passengers – HS News Wire (09.15.2014)

White House Still Seeking Coalition in Middle East War – Fox News (09.14.2014)

CIA Estimates Islamic State Has Tripled to 31,000 Fighters – Fox News (09.13.2014)

Military Source: ISIS Hostages Dispersed after Revelation of Foley Rescue Mission – Fox News (09.13.2014)

ME Sunni States Join Anti-ISIS Coalition – HS News Wire (09.12.2014)

Univ of Richmond Student Might Have Been Slain as ‘Vengeance’ for U.S. Military Action – RTD (09.12.2014)

Obama Outlines Plan to Target Islamic State Fighters – Emergency Management (09.11.2014)

Counter-ISIS Campaign Must Include a Robust Effort to Stop Westerners from Joining It – HSN Wire (09.11.2014)

No Consensus over Whether Killing Terrorist Leaders Weakens Their Organizations – HS News Wire (09.11.2014)

Saudi Arabia Will Grant U.S. Request for Anti-ISIS Training Program – HS Today (09.11.2014)

DHS Confirms ISIS Planning Infiltration of U.S. Southern Border – Fox News (09.10.2014)

Apparent New Al Qaeda-Linked Magazine is Being Published – HS Today (09.10.2014)

Qatar Funds Jihadist Groups, but Citizens of Other U.S. ME Allies Do So, Too – HS News Wire (09.09.2014)

Record of Dissuading Young Somalis in MN from Joining Terror Groups Mixed – HS News Wire (09.09.2014)

Emergency Preparedness

New York City Adopts RFID Tags to Track First Responders – HS Today (09.13.2014)

Stay Prepared: Hurricane Season Doesn’t End With Summer – FEMA (09.12.2014)

Is a California Community the Most Prepared in the U.S.? – Emergency Management (09.12.2014)

Playbook Aims to Speed-Up Disaster Recovery – Emergency Management (09.11.2014)

Hurricane Mapping Tool Improves Emergency Preparedness – WCSH NBC6 (09.11.2014)

Sign Up Now for October 16 Great SouthEast ShakeOut – VDEM (09.10.2014)

New York Transitions Focus to Preparing for Worst-Case Scenarios – Emergency Management (09.10.2014)

Start-Ups Offer Apps Which Help People Cope with Disasters – HS News Wire (09.10.2014)

Emergency Preparedness Workshop for Faith Leaders in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia – HSEMA (09.08.2014)

Public Health

U.S. Works to Step-Up Ebola Aid, Preps Hospitals for Potential Patients – Fox News (09.15.2014)

Test Results Inconclusive in Children Hospitalized at St. Mary’s – WRIC ABC8 (09.11.2014)

Bacteria from Bees as Possible Alternative to Antibiotics – HS News Wire (09.11.2014)

Building an Emergency Health Response – Washington Post (09.11.2014)

Is U.S. Ready for a Pandemic? Investigation Says we’re ‘Ill-Prepared’ – CNN (09.09.2014)

Johnson & Johnson Accelerates Ebola Vaccine Program – HS News Wire (09.09.2014)

Government Buys Continuing Supply of IMVAMUNE Smallpox Vaccine – HS Today (09308.2014)

Communications & Interoperability

Open-Source Project Promises Easy-to-Use Encryption for Email, Instant Messaging, More – CIO (09.15.2014)

Will D.C. Fire Department Radio Encryption Hurt Emergency Communications? – WJLA ABC7 (09.11.2014)



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