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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

09.15 – 22.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

September 15, 2014 – September 22, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Testimony: ‘Oversight of the DHS Headquarters Project at St. Elizabeth…’ – DHS (09.19.2014)

Testimony: ‘Safeguarding Privacy and Civil Liberties while Keeping our Skies Safe’ – DHS (09.18.2014)

Testimony: ‘Examining ObamaCare’s Failures in Security, Accountability, and Transparency’ – DHS (09.18.2014)

Testimony of DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: ‘Worldwide Threats to the Homeland” – DHS (09.17.2014)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Debate Continues over DHS’s St. Elizabeth’s Project – HS News Wire (09.22.2014)

Tough Questions Face U.S. Secret Service after Fence-Jumper Makes It into White House – Fox News (09.20.2014)

Audit: DHS Needs to Enhance Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Efforts – HS Today (09.18.2014)

USIS Offers DHS Employees Credit Monitoring after Breach – Federal Times (09.18.2014)

DHS’s Lax Internal Pandemic Preparedness Gets Stern Rebuke – HS Today (09.16.2014)

GAO: R&D at DHS is ‘Inherently Fragmented’– HS News Wire (09.16.2014)

Border Protection / Immigration

Hearings Hampered by Remote Technology Glitches, Raising Constitutional Issues – HS News Wire (09.22.2014)

ICE Operation Produces 81 Criminal Alien and Immigration Fugitive Arrests – GSN (09.21.2014)

Report: More than 2,000 Immigrant Children Assigned to Northern Virginia – Inside NOVA (09.19.2014)

Senate Overhauls Border Patrol Overtime Pay – Federal Times (09.19.2014)

Border Patrol to Begin Testing Body Cameras – Fox News (09.18.2014)

Obama’s Executive Order Is Postponed, but U.S. Deportation Rate Already Dropped – HS News Wire (09.17.2014)

Lawmaker: U.S. Student Visa Program Fails to Monitor Participating Schools – HS News Wire (09.16.2014)

‘Police Don’t Get to Shoot Someone in the Back Because They Beat You Up’ – HS News Wire (09.16.2014)

Feds Refusing to Prosecute Many First-Time Illegals – HS Today (09.15.2014)

Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

Anti-Islamic Posters to Be Displayed on NYC Buses, Subway Stations – HS News Wire (09.22.2014)

License Plate Scanner Networks Capture Movements – Richmond Times Dispatch (09.19.2014)

Clapper Said he Spoke in Error about NSA Surveillance as he Rolls-Out New Intel Strategy – Fox (09.18.2014)

Apple Could Face Heat from Police on Refusing Data Access, Expert Says – Fox News (09.18.2014)

Newest Androids will join iPhones in Offering Default Encryption, Blocking Police – Washington Post (09.18.2014)

Searchers Hit Streets; Man Tells Police Missing Student was Fine When Last Seen – Daily Progress (09.18.2014)

Expert: Sensors Everywhere Might Mean Privacy Nowhere – HS News Wire (09.17.2014)

Police Name and Hunt for Suspect in Pennsylvania Trooper Shooting – CNN (09.16.2014)

FBI Launches a Face Recognition System – CNN Money (09.16.2014)

NSA Reform Bill Stalled with Congress Headed Toward Fall Recess – CIO (09.16.2014)

White House Backs Use of Body Cameras by Police – Washington Times (09.15.2014)

Apple Watch under Scrutiny for Privacy by Connecticut Attorney General – CIO (09.15.2014)

Google Reports a 19% Jump in U.S. Government Data Requests – CIO (09.15.2014)

Yahoo Slams New ‘Digital Will’ Law, Says Users Have Privacy When They Die – CIO (09.15.2014)

Fairfax County Builds Searchable Crime-Data Mapping App – GCN (09.15.2014)


Apple’s iOS 8 fixes Enterprise Wi-Fi Authentication Hijacking Issue – CIO (09.19.2014)

New U.S. Senate Bill Aims to Limit Access to Emails Stored Abroad – CIO (09.19.2014)

Home Depot Malware Attack Even Bigger than Target’s; 56M Payment Cards Affected – Fox News (09.19.2014)

Access Controls Fall Short in Most Agencies – GCN (09.19.2014)

Passwords vs. Biometrics – GCN (09.19.2014)

Hackers Compromise iPhone Ads, go Incognito 12 Years in Europe, and Infect Bloggers – Next Gov (09.19.2014)

For White House Cyber Czar, Being Called a ‘Total n00b’ Just Comes with the Territory – Next Gov (09.19.2014)

China Says U.S. Hacking Accusations are ‘Totally Groundless’ – CIO (09.18.2014)

Federal Inaction Breeds ID Theft, Says Frank Abagnale – Information Week (09.18.2014)

Persistence Tech Offers Layered Approach to Security – GCN (09.18.2014)

This is Why We Don’t Have Meaningful Cybersecurity Legislation Yet – Next Gov (09.18.2014)

Chinese Hacked U.S. Military Contractors, Senate Panel Says – The Wall Street Journal (09.17.2014)

Is NSA Planning to Beef-Up Cyber Response Capabilities? – Next Gov (09.17.2014)

Encryption Goof Fixed in TorrentLocker File-Locking Malware – CIO (09.17.2014)

How Strong Cybersecurity Policies and Practices Help Ensure Economic Vitality – Governing (09.17.2014)

Protecting Servers from Remote Attacks – Gov Info Security (09.16.2014)

Hackers Accessed Goodwill Hosting Provider for 18 Months before Card Breach – CIO (09.16.2014)

Apple Turns On iCloud Two-Step Verification after Nude Selfie Scandal – CIO (09.16.2014)

Cyber Airmen Race to Stay Ahead of New Threats – Air Force Times (09.15.2014)

Congressional Scrutiny for CHS Breach? – Gov Info Security (09.15.2014)

Infrastructure Protection & Resiliency

Dominion to Bury Some of its Most Outage-Prone Lines – Richmond Times Dispatch (09.20.2014)

Taming the Smart Grid Beast – CleanTechnica.com (09.20.2014)

Report: Deficiencies in U.S. Nuclear Labs’ Emergency Preparedness Plans – HS News Wire (09.19.2014)

Nuclear Reactor Design for North Anna Receives Federal Approval – Daily Progress (09.19.2014)

Japan to Adopt Automated Airport Gates Equipped with Facial Recognition Tech – HS News Wire (09.18.2014)

Portland, Oregon, to Hire a Chief Resilience Officer – Emergency Management (09.18.2014)

New Data Center Protects Against Solar Storms and Nuclear EMPs – HS Today (09.17.2014)

3 People Injured after Gas Pipeline Explosion near Goshen, Kentucky – WHAS11.com (09.17.2014)

Flooding from Storm Surge Would Threaten D.C. Infrastructure, Report Says – Washington Post (09.16.2014)

Experts Say Practicing Emergency Drills at School Can Make a Difference – WCYB.com (09.16.2014)

LiveSafe App Producing Early Results – WSET ABC13 (09.16.2014)

Cities Seek new Ways to Cope with Sea Level Rise, and Look to Dutch for Advice – HS News Wire (09.16.2014)

San Fran to Use Public Humiliation to Promote Earthquake Retrofitting – Emergency Management (09.16.2014)


Weekly Address: The World Is United in the Fight against ISIL – The White House (09.20.2014)

A Look at American Jihadists: Why Do They Fight? – Virginia Pilot (09.20.2014)

Obama: ISIS Threat against U.S., Allies ‘Doesn’t Frighten Us’ – CNN (09.19.2014)

Terrorists Can Be Defeated by Fighting Fear with Cooperation – HS News Wire (09.19.2014)

U.S. Intelligence, Leaders Unclear on Exact Danger Posed by ISIS – HS News Wire (09.19.2014)

WV Dealing with a Growing Threat from Sovereign Citizen Movement Members – HS News Wire (09.19.2014)

French Jets Attack ISIS Targets in Iraq – HS News Wire (09.19.2014)

Two ISIS Supporters Arrested in Australia for Planning a Public Beheading in Sydney – HSN Wire (09.19.2014)

U.S. Launches Campaign to Combat Recruitment of Young Americans by Militants – HSN Wire (09.18.2014)

Immigration Worker Union Warns ‘Serious Threat’ of ISIS Entering U.S. – Fox News (09.18.2014)

ISIS Recruitment and Radicalization of Americans Dangerous and Difficult to Track – U.S. House (09.17.2014)

ISIL Want to Assassinate the Pope, Says Iraq’s Ambassador to Vatican – HS Today (09.17.2014)

Bratton: NYC in ‘New Era of Potential Terrorism’ – CBS New York (09.17.2014)

Terrorist Sympathizers Urge ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks at Major U.S. Tourist Sites – WSMV NBC4 (09.17.2014)

U.S. Security Officials Say Homegrown Attacks Top Concern, beyond Islamic State – Fox News (09.17.2014)

NYC Mayor de Blasio Facing Criticism for Curbing Counterterrorism Programs – HS News Wire (09.17.2014)

New York Man Charged with Trying to Support ISIS – New York Times (09.16.2014)

Iran Supreme Leader Spurns U.S. Overture to Fight Islamic State – Reuters (09.16.2014)

The Latest Trend in Jihadist Recruitment in the West: Women – HS News Wire (09.16.2014)

Counterterrorism Measures Reviewed as Tensions Rise – Newsday (09.15.2014)

Officials Warn Islamic State Extremists put New York and New Jersey at Greater Terror Risk – Fox (09.15.2014)

Emergency Preparedness

Ten Years after Hurricane Ivan, Alabama Communities are Better Prepared – HS News Wire (09.22.2014)

Where’s the App for an Earthquake Warning? – Emergency Management (09.18.2014)

Preparing the Next Generation of Nuclear Emergency Responders – HS News Wire (09.18.2014)

FloodWorks Prediction Software makes U.S. Debut in San Antonio – Emergency Management (09.17.2014)

Could The Weather Company Change Emergency Alerting? – Government Tech (09.17.2014)

New GIS Map Shows Hurricane Storm Surge Risk – VDEM (09.17.2014)

Tornadoes Occurring Earlier in Tornado Alley – HS News Wire (09.17.2014)

Natural Disasters Displaced 22 Million People Last Year, 3 Times More than War – Climate Progress (09.17.2014)

The State of New York Launches Disaster Preparedness Initiatives – HS News Wire (09.16.2014)

CSX Apps Looks to Help HAZMAT-Train-Accident First Responders – Jacksonville Business Journal (09.15.2014)

Virginia Cooperative Extension Reminds Farmers to Prepare for Severe Weather – WSET ABC13 (09.15.2014)

How to Recruit, Retain and Organize Volunteers – Emergency Management (09.15.2014)

Public Health

Botulism’s Genetic Triggers Found – HS News Wire (09.22.2014)
Scientists Develop a New Way to Prevent the Spread of Deadly Diseases – HS News Wire (09.19.2014)

U.S. CIO Steven VanRoekel Steps Down to Work on Ebola Response – Government Tech (09.19.2014)

7 Richmond Area Kids Test Positive for Enterovirus – WWBT NBC12 (09.17.2014)

Obama Warns Ebola Outbreak is ‘Spiraling out of Control’ – Government Executive (09.17.2014)

U.S. to Deploy Up To 3,000 Military Personnel to Fight Ebola in West Africa – Fox News (09.16.2014)

200,000 from Ebola Countries Have Visas to Enter U.S. – HS Today (09.16.2014)

Ebola Virus Protein Offers Potential Drug Target – Medical News Today (09.16.2014)

Communications & Interoperability

FirstNet Seeks Public Safety and Industry Input in Developing Network Strategy – HS Today (09.21.2014)

FirstNet Makes Progress, Consults with Maryland – Emergency Management (09.19.2014)

FirstNet Moves Forward: RFI and Fiscal 2015 Budget Released – Emergency Management (09.19.2014)

‘Dispatchers Save Seconds, Seconds Save Lives, Sometimes’ – Emergency Management (09.18.2014)

D.C. Tests ID Management for First Responders – GCN (09.17.2014)



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