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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

09.22 – 29.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

September 22, 2014 – September 29, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

McCaul Statement on Airstrikes against ISIS in Syria – U.S. House of Representatives (09.22.2014)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Departures, Vacancies Continue to Hobble DHS – HS News Wire (09.26.2014)

DHS Consolidation at St. Elizabeth’s Vital to National Security, Fiscal Outlook – HS Today (09.26.2014)

TSA Needs to Strengthen Privacy Oversight Mechanisms, Audit Finds – HS Today (09.25.2014)

Disarray or Dream Team? DHS Cyber Efforts Under Scrutiny – Next Gov (09.24.2014)

DHS Visa Security Program Lacks Measures to Determine Effectiveness – HS Today (09.23.2014)

Statement by Secretary Johnson about Today’s Washington Post Story on DHS – DHS (09.22.2014)

DHS Officials Tie Agency Future to Risk Management – Federal Times (09.22.2014)

Border Protection / Immigration

Most Temporarily Released Undocumented Immigrants Fail to Report – HS News Wire (09.29.2014)

DOD Planning to Let Illegal Immigrants Enlist – Fox News (09.26.2014)

A New Wave of Central American Kids Will Reach the U.S. Soon, According to Experts – HS Today (09.23.2014)

Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

Investigative Genetics Technology Helps Nab Criminals – HS News Wire (09.29.2014)

Yahoo Reports a Drop in Government Data Requests – CIO (09.25.2014)

Norfolk Chief Orders 300 Body Cameras for Officers – Virginia Pilot (09.23.2014)

McAuliffe Names Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault – Daily Progress (09.22.2014)

Predictive Policing: The Promise and Perils – Government Tech (09.22.2014)


CEO Indicted for Company’s Alleged Mobile Spyware App – CIO (09.29.2014)

General Motors Put First Cybersecurity Chief in the Seat – CIO (09.29.2014)

Malvertising Campaign Delivers Digitally Signed CryptoWall Ransomware – CIO (09.29.2014)

Do We Need to ‘Disrupt’ the Cybersecurity Status Quo? – Next Gov (09.29.2014)

Fewer Cyber Pros, More Cyber Problems – Next Gov (09.29.2014)

Credit Card Breach that Hit Jimmy John’s is Larger than Originally Thought – CIO (09.26.2014)

Cyber Experts Warn of ‘Bash’ Security Bug Danger – Fox News (09.25.2014)

FBI Director Concerned about Encryption on Smartphones – CIO (09.25.2014)

Your Medical Records is Worth More to Hackers than Your Credit Card – HS Today (09.25.2014)

New Approach to Computer Security: Wrist-Bracelet – HS News Wire (09.23.2014)

$2.8M in Grants Awarded to Online ID Pilot Programs – Federal Times (09.23.2014)

Infrastructure Protection & Resiliency

Is Singapore’s Marina Barrage a Model for Flood Protection? – Emergency Management (09.25.2014)

Better Regional Coordination for Port Security – HS News Wire (09.25.2014)

FBI Report Reveals Increase in mass Shootings in U.S. – EMS World (09.25.2014)

Federal Board: Defense Nuclear Facilities Not Prepared for Emergencies – Emergency Management (09.24.2014)

Protecting the Electric Grid, Communication Systems from Solar Storms – HS News Wire (09.24.2014)

New Jersey Makes Energy Resiliency a Top Priority – Emergency Management (09.23.2014)

Resilience Star Project Showcases Homes Designed to Withstand Disaster – Emergency Management (09.23.2014)

NSF Awards $15 Million in Second Round of Coastal Sustainability Grants – HS News Wire (09.23.2014)

Without National Policy, Mayors Try to Combat Climate Change on Their Own – EM (09.22.2014)

L.A. Prepares for the Big Quake amid the Questions of When and How Large – EM (09.22.2014)

Researchers Study Ways to Protect Power Grid from Solar Storms – Emergency Management (09.22.2014)

Security Concerns over TSA Removal of Full-Body Scanners – HS Today (09.22.2014)


U.S. Intelligence Underestimated ISIS Strength, Overestimated Iraqi Military’s Resilience – HSN Wire (09.29.2014)

ISIS, al-Nusra Reconcile as Syria Air Strikes Continue – HS News Wire (09.29.2014)

Al-Qaeda Leader Warns of Revenge for Airstrikes – Associated Press (09.28.2014)

U.S. Strategy for Fighting ISIS Includes Outreach to Muslim-American Communities – HS News Wire (09.26.2014)

New DOJ Pilot Program Aims to Deter Americans from Joining Terrorist Groups – HS News Wire (09.26.2014)

Former al-Qaeda Spokesman, OBL’s Son-in-Law, Sentenced to Life in Prison – HS News Wire (09.25.2014)

Tension between Humanitarian Ideals, Fear of Terrorism in European Asylum Decisions – HSN Wire (09.25.2014)

FBI Director Comey Offers Lower Number of Americans in Syria than Commonly Understood – Fox (09.25.2014)

Feds Not Aware of Plot to Attack U.S. Subways – Officer.com (09.25.2014)

Marathon Bombing Trial Gets Delay – Officer.com (09.25.2014)

Warnings about Islamic Terrorists Operating Within U.S. Borders as U.S., Allies Strike Syria – EM (09.24.2014)

In Government Speak, ‘Imminent Attack Plotting’ May Not Mean an Attack is That Imminent – Fox (09.24.2014)

Australian Police Kill Terror Suspect – LawOfficer.com (09.24.2014)

Analysts: Al-Qaeda-Affiliated Khorasan Group More Dangerous than ISIS – HS News Wire (09.23.2014)

ISIS is Brutal, but Also Business-Savvy – HS News Wire (09.23.2014)

Homeland Security Says Syria Airstrikes May Have ‘Disrupted’ Attack Plotting for Now – Fox News (09.23.2014)

New Terror Org Named Top Security Threat to Western Nations – HS Today (09.23.2014)

Emergency Preparedness

Sometimes Signs Make All the Difference in Emergency Response – Emergency Management (09.24.2014)

Can Flood Monitoring be Crowdsourced? – Emergency Management (09.24.2014)

Social Media: Big Lessons from the Boston Marathon Bombing – Government Tech (09.24.2014)

New Report Identifies Populations Most Vulnerable to Extreme Weather Events – HS News Wire (09.23.2014)

Emergency Notifications Will Soon Be Issued through The Weather Channel – HS News Wire (09.23.2014)

Houston’s Top Chefs Make Gourmet Emergency Rations – Emergency Management (09.22.2014)

Public Health

Ancient Plague Offers Insights on How to Improve Treatments for Infections – HS News Wire (09.29.2014)

How Ebola Started, Spread, and Spiraled Out of Control – HS News Wire (09.29.2014)

CDC Seeks All-in-One Tool for Disease Data Tracking – GCN (09.29.2014)

Models of Ebola Spread Cannot Model People’s Behavior – HS News Wire (09.26.2014)

Maryland Health Officials Confirm Enterovirus D68 in State – WBAL NBC11 (09.25.2014)

Turning Mobile Phones into Detectors of Disease-Spreading Insects – HS News Wire (09.25.2014)

Old Drug May Hold Key to New Antibiotics – HS News Wire (09.24.2014)

How Technology is Changing Disaster Relief – BBC (09.23.2014)

Health Officials Confirm 6 Cases of Enterovirus D68 in North Carolina – Charlotte Observer (09.22.2014)
Communications & Interoperability

Will the FCC Vacate State Broadband Restrictions? – Government Tech (09.24.2014)

FirstNet Makes Progress, Consults with Maryland – EMS World (09.22.2014)



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