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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

09.29 – 10.07.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

September 29, 2014 – October 7, 2014

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Testimony: ‘White House Perimeter Breach: New Concerns about the Secret Service’ – DHS (09.30.2014)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Secretary Johnson Designates Acting Director of the U.S. Secret Service – DHS (10.06.2014)

FEMA’s Logistics Supply Chain May Be Ineffective during a Catastrophic Disaster – DHS OIG (09.30.2014)

FEMA Miscalculation of 2008 Cedar Rapids Flood Cost Taxpayers $12Million – HS Today (09.30.2014)

Border Protection / Immigration

More Law Enforcement Agencies Refuse to Hold Undocumented Inmates for ICE – HS News Wire (10.07.2014)

McCaul Releases Blueprint for Southern Border Security – U.S. House of Representatives (10.06.2014)

In U.S. Criminal Courts, Non-Citizens Face Harsher Sentencing than Citizens – HS News Wire (10.02.2014)

Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

Experts Urge Caution in Relying Upon Eyewitness Identifications in Criminal Cases – HS News Wire (10.03.2014)

Nanoparticles will Allow Detecting Previously Undetectable Fingermarks – HS News Wire (10.03.2014)

Law Enforcement Agencies Use Technology to Compensate for Shrinking Budgets – HS News Wire (10.02.2014)

Sensor Network Will Track Down Illegal Bomb-Making – HS News Wire (10.02.2014)

Law Enforcement Grapples with iPhone’s Enhanced Encryption – Emergency Management (10.01.2014)

DOJ to Ban Religious, Racial Profiling in National Security Probes – Fox News (09.30.2014)

The Rise of OSINT in Threat Intelligence Analysis – HS Today (09.30.2014)

Use of Facial Recognition Tech Grows for Law Enforcement Purposes – Emergency Management (09.26.2014)


Data Leak Lets Out Account Information from Bond Insurer MBIA – CIO (10.07.2014)

Criminals Used a Malware Program to Steal Millions from ATMs – CIO (10.07.2014)

Critical Bugzilla Vulnerability could Give Hackers Access to Undisclosed Software Flaws – CIO (10.07.2014)

EU’s Likely Next Digital Chief Takes a Swipe at U.S. over Data Protection – CIO (10.07.2014)

ZEBRA Taps Keyboard Dynamics to Identify Users – GCN (10.07.2014)

Underpaid Employees Are a Cybersecurity Risk – Business Week (10.06.2014)

AT&T Fired Employee Who Improperly Accessed Customer Accounts – CIO (10.06.2014)

USCYBERCOM Plans to Recruit 6k Cyber Professionals, as U.S. Mulls Cyber Strategy – HSN Wire (10.06.2014)

Should Feds Be Afraid of a Popular Chinese Chat App? – Next Gov (10.06.2014)

Is This the Year Cybersecurity Awareness Sinks In? – Next Gov (10.06.2014)

What the JPMorgan Hack Says about the State of Cybersecurity – Next Gov (10.06.2014)

Tools for Creating Malicious USB Thumb Drives Released by Security Researchers – CIO (10.03.2014)

State and Local Governments Hustle to Fill the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap – Government Tech (10.03.2014)

Artificial Intelligence System Can Predict Data Theft by Scanning Email – CIO (10.02.2014)

The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Age of the Cloud and Internet of Things – Government Tech (10.02.2014)

Department of Homeland Security Kicks-Off National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014 – DHS (10.02.2014)

NIST Funds Research Center on Cybersecurity Tools – GCN (10.02.2014)

House Intel Chief Wants to Increase Cyber Attacks against Russia – Defense One (10.02.2014)

Shellshock Attacks Target QNAP’s Network Storage, FireEye Says – CIO (10.01.2014)

Report: LulzSec Leader Directed Cyberattacks while Working for FBI – CIO (10.01.2014)

Wages of Fear: How is Ransomware Affecting Government? – Government Tech (10.01.2014)

FDA Sets Guidelines for Medical Devices’ Cybersecurity – USA Today (10.01.2014)

Malware Program Targets Hong Kong Protesters Using Apple Devices – CIO (09.30.2014)

Ex-NSA Director Alexander Calls for New Cybersecurity Model – CIO (09.30.2014)

Eric Holder Says ‘Worrisome’ Tech Companies are Eyeing Encryption – CIO (09.30.2014)

Four Charged with Stealing Army Helicopter Training Software – CIO (09.30.2014)

$3 Million in Grants for Three Pilot Projects to Improve Online Security, Privacy – HS News Wire (09.30.2014)

Second Cyberattack Hits SuperValu Grocery Stores’ Payment Systems – CIO (09.29.2014)

Coordinated Attacks Call for More Sophisticated Cyber Defense – Information Week (09.29.2014)

Infrastructure Protection & Resiliency

Petroleum Industry, Railroads Want Deadline Extension for Phasing Out Old Tank Cares – HSN Wire (10.06.2014)

Smartphone App Helps Drivers Navigate Flooded Streets – WAVY.com (10.06.2014)

DHS Testing New Technology to Increase Resiliency of Electric Grid – HS Today (10.06.2014)

CSX Offers ‘Safety Train’ for First Responders – Richmond Times Dispatch (10.03.2014)

Transparent Nanoscintillators for Radiation Detection in Homeland Security – HS News Wire (10.03.2014)

A Third of American Schoolchildren Face Risk of Chemical Catastrophe – HS News Wire (10.02.2014)

Risks Grow as Americans Continue to Build on Eroding Coast – HS News Wire (09.30.2014)

Fuel Rods Damaged at Nuke Plant – Fredericksburg.com (09.30.2014)

Underground Power Line Proposal in Alexandria Fires-Up Opponents – Washington Post (09.30.2014)

DHS Finds Growing Security Role for Small Unmanned Systems – Defense News (09.29.2014)

Inspectors Find Scores of Defects on CSX Rails across the State – Daily Press (09.27.2014)


Anti-Terrorism Plan Must Tackle ‘Allies’ Who Also Fuels Radicalism – HS News Wire (10.07.2014)

For Western Jihadists, Path to ISIS Runs Through Turkey – Fox News (10.06.2014)

Is it Fair to Blame the West for Trouble in the Middle East? – HS News Wire (10.06.2014)

Jihadi Online Chatter Discusses Using Ebola as Weapon against the West – HS Today (10.03.2014)

The Islamic State’s Potential Recruits in Pakistan – The Diplomat (10.03.2014)

Voice Identification Likely Used to Identify ISIS Terrorist – Popular Science (09.30.2014)

Cost of U.S. War on ISIS Reaches $780 Million – HS News Wire (09.30.2014)

Obama Faces Backlash after Blaming Intel Community for Missing ISIS – Fox News (09.29.2014)

China and the ISIS Threat – The Diplomat (09.26.2014)

Emergency Preparedness

Mopping-Up Toxic Fire-Fighting Chemicals – HS News Wire (10.07.2014)

Is Data the Best Preparation against Natural Disasters? – Government Tech (10.06.2014)

Fire Prevention Week: Check your Smoke Detectors – WRIC ABC8 (10.06.2014)

USAA Seeks OK to Test Drones for Post-Disaster Claim Processing – Emergency Management (10.03.2014)

5 Strategies for Getting the Public to Sign-Up for Emergency Alerts – Emergency Management (10.03.2014)

Kansas Names October Zombie Preparedness Month – Emergency Management (10.02.2014)

Opinions Divided over Value of Earthquake Insurance – Emergency Management (10.01.2014)

Intentions to Action: Tips for Creating a Culture of Preparedness – Emergency Management (09.30.2014)

It’s Time to Move beyond Exercises in Futility – Emergency Management (09.30.2014)

Better Storm Forecasts Coming This Winter – EMS World (09.30.2014)

Confronting the Challenges of Evacuating People with Disabilities – Emergency Management (09.29.2014)

Emergency Drill Planned for October 8th – SWVA Today (09.27.2014)

Public Health

Advanced Biometric Immigration Control Systems Help in Fight against Ebola – HS News Wire (10.07.2014)

Sandia Researchers Find Clues to Superbug Evolution – HS News Wire (10.06.2014)

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria on DoD’s Radar – Air Force Times (10.02.2014)

Hundreds of Kids Admitted to Local Hospitals with ‘Enterovirus-Like Symptoms’ – WRIC ABC8 (10.01.2014)

VA Department of Health Questioning People about Their Emergency Preparedness – Newsplex.com (09.29.2014)
Communications & Interoperability

Will Improved Transparency Facilitate Text-to-911 in California? – Government Tech (10.03.2014)

FirstNet: Scandal and Resurrection – Emergency Management (09.26.2014)



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