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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

10.07-31.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

October 7, 2014 – October 31, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Testimony: ‘Examining the U.S. Public Health Response to the Ebola Outbreak’ – DHS (10.16.2014)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

ICE Offices Subscribed to National License-Plate Database in Violation of DHS Police – HSN Wire (10.31.2014)

ISIS Directive to Australian Recruits Fueled DHS Security Boost – Fox News (10.30.2014)

Statement by Secretary Johnson on Travel Restrictions and Protective Measures for Ebola – DHS (10.21.2014)

Most States are Complying with Real ID, but A Few Lag Behind – HS News Wire (10.16.2014)

Statement by Secretary Johnson Announcing the Panelists for the Review of the Secret Service – DHS (10.10.2014)

DHS Employee Morale, Satisfaction Drops Again in 2014 – Federal Times (10.10.2014)

Border Protection / Immigration

Court Orders Reinstatement of CBP Employee, Saying Termination Unjustified – HS News Wire (10.29.2014)

Why Reject U.S. Citizenship? Some Eligible Immigrants Point to Language, Costs, Return Plans – Fox (10.28.2014)

Data Indicate There Is No Immigration Crisis – HS News Wire (10.23.2014)

Eligible Haitian Immigrants to be Allowed to Wait in U.S. for Green Card Processing – HS News Wire (10.21.2014)

Border Patrol Canines Are Outfitted with Wearable Electronics – HS News Wire (10.10.2014)

Study Finds that U.S. Immigrant Population Grows by 1.4 Million, to 41.3 Million – GSN (10.07.2014)

Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

Government Authority Intended for Terrorism Is Used for Other Purposes – HS News Wire (10.29.2014)

NSA Chief: ‘I Don’t Want Privacy Information’ – Federal Times (10.29.2014)

Fusion Centers: Have They Found Their Sweet Spot? – Emergency Management (10.23.2014)

FBI Facial Recognition System Gives Officers an Investigative Lead – Emergency Management (10.22.2014)

Growing Scrutiny of Police Use of Stingray Surveillance Technology – HS News Wire (10.20.2014)

FBI Director Calls for Greater Police Access to Communications – CIO (10.16.2014)

A Crime-Fighting ‘Magic’ Marker Pen Picks-Up Hidden Fingerprints – HS News Wire (10.08.2014)

Judges Spar with Attorneys on National Security Data Requests – CIO (10.08.2014)

New Web Privacy System would Revolutionize Surfing Safely – HS News Wire (10.08.2014)

NSA Internal Watchdog Defends Agency’s Privacy Practices – CIO (10.07.2014)


NIST Drafts Cyber Threat Info Sharing Guidance – GCN (10.31.2014)

Identifying Ways to Improve Smartphone Security – HS News Wire (10.31.2014)

Georgia Tech Releases 2015 Emerging Cyber Threats Report – HS News Wire (10.30.2014)

Drupal: If You Weren’t Quick to Patch, Assume Your Site was Hacked – CIO (10.30.2014)

Former NSA Official: Expect Increase in Cyberattacks on U.S. Government – Fox News (10.30.2014)

‘Widespread Harm’ Likely from Cyberattack in Next Decade – Emergency Management (10.30.2014)

New Report Details Russia’s Cyberespionage Activities – HS News Wire (10.30.2014)

How to Figure Out if a Data Breach is a Hoax – CIO (10.29.2014)

Cybercriminals Create Platform for Automating Rogue Credit Card Charges – CIO (10.29.2014)

Attack Campaign Infects Industrial Control Systems with BlackEnergy Malware – CIO (10.29.2014)

2014 Cybersecurity Awards: Winners Succeed in a Growing Threat Landscape – Government Tech (10.28.2014)

Hackers Reportedly Target Unclassified White House Network – CIO (10.28.2014)

Cybersecurity Workforce Key to Combating Threats, Governors’ Association Says – HS Today (10.27.2014)

Vulnerability in Widely Used ‘Strings’ Utility Could Spell Trouble for Malware Analysts – CIO (10.27.2014)

‘Spear-Phishing’ Tactics Becoming More Sophisticated – Federal Times (10.24.2014)

Cyberespionage Group Launches Phishing Attacks against Outlook Web App Users – CIO (10.24.2014)

Infographic: Are We Prepared for Major Cyberattacks? – Next Gov (10.23.2014)

Cyber Policy Still Stuck in the ‘90s – Next Gov (10.22.2014)

China Attacks Lead Apple to Alert Users on iCloud Threats – CIO (10.21.2014)

Symantec Sees Rise in High-Traffic DDoS Attacks – CIO (10.21.2014)

Cybersecurity: Turning the Tide on Hackers with Dispersive Technologies – Forbes (10.16.2014)

Surge in Cyberattacks Drives Growth in Cybersecurity Insurance – HS News Wire (10.15.2014)

Security Vendors Claim Progress against Chinese Group that Hacked Google – CIO (10.14.2014)

Snapchat Denies It Was Hacked – CIO (10.10.2014)

Can We Talk? Creating a Common Language for Cybersecurity – Emergency Management (10.09.2014)

12 Startups Poised to Take on the Latest Cybersecurity Threats – Government Tech (10.09.2014)

Federally-Funded Cybersecurity Center Launched – HS News Wire (10.09.2014)

Leaked Programming Manual May Help Criminals Develop More ATM Malware – CIO (10.09.2014)

State, Local Governments Aim to Strengthen Cyber Staff despite Shrinking Budgets – HSN Wire (10.08.2014)

Russian Cybercrime Group Compromised Half a Million Computers – CIO (10.07.2014)

Infrastructure Protection & Resiliency

Upgrading Infrastructure Could Reduce Future Flood Damage – HS News Wire (10.31.2014)

Can an App Help Prevent Mass Shootings? – Emergency Management (10.30.2014)

Building a Network of Canals to Save Boston from Sea Level Rise – HS News Wire (10.28.2014)

South Florida Wants to Secede from Florida over Sea Level Rise – HS News Wire (10.27.2014)

Effective, Inexpensive Method to Detect Natural Gas Pipeline Leaks – HS News Wire (10.27.2014)

China Steals Confidential Data on the Vulnerabilities of Major U.S. Dams – HS News Wire (10.24.2014)

Internal Logistics and Form of Government Are Key to Resilient Cities Grant Jumpstart – EM (10.16.2014)

Floating Cities Increasingly Attractive Prospect in the Face of Sea Level Rise, Floods – HSN Wire (10.16.2014)

In Worst-Case Scenario, Sea Level Would Rise 1.8 Meters – HS News Wire (10.15.2014)

15 Years from Now, Our Impact on Regional Sea Level Will Be Clear – HS News Wire (10.14.2014)

Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change – New York Times (10.13.2014)

Few States Preparing for Climate Change – Emergency Management (10.10.2014)

Safety a Focus as Millions of Gallons of Crude Travel through PA – Emergency Management (10.10.2014)

As Sea Level Rises, Communities Brace for More Frequent, Destructive Tidal Flooding – HSN Wire (10.09.2014)


U.N.: Foreigners from 80 Countries are Joining ISIS on ‘Unprecedented Scale” – HS News Wire (10.31.2014)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Friend Convicted of Lying to Police Investigating Boston Bombing – HSN Wire (10.29.2014)

A Framework for Destroying ISIS and Creating Stability in the Middle East – HS News Wire (10.28.2014)

Islamic State Defections Fracture Pakistan Taliban – The Diplomat (10.24.2014)

Canada Reflective, Tense in Wake of Attack on Parliament Building – HS News Wire (10.23.2014)

Islamic State Lacks Key Ingredient to Make ‘Caliphate’ Work: Eunuchs – HS News Wire (10.22.2014)

Al Nusrah Front Releases Video of Training Camp in Idlib – Threat Matrix (10.18.2014)

ISIS and Al-Qaeda Use Social Media, Web Platforms Differently for Different Ends – HSN Wire (10.14.2014)

Uncertainty over Terrorism Insurance Act’s Renewal Upsets Industry – HS News Wire (10.08.2014)

Emergency Preparedness

Next-Gen Technology for First Responders: Intuitive, Instinctive, and Interoperable – HS News Wire (10.27.2014)

Seismometers to Measure Washington, D.C. – HS News Wire (10.27.2014)

Iowa Officials Debut Alert Iowa Mass Notification System – Emergency Management (10.22.2014)

Study Finds 1934 Had Worst Drought of Last Thousand Years – HS News Wire (10.21.2014)

New Digital Tool Will Help Houston Firefighters Battle Building Blazes – Emergency Management (10.20.2014)

Facebook’s ‘Safety Check’ Lets Friends Know you’re Safe – CIO (10.16.2014)

New Research Tank Might Hold Key to Hurricane Forecasts – Emergency Management (10.16.2014)

Overcoming the Challenges of Protecting Vulnerable Populations during a Disaster – EM (10.07.2014)

Public Health

Infection Outbreaks, Unique Diseases on the Increase since 1980 – HS News Wire (10.31.2014)

Rate of Infection in West Africa Has Begun to Slow Down – HS News Wire (10.31.2014)

Communications & Interoperability

6 Cities and a County Share 311 Data, Best Practices – Government Tech (10.30.2014)

Next-Gen 911: Two States, Two Approaches to Implementation – Emergency Management (10.23.2014)

First Responders Left in the Dark on Public Safety Network – Emergency Management (10.14.2014)

Before FirstNet: Collaborative Vision Tested on the First 700MHz BC14 Network – HS Today (10.07.2014)



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