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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

10.31 – 11.17.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

October 31, 2014 – November 17, 2014


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

House Homeland Security Schedule for November 17-21, 2014 – U.S. House of Representatives (11.17.2014)

Testimony of Secretary: ‘U.S. Government Response: Fighting Ebola and Protecting America’ – DHS (11.12.2014)
Statement: ‘Ebola in the Homeland: The Importance of Effective…Coordination’ – DHS (11.06.2014)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Ex-DHS Official Warns of More USIS Breach Victims – The Washington Post (11.14.2014)

McCaul Introduces Legislation to Establish Full Review of U.S. Secret Service – U.S. House of Reps (11.13.2014)

2 Critical DHS Leadership Positions Approved by Senate HS Committee; More Needed – HS Today (11.13.2014)

McCaul, Carter: DHS Must Comply with Law on WMD Defense Review – U.S. House of Reps (11.12.2014)

DHS Eyes Next-Generation Biometric Matching Technologies – GCN (11.10.2014)

Statement by Secretary Johnson on Security Enhancements to the Visa Waiver Program – DHS (11.03.2014)

Border Protection / Immigration

Number of Unaccompanied Children Crossing into U.S. Declines Sharply – HS News Wire (11.17.2014)

Advocates Say CBP Uses ‘Expedited Removal’ to Deport Asylum Seekers – HS News Wire (11.17.2014)

Drones Watch Over U.S. Borders – HS News Wire (11.17.2014)

Obama’s Immigration Plan: 10 Executive Actions Being Weighed By the President – Fox News (11.14.2014)

Executive Order Will Shield 5 Million Undocumented Immigrants from Deportation – HS News Wire (11.14.2014)

ICE Meltdown: Agency Lawyer Sues over ‘Purge’, Harassment – Fox News (11.13.2014)

DHS Working on System to Inform Local Cops of Freed Immigrants – Fox News (11.10.2014)

U.S. Introduces New Security Measures to Screen Western-Passport Travelers – HS News Wire (11.05.2014)

Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

Senator Demands Answers about DOJ Mobile Phone Surveillance Planes – CIO (11.17.2014)

Law Enforcement Social Media Use Up, But Policies Lacking – Emergency Management (11.14.2014)

NSA Surveillance Reform Bill Pushed Forward for Vote in Senate – Newsweek (11.13.2014)

Law Enforcement Increasingly Reliant on Social Media – HS Today (11.13.2014)

Justice Department admits it Misled Court about FBI’s Secret Surveillance Program – Next Gov (11.13.2014)

FBI: Lawmakers Should Mandate Surveillance ‘Backdoor’ in Apps, Operating Systems – HSN Wire (11.10.2014)

Federal Judge Says Public has a Right to Know about FBI’s Facial Recognition Database – Next Gov (11.07.2014)

Judges Question Claims that NSA Metadata Collection Poses Threat to Ordinary Citizens – HSN Wire (11.06.2014)

Lawyer: NSA Phone Records Program Amounts to ‘Tyranny’ – CIO (11.04.2014)


McCaul Statement on State Department’s Cyber Breach – U.S. House of Representatives (11.17.2014)

Anonymous Hacks KKK Accounts as Klan Threatens Ferguson Protestors – Next Gov (11.17.2014)

Reports: State Department Admits Intrusion into Unclassified Email – CIO (11.16.2014)

More Companies Adopt Active Defense to Thwart Hackers – HS News Wire (11.14.2014)

Software Detects, Eradicates Viruses, Other Malware, and Repairs the Damage – HS News Wire (11.14.2014)

Malware Served through Rogue Tor Exit Node Tied to Cyberespionage Group – CIO (11.14.2014)

NIST Marks Top Security Requirements for Government Cloud – GCN (11.14.2014)

Experts Worry BlackEnergy Tech Could Soon be Available to Bad Non-State Actors – HSN Wire (11.13.2014)

Experts: How Law Enforcement Shone a Light on Darknets – Fox News (11.13.2014)

Apps Not Safe for Work? NIST Drafts Guide for Checking – GCN (11.13.2014)

Risky Business at IRS When It Comes to IT Security, IG Finds – Next Gov (11.13.2014)

Ex-NSA Chief Urges Congress to Step-Up Fight against Cyberattacks – Emergency Management (11.12.2014)

U.S. Weather Agency Confirms Cyberattack – CIO (11.12.2014)

First Stuxnet Victims were Five Iranian Industrial Automation Companies – CIO (11.12.2014)

Information Sharing is Key in Responding to Cyberattacks – HS News Wire (11.12.2014)

U.S. Government Networks Vulnerable Despite Billions Spent on Protecting Them – HS News Wire (11.12.2014)

DHS Drafts Blueprints for Self-Repairing Networks as Hacks Mount – Next Gov (11.12.2014)

U.S. Is Fighting the Wrong Cyber War against China – The Diplomat (11.11.2014)

The Best Cyberdefense is Cyber Offense, Some Experts Say – HS News Wire (11.11.2014)

Lapses in Heartbleed Bug Fix Discovered – HS News Wire (11.11.2014)

U.S. Postal Service Suffers Breach of Employee, Customer Data – CIO (11.10.2014)

Cyberespionage Group Targets Traveling Execs through Hotel Networks – CIO (11.10.2014)

Vulnerability Leaves iPhones open to Fake App Attack – CIO (11.10.2014)

Russian Gov Hackers Insert Malware in U.S. Critical Infrastructure Control Software – HSN Wire (11.10.2014)

New Report Urges Policy Overhaul, Transparency in Offensive Cyber Operations – HS News Wire (11.10.2014)

Nevada Cybersecurity: Enterprise Solution Reduced Incidents by 80 Percent – Government Tech (11.10.2014)

Federal Workers, Contractors Reportedly Behind Many Cyber Breaches; Often by Accident – Fox (11.10.2014)

Line Dividing Hacker Cybercrime, State-Sponsored Terror Attacks Murky – Emergency Management (11.07.2014)

Banks Collaborate to Thwart Cybercrime – HS News Wire (11.07.2014)

10 Ways to Recharge Cybersecurity Ops Centers – GCN (11.07.2014)

Mobile Phones’ Apps Offering Voice Communication Security Vulnerable to Attack – HS News Wire (11.07.2014)

The iPhone WireLurker Malware: What You Need to Know – CIO (11.06.2014)

Cybersecurity Partnership Adds Muscle to Analytics Toolset – GCN (11.06.2014)

Well-Trained Cybersecurity Workforce Key to Mitigating Insider Threat – HS Today (11.06.2014)

Internet of Things: The Missing Link in an Off-Set Strategy – The Diplomat (11.05.2014)

Government Tries Better to Define Cybersecurity Needs – HS News Wire (11.05.2014)

Google Releases Tool to Test Apps, Devices for SSL/TLS Weaknesses – CIO (11.05.2014)

8 Tips on Cyberthreat Information Sharing – Gov Info Security (11.04.2014)

BlackEnergy Cyberespionage Group Targets Linux Systems and Cisco Routers – CIO (11.04.2014)

How Hackers Wreaked Havoc in St. Louis, Mo. – Emergency Management (11.03.2014)

Flaw in Visa Cards Could Ring Up a Very Large Fraud – CIO (11.03.2014)

Experts: A Major Cyberattack Causing Widespread Harm to National Security Imminent – HSN Wire (11.03.2014)

Survey: Cybersecurity Priorities Shift to Insider Threats – Federal Times (11.03.2014)

Infrastructure Protection & Resiliency

Low-Lying Island Nations say Rising Sea Levels Spell Doom – HS News Wire (11.17.2014)

Shooting Detection System Will Help Police Locate a Shooter within a School Building – HSN Wire (11.14.2014)

Record-Breaking 1,855 Firearms Uncovered at U.S. Airports – Emergency Management (11.13.2014)

Protecting the U.S. Food Supply from Agroterrorism – HS News Wire (11.12.2014)

Safeguarding America’s Seaports from Terrorism – The Washington Post (11.11.2014)

Sea Level Rise Threatens California Coastal Infrastructure – HS News Wire (11.11.2014)

BlackEnergy Threatens U.S. Infrastructure – Government Security News (11.09.2014)

Maryland Focuses on Energy Resilience to Prepare for Future Storms – Emergency Management (11.07.2014)

NASA Facilities across U.S. Vulnerable to Climate Change – HS News Wire (11.06.2014)

Standardizing Small, Self-Sustaining Electric Microgrids – HS News Wire (11.06.2014)

Facing Rising Sea Levels, Boston Ponders Canals – Popular Science (11.05.2014)

NM School District’s Active-Shooter Training Goes Beyond Lockdown – Emergency Management (11.04.2014)

IG: Energy Department Systems Exposed by Critical Weaknesses – Federal Times (11.04.2014)

Mental Health Apps May Reduce Number of Mass Shooting Events – HS News Wire (11.03.2014)

Helping General Electric Upgrade the U.S. Power Grid – Space Daily (11.03.2014)

NOAA’s Lake-Level Viewer Aids Climate Change Planning – GCN (11.03.2014)


U.S. Group CAIR Named Terrorist Organization by United Arab Emirates – Fox News (11.17.2014)

New ISIS Video Shows Beheading of American Hostage Peter Kassig – Fox News (11.16.2014)

How Will U.S. Track Down ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi? – Fox News (11.14.2014)

Vets, Victims’ Families Suing European Banks for Supporting Terrorism – HS News Wire (11.13.2014)

U.S. New Syria Strategy to Seek Removal of Assad in Parallel with Defeat of ISIS – HS News Wire (11.13.2014)

McCaul: Europe Has a Jihadi Superhighway Problem – U.S. House of Representatives (11.11.2014)

Sources: ISIS Chief al-Baghdadi either ‘Critically Wounded’ or Killed in Air Strike – HS News Wire (11.10.2014)

Jihadis on Cruise Ships to Syria, Officials Say – Fox News (11.06.2014)

U.S. Drone Strike Kills Leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) – HS News Wire (11.06.2014)

U.K Official: U.S. Tech Companies Have Become Terrorists’ ‘Networks of Choice’ – HS News Wire (11.05.2014)

Setback to U.S. Syrian Plan as Islamists Evict Anti-ISIS Militia from Stronghold – HS News Wire (11.03.2014)

World’s First Counterterrorism ‘Bank’ to Finance Anti-Extremism Projects – HS News Wire (11.03.2014)

U.K. Prepared to Assist Disillusioned Jihadists Returning from Syria – HS News Wire (11.03.2014)

U.S., Canada, Australia Introduce New Legislation to Fight Terrorism – HS Today (10.31.2014)

Emergency Preparedness

‘Slow Slip Events’ Could Help in Predicting Magnitude of Earthquakes, Tsunamis – HS News Wire (11.17.2014)

Redundancy vs. Duplication: Understand the Difference – Emergency Management (11.14.2014)

GIS Portal Keeps Responders Ahead of the Fireline – GCN (11.14.2014)

New App Turns Smartphones into Sensors for an Earthquake Early-Warning System – HS News Wire (11.14.2014)

North Carolina Implements Preparedness Plan for the Whole Community – Emergency Management (11.13.2014)

Quarterly Siren Test for North Anna Power Station Set for November 19 – VDEM (11.12.2014)

Are Unmanned Aircraft a Savior or Threat? – Emergency Management (11.12.2014)

Is Social Media Responsible for your Safety During a Disaster? – HS News Wire (11.11.2014)

Michigan Students STEP into Emergency Preparedness Teaching at Home – Emergency Management (11.10.2014)

San Francisco Pilots Disaster Preparation Dashboard – Emergency Management (11.10.2014)

New Map Can Track Hurricane Flooding from Florida to Maine – Emergency Management (11.07.2014)

How GIS Can Aid Emergency Management – Emergency Management (11.05.2014)

Public Health

Scientists Identify Weak Spots in Ebola’s Defenses – HS News Wire (11.17.2014)

Ricin Vaccine Shows Promise in Pilot Study – HS News Wire (11.11.2014)

Online Training Program Contributes to Fight against Ebola – Emergency Management (11.10.2014)

Searching for Weapons in the Fight against Drug-Resistant Bacteria – HS News Wire (11.06.2014)

Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Deeply Impacts U.S. Health-Care Policy – Emergency Management (10.31.2014)
Communications & Interoperability

How Illinois Counties Overcame the Barriers to Next-Gen 911 – Emergency Management (11.14.2014)



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