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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

11.17-24.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

November 17, 2014 – November 24, 2014

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Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

McCaul Selected as Chairman of House Committee on Homeland Security for 114th Congress – U.S. House of Reps

Testimony: ‘Emergency Preparedness: Are We Ready for a 21st Century Hugo?’ – DHS (11.21.2014)

Testimony: ‘Oversight of the United States Secret Service’ – DHS (11.19.2014)

Testimony: ‘Preparedness and Response to Public Health Threats: How Ready Are We?’ – DHS (11.19.2014)

Testimony: ‘Interoperable Communications: Assessing Progress since 9/11’ – DHS (11.18.2014)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

FEMA’s Failure to Track $66 Billion Puts Long-Term Disaster Recovery Efforts at Risk – HS Today (11.24.2014)

DHS Announces the 2015 Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative – Department of Homeland Security (11.24.2014)

Secret Service Chief Says Training Emphasized after Security Lapses – Emergency Management (11.20.2014)

McCaul on GAO Report: DHS’s FOIA Backlog Unacceptable – U.S. House of Representatives (11.19.2014)

IG: DHS Struggles to Manage Privacy – Gov Info Security (11.18.2014)

Department of Homeland Security Joins Flickr – Department of Homeland Security (11.18.2014)

Border Protection / Immigration

Tech Industry Disappointed with Lack of Details on Visas for Skilled Foreigners – HS News Wire (11.24.2014)

New Deportation Approach Targets Convicted Criminals, Threats to National Security – HSN Wire (11.24.2014)

Texas to Extend Border Plan without Guard – Officer.com (11.22.2014)

Fact Sheet: Fixing our Broken Immigration System through Executive Action – DHS (11.21.2014)

ICE Readies 2,400 Beds for New Spring Surge of Illegal Immigrants through Texas – HS Today (11.21.2014)

Obama Ends Secure Communities Program as Part of Immigration Action – Emergency Management (11.21.2014)

Executive Order on Immigration Would Ignite a Political Firestorm – HS Today (11.17.2014)

Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

NSA Privacy Director Defends Agency’s Surveillance – CIO (11.24.2014)

DHS Set to Destroy Government-Wide Network Surveillance Records – Next Gov (11.23.2014)

NSA Director: No Changes in Telephone Record Collection Coming – CIO (11.20.2014)

CIA Director John Brennan Considering Sweeping Organizational Changes – Washington Post (11.19.2014)

GOP Senators Block NSA Surveillance Reform Bill – HS News Wire (11.19.2014)

Swedish ISP to let Users Shield Internet Activity from Police – CIO (11.18.2014)

Military Equipment for Police Fuels Debate on Use of Force – Emergency Management (11.18.2014)

Obama Backs Passing of NSA Reform Legislation by Senate – CIO (11.17.2014)


‘Less’ Means More to Malware Authors Targeting Linux – CIO (11.24.2014)

Pentagon Mulls ‘Byte for a Byte’ Cyber Retaliatory Operations – HS News Wire (11.24.2014)

The White House Breach and the Evolving Attack Surface – Government Security News (11.23.2014)

Intel Boss’ Warning on Cyber Attacks No Joke, Say Experts – Fox News (11.23.2014)

Traces of Regin Malware May Date Back to 2006 – CIO (11.23.2014)

DDoS Attacks Swamping Media and Entertainment Firms, Verisign Reports – CIO (11.22.2014)

NSA: China and ‘One or Two’ Other Nations can Damage U.S. Critical Infrastructure – HSN Wire (11.21.2014)

New Study Shows People Ignore Online Warnings – HS News Wire (11.21.2014)

U.S. Man Sentenced for Hacking POS Systems at Subway – CIO (11.21.2014)

Look for More Attacks Coming from Privileged Accounts – GCN (11.21.2014)

NIST Revises Cryptographic Specs – GCN (11.21.2014)

14 Ways to Secure Controlled Info in Nonfederal Systems – GCN (11.21.2014)

McCaul Statement: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Support for Cybersecurity Legislation – U.S. House (11.20.2014)

NSA Chief Says Cyberattacks on Industrial Systems are his Top Concern – CIO (11.20.2014)

Citadel Malware Now Targets Password Management Applications – CIO (11.20.2014)

Fortinet to Conduct ‘Real-Life’ Cyber Attack Testing – CIO (11.20.2014)

3 Ways to Strengthen Security without Stifling Innovation – Government Technology (11.20.2014)

What a Privacy Activist Turned Top White House Adviser Thinks about Cybersecurity – Next Gov (11.20.2014)

Yes, Your Pacemaker Can Get Hacked – Next Gov (11.20.2014)

U.S. Retailers Still Struggling with Data Breach Security, Says BitSight – CIO (11.19.2014)

Long-Running Android Botnet Evolves, Could Pose Threat to Corporate Networks – CIO (11.19.2014)

Report: Government Has Only 5 Years to Secure Internet of Things – Next Gov (11.19.2014)

USPS Defends Breach Notification Delay – Gov Info Security (11.19.2014)

Audit Finds State Department has History of Poor Cybersecurity – HS Today (11.19.2014)

U.S. Spends about $10 Billion a Year to Protect the Nation’s Digital Infrastructure – HS News Wire (11.18.2014)

Watchdog: Veterans Affairs Still Not Doing Enough to Address IT Vulnerabilities – Next Gov (11.18.2014)

Microsoft Releases Emergency Security Update – Krebs on Security (11.18.2014)

PCI Council Looks for Ways to Stem Data Breaches after Bad Year – CIO (11.17.2014)

Cybersecurity about People, Not Technology, VA Numbers Show – Federal Times (11.17.2014)

Internet of Things ‘Overhyped’, Say IT Execs – Information Week (11.17.2014)

Cyberattackers Freeze Detroit Database, Demand 2,000 Bitcoin Ransom – Government Executive (11.17.2014)

Infrastructure Protection & Resiliency

1 of 3 Victims from Florida State University Shooting Is Paralyzed – Virginia Pilot (11.24.2014)

New Terahertz Device Could Strengthen Security – HS News Wire (11.24.2014)

New Light Shed on Reactor Fuel Behavior during Severe Nuclear Reactor Accidents – HS News Wire (11.24.2014)

China’s Second ‘Great Wall’ is Not So Great – HS News Wire (11.21.2014)

Strategies for Defending the Border and Protecting Critical Infrastructure – Emergency Management (11.21.2014)

NSA Director: China Can Damage U.S. Power Grid – Fox News (11.20.2014)

Climate-Related Businesses Growing – HS News Wire (11.20.2014)

Solar Flares May Head to Earth – WUSA CBS9 (11.20.2014)

2 Dozen Treated after Truck Explodes; Chemical Hits Air, Ignites – L.A. Times (11.18.2014)


U.S. Anti-ISIS Campaign Hindered by Lack of Reliable Intel Sources on the Ground – HS News Wire (11.24.2014)

ISIS Threatens to Behead Former Homeland Security Advisor over Twitter – National HS Association (11.24.2014)

Islamic State and a South Asian Caliphate – The Diplomat (11.23.2014)

U.S. Tracking 150 People Who Travelled to Syria; Some ‘To Fight’ in ISIS Ranks – HS News Wire (11.20.2014)

RAND Study Assesses Threat Posed by Americans Joining Jihadist Fronts Abroad – HS News Wire (11.20.2014)

Second Frenchman Identified in ISIS Video of Peter Kassig – HS Today (11.20.2014)

U.N.: ISIS Has Sufficient Quantities of Arms to Carry on Fighting for Two Years – HS News Wire (11.19.2014)

Number of Deaths Caused by Terrorism in 2013 Increased 61% over 2012 – HS News Wire (11.19.2014)

Sheer Size of U.S.-Canadian Border Stokes Terrorism Fears – HS Today (11.19.2014)

State Department Trolls Islamic State Militants on Twitter – Washington Post (11.18.2014)

United States: Terror Financiers Operate Freely in Qatar – HS News Wire (11.18.2014)

Obama Orders Full Review of U.S. Hostage Policy – Fox News (11.18.2014)

‘Lone Wolf’ Fears Heightened with Release of Latest ISIS Beheading Video – HS Today (11.18.2014)

Statement by the President on Attack in Jerusalem – The White House (11.18.2014)

Kerry: Assad and ISIS Have ‘Symbiotic’ Relationship – Foreign Policy (11.17.2014)

Woman Charged with Promoting ISIS on Social Media – CBS News (11.17.2014)

Emergency Preparedness

Open for Registration: MGT-345 Disaster Management for Electric Power Systems – MWCOG (11.24.2014)

U.S., Canada Team Up for Joint Response to Disaster Striking Both Nations – HS Today (11.21.2014)

2014 Hurricane Season Limps to a Close – WUSA CBS9 (11.21.2014)

Call for Nominations: Governor’s Fire Service Awards – Virginia Department of Fire Programs (11.21.2014)

New Technology Increases Awareness of Landslide Risks – HS News Wire (11.20.2014)

DHS Seeks Information on Emerging Technologies for First Responders’ Capability Gaps – HS Today (11.19.2014)

Internet of Things Helps Buffalo, Other Cities with Snow Removal – Government Technology (11.19.2014)

Georgia Agencies Prep for the Next ‘Snowmageddon’ – Emergency Management (11.19.2014)

FEMA Announces Second Meeting of the Technical Mapping Advisory Council – FEMA (11.19.2014)

Governor’s EMS Award Winners Announced at 35th Annual Virginia EMS Symposium – VDH (11.18.2014)

Washington State Mudslide: The New Normal – Emergency Management (11.18.2014)

Local Emergency Director Gets Look at Israel’s Preparedness – Emergency Management (11.18.2014)

Philadelphia Readies for Papal Security Challenge – Emergency Management (11.18.2014)

Red Cross Launches Emergency App for Children – Cleveland Plain Dealer (11.18.2014)

Maryland Emergency Management Agency Earns National Reaccreditation – LE Shore News (11.17.2014)

Public Health

Pre-Empting Flu Evolution May Make for Better Vaccines – HS News Wire (11.21.2014)

More Than Ebola, Other Tropical Diseases Pose Growing Threat to U.S. – HS Today (11.21.2014)

Visitors from Three Ebola-Stricken West African Countries Can Stay in U.S. for 18 Months – Fox (11.20.2014)

New Acoustic Sensor for Chemical, Biological Detection – HS News Wire (11.19.2014)

Remarks by the President before National Security & Public Health Ebola Meeting – The White House (11.17.2014)
Communications & Interoperability

Dallas Upgrades Emergency Communications Network – GCN (11.21.2014)

Interop Communications Show Dramatic Improvement since 9/11, but Problems Remain – HS Today (11.20.2014)

Ohio Adds Schools to its First Responder Communication System – Emergency Management (11.20.2014)

NYC Transforms Pay Phones into Wi-Fi Network – GCN (11.20.2014)

Next-Generation 911 Is a Game Changer – Emergency Management (11.19.2014)

Tennessee Leaders Call on the FCC to Axe State Broadband Restrictions – Government Tech (11.18.2014)

FirstNet: Is Opting Out an Option? – Emergency Management (11.17.2014)



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