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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

11.24 – 12.01.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

November 24, 2014 – December 1, 2014

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National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Chief Says He ‘Recommended’ All of Obama’s Immigration Actions – HS Today (11.25.2014)

FEMA’s Failure to Track $66B in Funds Puts Long-Term Disaster Recovery at Risk – HS Today (11.24.2014)

DHS Kills Dreaded Biometric Deportation Program – Next Gov (11.24.2014)

Border Protection / Immigration

Obama’s Executive Action May Divert Resources from Handling Legal Immigrants – HS News Wire (11.25.2014)

DHS Fears Executive Order Immigration Law Changes Could Cause New Surge of Illegal – HS Today (11.25.2014)

Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

Coming Soon: An App to Report Police Brutality – WTKR.com (11.28.2014)

Washington State Police Overwhelmed by Public Requests for Dash/Body Cam Footage – HSN Wire (11.27.2014)

Police Turning to Cutting-Edge Fingerprint Technology – Emergency Management (11.25.2014)

CMPD’s Cellphone Tracking Cracked High-Profile Cases – WBTV.com (11.24.2014)


Hardware Secured Mobile Devices Toughen First Line of Defense – GCN (12.01.2014)

Now Parking Lots near Retailers are Getting Hacked – Next Gov (12.01.2014)

Syrian Electronic Army Hits Numerous Media Sites with DNS Redirection Attack – CIO (11.28.2014)

Early Version of New POS Malware Family Spotted – CIO (11.27.2014)

Cheap Android Tablets Riddled with Security Flaws, Test Finds – CIO (11.27.2014)

Over 23,000 Web Servers Infected with CryptoPHP Backdoor – CIO (11.27.2014)

Siemens Patches Critical SCADA Flaws Likely Exploited in Recent Attacks – CIO (11.27.2014)

U.S. Army Creates a Cyber Branch – HS News Wire (11.26.2014)

PoS Malware Also Targeting Ticket Vending Machines and Electronic Kiosks – CIO (11.26.2014)

Hacking Team Surveillance Malware Masquerades as Legitimate Bookmark Manager – CIO (11.26.2014)

Hackers Blackmail Sony Pictures, Feed Pill Addictions, Bankrupt Small Mexican Town – Next Gov (11.26.2014)

A Malware More Sophisticated than Stuxnet Discovered – HS News Wire (11.25.2014)

Cyber Experts Divided over the Scope of a Cyberattack on U.S. – HS News Wire (11.25.2014)

Iran May Resume Cyberattacks on U.S. if Nuclear Deal is Not Reached – HS News Wire (11.25.2014)

Home Depot Spent $43 Million on Data Breach in Just One Quarter – CIO (11.25.2014)

Amid Hacking Attack, State Department Info-Security Still in Shambles – Fox News (11.25.2014)

Bug Accidentally Shut Down Military Open Source Software Portal – Next Gov (11.25.2014)

Congress Urged to Consider Sanctions on Chinese Cyber Spies – HS Today (11.25.2014)

USPS Played Cat and Mouse with Cyber Attacker – Information Week (11.24.2014)

Regin Malware Linked to Attacks on Belgacom, Well-Known Cryptographer – CIO (11.24.2014)

Infrastructure Protection & Resiliency

4 Dead Following 3 Shootings in West Virginia, Police Say – Fox News (12.01.2014)

San Diego Infrastructure, Mass Transportation Plans Fail to Meet Climate Tests – HS News Wire (12.01.2014)

New Report Highlights ‘Significant and Increasing’ Risks from Extreme Weather – HS News Wire (12.01.2014)

Indiana University Conducts First Full-Scale Active Shooter Drill – Emergency Management (11.26.2014)

Resilience of California’s Transportation Infrastructure Questioned – HS News Wire (11.26.2014)

Here’s How to Fix America’s Crumbling Bridges – HS News Wire (11.26.2014)

Dogs Trained on Pseudo-Explosives Could Not Reliably Identify Genuine Explosives – HSN Wire (11.25.2014)

Global Warming Skeptics Unmoved by Extreme Weather – HS News Wire (11.25.2014)

Colleges Review Security after Florida State University Shooting – Emergency Management (11.24.2014)

Cyber Deterrence: Infrastructure Resilience and Continuity Planning – HS Today (11.23.2014)


ISIS, Al Qaeda Battle for Influence in Middle East – Fox News (12.01.2014)

Terrorists Reportedly Plot Passenger Jet Attacks over Europe – Fox News (12.01.2014)

What Makes a Terrorist Stop Being a Terrorist? – HS News Wire (12.01.2014)

ISIS Says It Is Holding an Israeli Woman Pilot Hostage – HS News Wire (12.01.2014)

Campaigning against Radicalization in Minnesota’s Somali Community – HS News Wire (11.27.2014)

U.K. Government’s Sweeping New Counterterrorism Bill Unveiled Today – HS News Wire (11.26.2014)

Impasse in Congress over Terrorism Insurance (TRIA) Renewal – HS News Wire (11.26.2014)

David Cameron Wants Google and Facebook to Monitor Terrorist Threats – HS Today (11.26.2014)

ISIS Supporters on Twitter Call to Use Ferguson Protests as Cover for Lone-Wolf Attacks – HS Today (11.25.2014)

Emergency Preparedness

New York Wants Its Own Weather Detection Service – HS News Wire (12.01.2014)

USGS Awards $2 Million Grant to Center for Earthquake Research and Information – HS News Wire (12.01.2014)

2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Started with a Sizzle; Ends with a Fizzle – Daily Press (11.30.2014)

Scottsville Firefighters Hold Flood Training Exercise – WVIR NBC29 (11.30.2014)

The Difference between Disaster Avoidance and Recovery – Tech Target (11.30.2014)

This Eye-Opening Infographic Shows How Prepared Every State Is for a Natural Disaster – BI (11.29.2014)

Give the Gift of Preparedness this Holiday Season – Federal Emergency Management Agency (11.26.2014)

Emergency Prep Plans Must Involve Preparation for All Disasters, Including Cyber – HS Today (11.24.2014)

Major Rollout of California’s Earthquake Early Warning System Planned for 2015 – EM (11.24.2014)

Georgia’s Once-Embattled Emergency Management Chief to Step Down – Political Insider (11.24.2014)

Public Health

Subjects Produce Immune Response, Develop Antibodies in Ebola Vaccine Test – HS News Wire (12.01.2014)

Flu Season Off to a Slow Start in Central Virginia – The News & Advance (11.30.2014)

Developing a Global Workforce to Tackle Emerging Pandemic Threats – HS News Wire (11.27.2014)

$50 Million Grant Extends University of Minnesota’s Effort on Emerging Diseases – EM (11.25.2014)

Public Health Officials Work to Ensure that the Lessons of Ebola are Not Forgotten – HS News Wire (11.25.2014)

U.S. Health Officials Looking Past Ebola to Prepare for Next Outbreak – EMS World (11.24.2014)
Communications & Interoperability

‘Lack of Adequate Communications’ Cited in AAR of Dorner Incident in SoCal – LawOfficer.com (11.21.2014)



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