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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

12.01-08.2014 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

December 1, 2014 – December 8, 2014

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Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Testimony: ‘Open Borders: The Impact of Presidential Amnesty on Border Security’ – DHS (12.02.2014)

Testimony: ‘ISIS and the Threat from Foreign Fighters’ – DHS (12.02.2014)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Immigration Dispute Prompts Republicans to Propose Limited DHS Funding – Federal Times (12.04.2014)

McCaul: Executive Actions Open DHS to Fraud, Surge of Illegal Immigration – U.S. House of Reps (12.02.2014)

Lawsuit Claims ICE Mounted Campaign to ‘Purge’ Senior Officials amid Immigration Changes – Fox (12.02.2014)

DHS De-Funds InCOP Terror Awareness Training Program Due to Questionable Spending – HST (12.01.2014)

Border Protection / Immigration

USCIS Looking to Fill 1,000 Positions in Response to Obama’s Executive Order – HS News Wire (12.05.2014)

McCaul Statement on States’ Lawsuit against President’s Executive Actions – U.S. House of Reps (12.04.2014)

Undocumented Immigrants Can Now Practice Law in Florida – HS News Wire (12.02.2014)

Texas OKs Extra $86M for Border Security Surge – Officer.com (12.02.2014)

Surveillance, Public Safety, and Intelligence

NSA Mass Phone Spying Will Continue for At Least 90 Days – Next Gov (12.08.2014)

Appeals Court Judges in Seattle to Hear Arguments over NSA Surveillance in Idaho Case – Fox News (12.08.2014)

New Memorial Honors Fallen Virginia First Responders – Richmond Times Dispatch (12.06.2014)

NSA Spy Program Targets Mobile Networks Worldwide – CIO (12.06.2014)

No More FOUO: Government Plans to Simplify Labeling of Sensitive Information – Next Gov (12.05.2014)

ICE Collaborates with LE Agencies to Shut Down Websites Selling Counterfeit Merchandise – GSN (12.05.2014)

Top Senator Wants to Extend FAA Ban on Drones – HS Today (12.05.2014)

Do Police Body Cameras Actually Work? – Next Gov (12.04.2014)

Give NSA Unlimited Access to Digital Data, Says Federal Judge – Computerworld.com (12.04.2014)

U.S. Senator Introduces Bill to Block FBI Backdoor Access – CIO (12.04.2014)

Online Tools Help Users Adopt Better Privacy Practices – HS News Wire (12.03.2014)

Social Media Use Growing in Law Enforcement – GCN (12.02.2014)


North Korea’s Government Denies Involvement in ‘Righteous’ Sony Hack – CIO (12.07.2014)

DOJ’s New Cyber Unit to Provide Legal Guidance on Electronic Surveillance – HS News Wire (12.05.2014)

Feds Want Flexible Policy to Regulate the Internet of Things – Government Tech (12.05.2014)

Cybersecurity Is Not Done Until the Paperwork Is Finished – GCN (12.05.2014)

Cyberthieves Phish Healthcare and Pharma for Insider Trading Tips – Government Health IT (12.05.2014)

Browser Vulnerabilities Biggest Endpoint Challenge Heading into 2015 – HS Today (12.04.2014)

Google Wants to Replace Passwords with Fingerprints and Eyeballs – Next Gov (12.04.2014)

FBI Cautions U.S. Firms of Hackers Trying to Overwrite Companies’ Data Files – HS News Wire (12.04.2014)

China Says U.S. Does Not Appreciate China’s Own Vulnerability to Cyberattacks – HS News Wire (12.04.2014)

Iranian Hackers Targeting Critical Infrastructure across the Globe – HS Today (12.04.2014)

How Do You Protect Against Insider Threats? – Next Gov (12.03.2014)

Don’t Expect a Physical Threat from Iranian Cyberwarriors Anytime Soon – Next Gov (12.03.2014)

‘Wiper’ Malware: What You Need to Know – Bank Info Security (12.03.2014)

Hackers Well-Versed in Wall Street Vernacular Hack Publicly Traded Companies – HS News Wire (12.03.2014)

Iranian Hackers Compromised Airlines, Airports, and Critical Infrastructure Companies – CIO (12.02.2014)

Whitelisting Project Helps Industrial Control Systems Owners Find Suspicious Files – CIO (12.02.2014)

Report Says Cyberattacks Originated Inside Iran – New York Times (12.02.2014)

Inspector: Security Holes Found in IRS Obamacare System – Next Gov (12.02.2014)

Here’s why Cybersecurity Remains a Challenge for the Justice Department – Next Gov (12.02.2014)

Corporate Data Breaches ‘Inevitable’, Expert Says – HS Today (12.02.2014)

New Point-of-Sale Malware on Underground Markets for $2,000 – CIO (12.01.2014)

Postal Service Has no Annual Financial Statement Because of Hack – Next Gov (12.01.2014)

FDA Scrutinizes Networked Medical Device Security – Information Week (12.01.2014)

Infrastructure Protection & Resiliency

Insurance Industry Needs Support to Address Effects of Climate Change – HS News Wire (12.08.2014)

NY Officials Say Crude-Oil Transport Getting Safer – EMS World (12.06.2014)

Improving Nuclear Power Plant Safety by Looking at Nature – HS News Wire (12.05.2014)

Climate Exercise Aims to Fight Effects of Rising Sea – Emergency Management (12.04.2014)

16 U.S. Communities Recognized as Climate Action Champions – Emergency Management (12.04.2014)

Micro-Capsules and Bacteria Used in Self-Healing Concrete – HS News Wire (12.04.2014)

CO2 Warming Effects Already Felt a Decade after Being Emitted – HS News Wire (12.04.2014)

Southeastern Louisiana Has a Problem: ‘The Sea is Rising and the Land is Sinking” – HS News Wire (12.03.2014)

Nimble Robot Expedites, Simplifies Water Pipe Inspections – HS News Wire (12.03.2014)

Utah Police: Teen Plotted Attack at School – Officer.com (12.03.2014)

The Fix for Flood-Prone Homes in Southeast Virginia? About $431 Million – Emergency Management (12.02.2014)

Mobile Radio Passive Radar Helps Protect Ports, Coastal Communities – HS News Wire (12.02.2014)

Cockpit Automation Causes Pilots to Lose Critical Thinking Skills – HS News Wire (12.02.2014)

Infographic: Understanding the Grid – Next Gov (12.02.2014)

What Can Cities Really Do about Climate Change? – Emergency Management (12.01.2014)

House Passes Homeland, Nuclear Security, and Critical Infrastructure Protection Bills – HS Today (12.01.2014)


U.S. Concerns Grow as ISIS Establishes a Base of Operations in Libya – HS News Wire (12.08.2014)

Britain Searches for Ways to Fight Radicalization among Muslim Youths – HS News Wire (12.08.2014)

U.S. Sends 6 Prisoners from Guantanamo to Uruguay – Military Times (12.07.2014)

Was al-Qaeda a Winner or Loser from the Arab Uprisings? – HS News Wire (12.05.2014)

McCaul Statement on AQAP Threat to Kill American Hostage – U.S. House of Representatives (12.04.2014)

Risks of Terrorists Attacking, or Using Materials from, a Nuclear Power Plant Low – HS News Wire (12.04.2014)

Terror Plot to Blow Up 5 Planes in Christmas ‘Spectacular’, Report Says – HS Today (12.04.2014)

Al Shabaab Targets U.N. in Somalia Following Deadly Attacks in Kenya – HS Today (12.04.2014)

Time Running Short to Extend Terrorism Risk Insurance Act – HS Today (12.04.2014)

U.S. and Iran Both Attack ISIS, but Try Not to Look Like Allies – New York Times (12.03.2014)

Brainwashing and Radicalization Don’t Explain Why Young People Join Violent Causes – HSN Wire (12.03.2014)

Number of Lone-Wolf Terrorist Attacks in U.S. Not Rising, but Police are Targeted More – HSN Wire (12.02.2014)

Egypt Thwarts Terrorist Attack on Israeli Gas Platforms in the Mediterranean Sea – HS News Wire (12.02.2014)

ISIS Threat at Home: FBI Warns U.S. Military about Social Media Vulnerabilities – ABC News (12.01.2014)

Emergency Preparedness

Hazmat Training Offers Chicago Responders Glimpse inside Railroad Car – EMS World (12.07.2014)

Georgia Program Encourages Churches to Prepare for Emergencies – Emergency Management (12.05.2014)

A Year after Haiyan, Philippines Braces for another Powerful Typhoon – Emergency Management (12.05.2014)

Local and State Agencies, Dominion will hold December 9 Dress Rehearsal for Exercise – VDEM (12.04.2014)

Hardcore First-Responder Training at FEMA’s CDP has AZ Ready for the Super Bowl – EM (12.04.2014)

First Responders File Suit in New Jersey Spill – EMS World (12.03.2014)

Surry Power Station Will Test Emergency Alert Sirens December 10 – VDEM (12.02.2014)

Is a Storm Needed to Prevent ‘Hurricane Amnesia’? – Emergency Management (12.02.2014)

Be Safe During the Holiday Season – VDEM (12.01.2014)

Atlantic Hurricane Season Closes Quietly – Emergency Management (12.01.2014)

Project Aims to Get Disaster Victims into Homes within Days – Emergency Management (12.01.2014)

Number of Days with Multiple Tornadoes Increasing, Study Finds – Emergency Management (12.01.2014)

Removing Barriers to More Private Flood Insurance – Insurance Journal (12.01.2014)

Public Health

Obama Calls on Congress to Approve $6.18 Billion for Ebola Fight – HS News Wire (12.08.2014)

Weak Flu Vaccine Still Useful, Local Officials Say – The News Virginian (12.07.2014)

World Can be Separated into Seven Regions for Vectored Human Diseases – HS News Wire (12.04.2014)

Satellites Help Assess Risk of Epidemics – HS News Wire (12.03.2014)

Communications & Interoperability

CenturyLink Fine up to $2.9M Suggested for Big 911 Failure in WA – Emergency Management (12.03.2014)

Study: How Wireless Emergency Alerts Can Best Communicate Imminent Threat – HS Today (12.01.2014)



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